1. Anonymous says:

    I am so reminded of your wonderful post, â€12 Angry Men (Women).†In light of today’s bad news, it hurts just to recall it. I pulled this comment over from FDL, because it unfortunately punctuates your post so well.
    â€I am concerned that potential whistleblowers are being successfully intimidated. Have you seen the reports about how CIA employees are being polographed and internally investigated.
    Porter Goss wrote that horrible NYTimes piece about prosecuting whistleblowers and how they do not have a right to substitute their judgement of what is legal or illegal for that of their masters.
    How can we expect these people to risk their careers and their liberty? What can we do to protect them?
    Lord knows the axis of evil knows how to protect Scooter.
    looseheadprop | 03.07.06 – 4:30 pm |â€
    On the limited bright side, Fitzgerald knew exactly what he was up against when he crafted those perjury and obstruction charges.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, it seems more and more that â€St. Patrick†is the last hope we have of driving the snakes out of Washington.

    Not to deify him, or anything, mind you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    On a less gloomy note, imo, the Eunuch Caucas has driven the public political battle, that the WH can’t claim is classified, back to the Dubai Ports. IMO we now have to â€win†on the Dubai ports. We, corporate media, and Congress cannot let Bush/Rove with a 38%JAR win. The merits of the Dubai issue itself aren’t as important as the defeating the WH where it has left itself so exposed, overriding his veto. Winning decisively won’t get us back to even, it won’t help the whistle blowers, or Dana Priest or Reisen, or people like them. I am thinking metaphorically of the tractor factory at Stalingrad or the First Minnesota on the Second day of Gettysburg.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Dubai Ports Deal is apparently scheduled for a vote in the House. Duncan Hunter and Jerry Lewis of San Diego are leading the charge–both mentioned in connection with the Cunningham-Wilkes-Wade scandal and maybe in need of a boost. But it looks like this is going to possibly be a real probklem for the WH. Dubai ain;t going quietly, not with all the moeny they have spread around the US lately.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dubai ain;t going quietly

    Savor the squirm, which ever way things go. Whether Bush is ’right’ on this or not is immaterial. This is payback time. Live by the symbol, die by it. Lead on, Jerry Lewis and Big Duncan. However it turns out is bad for them. It is a perfect issue, in that sense. IMO, there will be no rational security policy – ports or otherwise – until all these bozos are weakened and tossed out. So I can’t worry about the substance of this now. We’re already generally fucked, regardless of the port deal.

    I’m not saying the window into corruption isn’t interesting – Clinton, Kemp, Dole, etc. etc. etc. etc. But I have less problem with the deal itself than with the ethos of ’selling-off’ chunks of the country, cedeing our independence. There is a difference between a noble lie and an ignoble one. A noble lie is one which everyone knows to be a literal lie, but tells a bigger truth. An ignoble lie is vulgar because you’re supposed to believe it literally.

    Enjoy the squirm!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I like Howard Dean’s line that the Republican’s should’t forget how they’ll be screwed, over several years of investigations, if the Dems win the mid-terms in the House or Senate. Robert’s Committee would be my first choice.

    The Dems might well win if they push the â€lying Republicans†theme, entirely aside from any number of Republican scandals that are due to explode in the near future.