Jim Marcinkowski on the Latest Iran Propaganda

Many of you will recognize the name of Jim Marcinkowski. He’s Valerie Plame’s classmate from the CIA–the guy who reported she was the best shot in their class with an AK-47. Well, he’s running against Mike Rogers in MI-8. Rogers is the head of the House Intell Subcommittee that produced the Iran propaganda we’ve all been talking about–the one John Bolton’s buddy Fred Fleitz fluffed together?

Well, as you can imagine, Jim has a few things to say about Rogers’ commitment to keeping our country safe.

  1. al-Fubar says:

    A Modest Proposal

    Suppose for a moment that the threat of war with Iran might conceivably be necessary, as a ploy of coercive diplomacy. This is not to say that war itself is necessary or appropriate, only that the credible threat of it lies within the imaginable range of options.

    In that case – if there is any possibility of needing to go to war, isn’t it absolutely necessary that Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld resign? Their incompetence at war and everything else is well understood by a hefty majority of the American people.

    (This does not mean putting sock puppet Denny Hastert in the White House; the Agnew-Nixon resignations supply precedent for a constitutional alternative.)

    Anyone who asserts that war might be necessary, but is not willing to demand their resignations is on the face of it non-serious if not delusional. So … why not raise this question to the people who are tooting the war bugles? If they think we may need to enter another war, are they willing to call for the architects of the disastrous current one to step down? If not, why not?

    That shifts the debate from â€the Iranians are bad†to â€Bush is incompetent.†It will make Republicans squirm, and might even bring out a few long knives.

  2. Beel says:

    great comment at the top. Looks like it’s time for more complicated measures to stop bots from hijacking the comments. Sigh.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I like it. I’ve long advocated a similar approach for Iraq–if we’re going to stay, then we absolutely HAVE to get competent (non-Rummy) leadership at the healm. Otherwise, we’ll just be shipping off our men and women to serve as IED fodder.

    But expand the idea to Iran? Yeah. I like that.

  4. Mo says:

    The Iranian desk at the State Department probably has all the answers.

    Jim should call up Larry(the other farm pal) and see what else they can confirm about Plame’s ’classified’ work in Iran. Maybe they’ll be nice if they leak more?

    CIA retirement plans always include serving on the intelligence committee and they’ll leak to get it………….. So, too bad about the leaks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “I think Mike Rogers maybe ought to think about funding counter-terrorism…’’

    Yeah, but what kind of funding? What the frigging R’s will come up with is more dough for spying on people here in the U.S., often people who would be very unlikely to have any connection to terrorists, but who dissent on, e.g., the war in Iraq, or on environmental matters, or whatever. What they should come up with is more dough for container inspection at the ports, for security at chemical plants and nuclear power stations, and the like.

    I say this last, to be sure, with some regret: I used to like photographing the industrial landscape, and chemical plants are usually good for some interesting shots. Now, however, anyone who tries that will get busted, because they might be potential terrorists trying to case the joint. I’m not sure who to be madder at: stupid paranoid JTF guys or al-Quaida.

  6. al-Fubar says:

    Paul – this has become a general problem for railfans, who like photographing trains and railroad structures. There’s been a move to make taking pictures in the NY subway illegal, producing an uproar among fans of the subway system.

    – Rick