1. Anonymous says:

    What are you hearing about MI-7? Last I heard Renier was down something like 8 points, which could be in reach if the campaign is real smart…

    I’m in Ann Arbor and Dingell doesn’t need me on the ground here. I want to get as much impact as possible from the time I will put in in the next few weeks.

    Am I better off canvassing in 7 or 8?

  2. Anonymous says:


    Either, though I personally think Marcinkowski’s campaign is better run. You also might volunteer for Bob Schockman in State Senate-17, which is a super important state race.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Renier need help to improve her name recognition in MI-7. When I put out a yard sign, even my Republican hating neighbor had never heard of Renier. Voters ready for a change need to at least have heard the candidate’s name when the walk into the booth.

    Help Sharon Renier here:


  4. Anonymous says:

    You’re so lucky to have a choice in MI. I live in a Republican stronghold in NE Florida which offers no chance for a liberal Democrat to express herself in a meaningful way. The Democratic Party in my County (Duval) is hopeless. No candidates challenging anything, just status quo: the remaining Demos elected from some time ago, hanging on because of sypathetic ethnic and racial consituencies. I might as well not even vote. It makes no difference what I do. Can you tell I’m depressed about this?
    There is no democracy in Jacksonville, Florida, just Crypto-Christo-Fascism.

  5. Anonymous says:

    My House district is gerrymandered by Democrats to dilute Republican agriculture tomato and rice grower politics a hundred miles away, although, admittedly, in agrarian times the district boundaries would have made more sense, as the little highway which passes our rural ranch travels directly along valleys to the Sacramento region where the current Republican base lives. In fact our pastoral part of wine country has Republican roots and a Republican still lingers on our county supervisors board representing our district. Since the shift from hay and prunes and other agriculture, cattle, most of which we used to produce, the viticulture and enology boom has displaced the old politics with progressives; that and a host of other migration patterns from as far away as San Francisco a hundred miles away. It remains pleasantly far suburban here, with a trim of various kinds of ag.

    What the House district means here is the Democratic party locals select who our representative is, and we ratify their choice by voting at the polls; that is, those of us dissociated from local activism. The state party has invited me to participate several times in caucuses for activists in several large cities here, but other priorities always take precedence, in my life in this era.

    Ew’s mention of the Plame blog interest group reminded me of an article I read two days ago themed like some midwest truckstop journalism, but it appeared in ViVo. I am used to reading WaPo. ViVo toes the chalkline as director Hayden would phrase it. The linked article from the VVoice resonated after a while, about something the LATimes published, but which appears no longer available there; LAT has a paywall, so my searches are perfunctory; fortunately, the article I wanted to compare to the VVoice’s recent tale, is available on there. If you read this ew, my thought was that Judy had gone to Thailand, I believe, to (help) interview (curveball). The VVoice article lists airplane stops. I wonder if Judy’s ticket was on one of those private government jets. I can almost hear Condoleeza Rice in Europe still denying there were US planes flying detainees to former eastern bloc countries for interrogations. Just thinking; glosses on a history that is complicated.