1. albert fall says:

    Your piece is an example of what can be shown by taking liars at their word, and then using their words to demonstrate their lies. Well done.

  2. freepatriot says:

    how could abo gonzo explain all of this ???

    he’s already on record under oath stating that he doesn’t recall remembering anything

    is his amnesia suddenly gonna clear up ???

    the problem with that starnge occurance is that his amnesia is gonna have to have a real selective recovery

    remember too much and abu is on his way to Levenworth

    lying is hard work

  3. hauksdottir says:

    There has got to be more of a paper trail for those 2 documents: preliminary suggestions, tracking numbers, emails, phone logs, meeting agenda, something before they were so neatly typed up.

    They didn’t â€just appearâ€.

    And, if they did just appear, it might be evidence manufactured after the deed. Getting an electronic document under forensics is essential.

    And you have certainly pounced upon another interesting point: Is there yet another super secret order, not in the Federal Register, restoring that power back to Gonzalez, or has everybody been so busy prepping for hearings that they haven’t written up any more internal procedural memos? Possibly Fredo wants to delegate it to yet somebody else, but isn’t sure who will still be in the office next month.

    I still think he only has to hold on until Memorial Day, when Bush will recess-appoint somebody.

  4. rex applegate says:


    1) Are you in constant contact with the House Committee in order to inform them of your recent reports, concerns, and what questions you would like to see asked?

    2) TPM is asking readers to send questions they would like to see asked (I am assuming Josh will compile the best and send them to the Committee) So can you please spread this to your people.

    Note: It is imperative that all of these blogging addicts (myself included) make sure these discoveries are moved forward into the right hands and that there is a follow-up to see that the information is being used. Otherwise there is no point in this entire operation other than â€enlightened entertainment.†APOLOGIES IF YOU ARE ALREADY ON TOP OF THIS & KEEP UP THIS EXCELLENT WORK!!!

    Lastly: If you are too busy to make contact with the House-then delegate to one of your frequent intrepid contributors or commenters. Those with Legal, Political, and Journalistic expertise.

  5. bmaz says:

    I have found no evidence they have actually replaced Goodling, even with an â€acting†warm body. Personally, I find the Corts/Allen enabling memo to be troubling. I will be honest, i haven’t totally sorted through exactly why I feel so strongly about this, but given it’s wording and the bios of Corts and Allen, it doesn’t sit right at all. Got to go do actual work for a while to support my TNH jones; will check back.

  6. mk says:

    This is an off-the-wall and OT question: but I was thinking last night that we haven’t heard anything from Byron Dorgan now that he’s chairman of the Indian Affairs subcommittee. I keep seeing (especially here) indications that there may be a tie-in between the USA firings and the native American community — but is there nothing at this point for them to have hearings on?
    (not of course that there aren’t plenty of popcorn opportunities at the moment — but with all the recent revelations, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t something that might come under his psubcommittee’s review.)

  7. LS says:

    Someone on TPM noted that Cort left his position in June, 2006. The memo is dated earlier while Cort was still there; but instead of having his signature on it, it is signed by Allen â€for†Cort. Also, if the Gonzales signatures are stamps (they look identical)on these documents, is the authorization valid? Could someone else have stamped them without Gonzo’s knowledge? Could these documents have been prepared after the fact?

  8. freepatriot says:

    Could someone else have stamped them without Gonzo’s knowledge?

    well, if abu gonzo wants to say that happened, I think a charge of MALFEASANCE would be in order for allowing his own personal rubber stamp to be used without his permission

    and then there’s the fact that he DIDN’T MENTION this fraud to anyone. I believe that would constitute â€aiding and abetting†in a conspiricy to commit a fraud against the government

    and we would have to interview EVERYBODY WHO EVER HAD ACCESS TO ABU’S OFFICE for possible criminal violations

    other than that, it’s No Big Deal

  9. Alex (D - No) says:

    I’m with rex thinking that having empty live-texting the next question to Conyers during tomorrow’s proceedings would have Gonzo in the perj faster than you can say steel trap. Good damn work.

  10. dotsright says:

    I had a similar question about Gonzalez’ signature. If he were to be asked about the existence of another document authorizing Goodling or someone else occupying her position to have some vetting responsibilities for career employees, and he were to answer that he had no knowledge or no recall of such a document, would that constitute perjury if such a document were to be found and his signature was affixed to the document. Can’t remember the point here but latin for ignorance not being an excuse.

  11. Anonymous says:

    EW, you are bravely brilliant, stunningly stellar, positively paramount! This country will end up owing you a great deal. Pooh.