March 23, 2007 / by emptywheel


Interesting Timing

There’s some interesting coincidences surrounding the timing of a document that now serves as one basis for the official reason behind Carol Lam’s firing. The document, an anonymous report claiming that the government wasn’t prosecuting enough smugglers, was first released publicly by Congressman Darrel Issa on May 18, 2006. But apparently, Issa had received the report much earlier, the prior fall (link via TPMM). (And note the source: someone senior in DHS.)

Issa had the report several months before taking it public. He receivedit and several other related documents in the fall of 2005 from "asenior source in the Department of Homeland Security," Issa spokesmanFrederick Hill said. He declined to identify the source, but said Issadidn’t release the report until May because he hadn’t had time to sortthrough it and verify the information.

That means that Issa, after having sat on the report for at least six months, suddenly saw fit to publish it–and do a media campaign around it–just a week or so after Lam’s investigation of Cunningham expanded to include Jerry Lewis and Dusty Foggo. What a remarkable coincidence, huh?

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