1. Anonymous says:

    let me see if I got this straight

    you’re sayin that kkkarl is being hidden in, or excluded from, the internal repuglican debate about whether the repuglicans should turn into a full fledged race baiting party

    and you claim that some repuglicans think this is a good idea ??? the race baiting that is ???

    why would that be a good idea for repuglicans ???

    i thought the whole repuglican idea was to APPEAL to the latino voters

    I wouldn’t trust novakula as far as I could throw him ( and I bet I could throw him about 6 feet, no problem )

    but I really hope you’re right about this, cuz dominich and wilson are already in a whole heap of trouble. From what I’m hearing, New Mexico is going blue already. And this ain’t gonna help the repuglicans in Cali, Nevada, and Florida

    so tell the repuglicans to step up with their â€Bad Shitâ€

    throw that fat meatball over the plate for the Democrats to swing at

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad I’m not in Harold Ford’s district, because I would have had to vote for him as backlash/pay back for race baiting, rather than on his qualifications.

    I think this is all a set up for a potential Obama run. They WILL race bait. I have no idea why any one would think Rove wouldn’t endorse it – he has done so many other things – the McCain had a black baby push poll, and too many other dirty rotten tricks too mention. Unfortunately – dirty rotten tricks work too often to be ignored.

    I think there is some other reasoning going on here, although I’m not sure exactly what. Maybe this is as simple as keeping Rove out of the limelight while he dodges the kleig lights of Congress. Nahh. It has got to be something else.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sailmaker: I am in Ford’s Senatorial district, my Congresscritter is the most appalling Marsha Blackburn. I could only vote for Jr. by holding my nose, and I voted for him more for committee chairmanships than because I beleived in Jr. or thought he was worthy of the Senate.( He’s too DLC for me)

    But I will tell you this… the self-same county where the KKK began after the civil war, voted majoraly(majorality?) for Harold Ford, Jr., ( I personally love that statistic).

    But, and however, this is on topic to most of the threads here at TNH, Ford Jr., got way screwed and he got screwed by everything ugly we suspect of this administration, and for all the reasons we know for the recent USA firings….

    Look in to the last 2 years of USA activity in TN. Harold’s aunt Ophelia was accused of voter fraud in a heavily democratic state senatorial race (which she only won by a handful of votes), and after the Republican stink raising and a new vote, his aunt Ophelia won quite handily.( Voter fraud accusations….)

    Then look in to Tn Waltz, an FBI based sting opperation that seems to have targeted mostly Dem office holders… of the 6 or so charged only 1 was a Rep. I’m not saying that the Dems were the chosen fall guys in this sting.. I am saying that the Dems may have been mostly targeted. (And those Dems did break the law and deserve to be punished)

    And then consider that while Bob Corker was mayor in Chattanooga he authorized the sale, to Walmart, of land deeded to the city in a land trust , and his development
    company, which happened to own conjoining land, made millions of dollars… but there was no malfeasance, nothing to see in that deal..

    During the election season Dems and Greens asked the USA of East TN. to look in to this horrible example of malfeasance.. and he said there was no there there…..

    Corker won TN by showing that Ford was guilty of being a Ford. And that said the Ford political machine was corrupt.( As I have said, my only problem with Jr., was that he was too DLC, too durned conservative for me)

    Corker also won the election because no USA at the time looked into the graft and corruption of his Mayoral time. All of Tn.’s USAs kept their jobs, and I gotta wonder why? Why? Why?

    In my own review of the past few years of American and TN history, I’ve got to accept that nothing is true or real, and they are all political.

    I think the greatest story in this sordid USA tale, is the ones who kept their jobs, and why?

  4. Anonymous says:


    There is an important distinction between race-baiting (which I agree ROve is happy with) and pinning an entire campaign on an anti-immigration strategy. Rove well remembers what happened to the REpublican party in CA after prop 187 passed: not just potentially REpublican Latinos deserted the party, but solidly REpublican Asians did too. So ROve is only going to approve of coded racism in places (like TN), where it will not be devastating over the long term. Whereas many many people in the Republican party want to use racism explicitly. It’s the difference between ROve’s tactical use of racism within a larger, ostensibly race-friendly strategy, versus a strategy of racism.

  5. Anonymous says:

    As someone deeply involved in CA’s races wars of the 1990s, I think you nail it here, EW. Basing themselves on racial appeals tied the CA Reps firmly to a dwindling base of aging white voters — and the pattern will repeat itself nationwide if the Rep’s most xenophobic streak becomes its national image.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks janinsanfran. I kind of pride myself that my first astute political judgment had to do with how badly 187 would backfire on the Republicans. Which is why this Rove sidelining, if it is real (rather than just a cosmetic attempt to keep the Tancredos of the party on board). Because, for all his evil, Rove at least knows that if the RNC goes hardline racist, they will be done as a party. It’s a bad enough stretch, as it is, to make tokens like Powell and Condi and Gonzales serve for real tolerance. But if Rove has lost the rein on the Tancredo wing, the RNC will be hurting long term.