The Armitage "News"

Mcc_husking_cornJust a few words about the story that some are pointing to as a big deal. Armitage, whom we’ve been arguing was Woodward’s source since March, is probably the Woodward source. And in other exciting news, my corn just grew 1/4 inch last night. (Actually, it is exciting, I picked the first cob last night, and it was stunningly beautiful. Really beautiful! McCaffrey the MilleniaLabrador promptly stole it out of my hand and started husking it, so I had to bribe him to get it back with the cob mr. emptywheel ate at dinner. McCaffrey promptly went into the other room and ate the whole butter-slathered cob.)

No, seriously, about the only thing new in the story is that it allows us to pinpoint the date of the Woodward conversation, to June 13. So the day after Walter Pincus published an article saying this: