Marcy Wheeler grew up bi-coastally, starting with every town in New York with an IBM. Then she moved to Poway, California, home of several participants in the Duke Cunningham scandal. Since then, she has lived in Western Massachusetts, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Ann Arbor, and — currently — Western Michigan.

She got a BA from Amherst College, where she spent much of her time on the rugby pitch. A PhD program in Comparative Literature brought her to Michigan; she got the PhD but decided academics was not her thing. Her research, though, was on a cool journalistic form called the “feuilleton” — a kind of conversational essay that was important to the expansion of modern newspapers in much of the rest of the world. It was pretty good preparation to become a blogger, if a PhD can ever be considered training for blogging.

After leaving academics, Marcy consulted for the auto industry, much of it in Asia. But her contract moved to Asia, along with most of Michigan’s jobs, so she did what anyone else would do. Write a book, and keep blogging. (Oh, and I hear Amazon still has the book for sale.)

Marcy has been blogging full time since 2007. She’s known for her live-blogging of the Scooter Libby trial, her discovery of the number of times Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was waterboarded, and generally for her weedy analysis of document dumps.

Marcy met her husband Mr. emptywheel playing Ultimate Frisbee, though she retired from the sport some years ago. Marcy, Mr. EW and their dog — McCaffrey the MilleniaLab — live in Grand Rapids, MI.

Click here for a boring stuffy version of her biography.

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bmaz So, let me explain a couple of things: Its not just that Lewinski is pitching bunk, though he certainly is that. It is also that courts 2/X
bmaz Okay since there has been some rather ill informed pushback on fact that Bill Lewinski is a quack pushing junk science to shill for cops 1/X
bmaz @carolrosenberg No, I can see Leopold spiriting albums out of there! He had his eyes on several at my house recently....
bmaz @JoshuaHol @peterbakernyt Yes. Sadly.
bmaz @rcjparry @mattapuzzo @walterwkatz Right back at you Mr. Hypocritical Cop Ass Kisser. #OnlyCopLivesMatterApparently
bmaz @JimmySky And I am freshly missing a guitar pick....
bmaz @JoshuaHol @peterbakernyt Exactly. That is what NYT doesn't seem to get, they are doing democracy itself great disservice w/slanted coverage
bmaz @JeffSchogol @carolrosenberg @MiamiHerald My question is how was @JasonLeopold kept away from this??
bmaz @rcjparry @mattapuzzo @walterwkatz Witty repartee from the guy demanding I do something, i.e. disprove a lying shill.
bmaz @rcjparry @mattapuzzo @walterwkatz Nice of you to put the cart before the horse again. Demand that from shill Lewinski.
bmaz @rcjparry @radleybalko @PolicingWatch @CharlesMBlow Hilarious that you demand this out of others, but not of police shill Lewinski himself.
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