1. Anonymous says:

    Remember Ike’s warning about the military-industrial complex? Many of Parson’s employees are retired military. In all probablity there is that mix throughout Afghanistan and Iraq.

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    â€overseas trip†Please don’t tell me. Are you going to be able to post? If not, approximately, how long will I be â€jonesing†for an emptywheel fix? IIRC correctly, the last time you went on a vacation, Scooter had just written Judy his Aspen letter and you found yourself in a forest filled with Aspens.
    Great post, Roberta Baskin imo at the Center for Public Integrity is really good. Have a great trip.

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    John C

    This is business. Which means I’ll be flying for 20 hours in each direction. But once there, I should have internet access. So my posting will all depend on my insomnia. If I’m up in the middle of the night, I’ll post. Otherwise, I expect I’ll be busy.

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    Nice post. It’s hard to keep all this corruption straight but these are the kinds of issues that are ripe for oversight if Dems retake the House in ’06. For comparison check out this brief history of the ’Truman Commission, 1941-8’ from the National Archives:

    ’18.82 The committee earned a high reputation for thoroughness and efficiency. From its creation in 1941 until its expiration in 1948, the committee held 432 public hearings and 300 executive sessions, went on hundreds of field trips, and issued 51 reports. Throughout World War II, the committee was principally concerned with monitoring and improving production programs, contract procedures, and, eventually, reconversion plans. Much of the committee’s work involved the discovery and exposure of corruption and mismanagement in the wartime production program. After the end of the war, the committee turned its attention to an analysis of wartime experiences in order to make recommendations that would improve postwar and future national defense programs.’

    432 public hearings in 7 years! And 51 reports! Our modern Congress is so lazy.