Adjunct Vice Presidential Press Secretary Gets Testy

I’m working on a much more comprehensive post about the grande dame of Republican scandal, Anne Armstrong. But in the meantime, I see that most of the people who do play by play on this kind of thing are fighting the cruel Blogger gods. And I didn’t want the testiness of said grande dame and her daughter, grande-dame-in-training Katharine Armstrong, to escape notice.

You see, it appears the Adjunct Vice Presidential Press Secretary doesn’t realize that press secretaries are supposed to, well, you know, talk to the press. When the Houston Chronicle’s James Pinkerton tried to get Katharine Armstrong to comment for a Friday 8:46 PM article, she didn’t return his calls.

Katharine Armstrong did not return repeated calls.

Which is really a problem, given that the grande dame of Republican scandal referred Pinkerton to her daughter, the grande-dame-in-training … maintaining all the while that there was no cover-up going on.

Anne Armstrong, widow of longtime ranch owner Tobin Armstrong, saidranch employees who guided Cheney’s hunting party will not make anycomments.

"I promise you there is no cover-up," said Anne Armstrong, who referred questions to her daughter in Austin.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.