August 14, 2006 / by emptywheel


They're Not Robots

First Jonathan Chait and now Spencer Ackerman have escaped Marty’s grasp reached beyond their New Republic home to oppose Lieberman. Chait’s contribution is a logical attack on Joe’s justification for his run (if surprising, given the source).

What’s the point of running to uphold Democratichawkishness when you’re running against the Democratic Party and itschosen nominee? Lieberman is fighting on terrain that, from theperspective of the liberal hawks, could not be less advantageous.

Ithas stopped being a battle for the soul of the Democratic Party andbecome a battle for Lieberman to keep his prestigious job. If the ideasthat he professes to value above all else are really his highestpriority, he should drop out of the race.

While Ackerman expands on Chait’s point to refute Joe’s claim to be strong on defense.

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