1. Rayne says:

    And just in time to add to a new webpage, too. Just figured out how to add a bio page for each of them. Serendipitous, huh?

  2. Jeff says:

    One thing that is very interesting to me is the email down at the bottom at 9:49 from Sampson to Roehrkasse, Elston, Scolinos and Goodling, which says

    Moreover, McKay, Heffelfinger, Iglesias, etc., had no federal pros experience when they took the job — they were politicals.

    Why was Heffelfinger included in there? He is cited down at the bottom of the McClatchy article saying something sort of understatedly critical of the Bush administration, and it could be that he was included in the back-and-forth between the McClatchy reporter and Roehrkasse. But it’s odd to see his name mentioned in between two who were fired, since at that time the public story was that he was not a part of this at all.

    Also, Sampson is wrong, if he is talking about Heffelfinger’s appointment by Bush in 2001, which I think it is safe to say he is. Heffelfinger was the MN USA previously 1991-1993, appointed by Bush’s father.

  3. AZ Matt says:

    The redacted e-mail reminded me of Picasso’s work. I suspect they will eventually have to cough up that one. They certainly cannot deny it exist can they now?

    Control is what this administration is about. Of course KKKarl is behind this but he takes marching orders ultimately from George. Win elections by controlling the vote. Voter intimidation on reservations, in Hispanic communities, and more intimidation or purging in African American communities. They control justice in key districts and few can oversee them.

    In some places like Ohio they had Ken Blackwell to do the dirty deed. In Arizona all they needed was the Republican legislature to come up with ID laws and DoJ signs off on them. One big RICO conspiresy.

  4. Ishmael says:

    EW – kudos on the live-blogging today! Agreed, DOJ/Bushco did seem to be worried about the backlash if this became public – how many â€Oh Shit!†emails are there that we don’t know about – are they in Palast’s latest?

  5. Anonymous says:


    Heffelfinger, with Graves, was one of the most obvious people on the firing list before it was publicly announced. Not sure if it was public by this point, though, but they may have gotten to Heffelfinger by looking at Paulose, who had had her coronation by this point. Lucky MN, for having the most wacky USA of htme all.

    I sort of suspect McClatchy might find a way to liberate this email chain. It was in a conversation with a spokesperson, after all. Can’t really claim that is off the record.

  6. kirk murphy says:

    EW, you rawk.

    Thanks fo the linky.

    My fave so far:

    From: Sampson, Kyle
    Sent: January 25, 2007
    To: Roherkasse, Brian; Elston, Michael(ODAG); Scolinos, Tasia; Goodling, Monica
    Subject: Re: McClatchy update

    â€Morevover, McKay, Hefflingler, Iglesias, etc had no federal pros experience when they took the job — they were politicalsâ€

    A few good men



  7. Waccamaw says:

    ew –

    Saw the part about McClatchy being kicked off the plane at e&p earlier today……you just added alcohol to the mixer!

    And I’ve waited far too long to thank you for your many contributions to my knowledge base. Lord’a mercy, girl — I sure am glad you’re on *our* side!

  8. orionATL says:

    you’ve enunciated the bottom line:

    â€â€¦ pegged DOJ’s plan: to install its own chosen successors at USA offices around the country to exercise centralized control over justice.â€

    but i would add this was not doj’s plan; it was the white house’s plan.

    following the 1) abrahmoff and 2)plame actions from doj,

    it was the white house which

    â€intended to exercise centralized control over doj.â€

    i would add, gonzales has functioned at the doj just as he did at the white house, as bush’s counsel.

    the m&m show today made it clear, at least to me, that the firings and replacement appointments came for the white house â€judicial committee†(or some such name),

    not from the doj.

  9. pseudonymous in nc says:

    Lucky MN, for having the most wacky USA of htme all.

    And it was Paulose who tipped off Goodling about how Chiara’s firing was set to become public, since a journo called her office asking if the newly-crowned Paulose was on the boot list, either not realising that she was newly-installed or thinking she was set to become the shortest-serving US Attorney on record. Interesting how quickly they became BFF.