1. Anonymous says:

    Yup. Two good pieces of news–the FBI didn’t have to get in a fight whether or not they could get files from Congress. And it means they’re not totally spiking the Abramoff investigation.

  2. Anonymous says:

    OK, it’s over except the call-ins. There wasn’t a lot of info, but it backs up EW’s take and it did put Coleman’s history in current context. I don’t think they archive.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That prayer goes nicely along with their American Christian Flag and their Christian Pledge of Allegiance to that flag, and not to the Stars and Stripes. (I’ve linked to those pages before)

    It also goes sooooooo well with the Rods from God and Divine Strike and other military weapons of religious retribution. I suppose they plan to have everybody singing â€Onward Christian Soldiers†and hanging crosses from the muzzles of the tanks so that each bullet, each round of death, each sundered life is an expression of God’s will.

    Bush as the annointed one said that God told him to smite Iraq, and by golly, he surely did a thorough job of smiting it! Just like in the Bible: not a house left intact or a family without fear or a wall without rubble.

    Remember those vestmented men piously slathering â€holy oil†on all the seats and doors so that the confirming Senators would make the right decision about Alito? When religious fellowship is more important than educational credentials and legal experience, you know the country is in trouble.

    So, while they are busy transferring wealth to themselves and power to religious opportunists masquerading as lawyers and judges, perhaps they’ll consider this: not everything is permanent. Not even empire. And an empire built upon a cult of personality is unlikely to last beyond that person’s life. They can pray that God extend Bush’s reign… but no man is immortal.

    They could ignite nuclear war in an attempt to being about the return of their God… although why would they want rapture, if they already have wealth and power here? If they are wrong about the timing, they have a wasted planet. It’s a risk, but they’ve been wrong about the date of return for the last thousand or so years, so they might pause before starting another crusade.

    We who remember the past, and a time when this was a representative democracy will suffer. But we can also hope for the future and for the incredible backlash to come after this sort of overreach. The churches will lose their tax-exempt status… if they are lucky. If they aren’t lucky, the destruction of the Catholic properties under Henry the 8th will seem timid compard to the utter suppression of all religious enterprise and confiscation of all church properties. Preachers will be regarded as inciters of hate crimes. The wearing of religious insignia will be banned for the same reason.

    Maybe the Dark Ages won’t last so long the second time around.