1. Anonymous says:

    Monopolies, cartels, price fixing, off shore operations, foreign ownership, no-bid contracts, bribes, extra-jurisdictional transactions, warrantless surveilance of domestic buisness transactions: makes war fairly attractive from the point of view of the financial bottom line. Aye the pirates have the helm.

  2. TomJ says:

    So once an investigation is opened, how easy is it for political types to shut down the career types and the FBI?

  3. Ishmael says:

    Perhaps if the name of Riggs Bank, the bank of choice for dictators, war criminals, the CIA, the Saudi Royal Family and BushCo, was changed to Madison Savings & Loan, and the billions laundered for bribes, kickbacks, black ops and so forth was a $200,000 mortgage on some cottage country in Arkansas, we could get the NY Times interested in investigating it, or even a Special Prosecutor appointed? Nah, fuggedaboutit.

  4. Brother Dave says:

    Anglo-American/Saudi arms corruption? Smells a lot like the Carlyle Group may have an involvement.

  5. Betty says:

    Have any of you read John LeCarre’s â€Night Managerâ€? It had this story pretty much summed up a few years ago. In his version, the bad guys got away.

  6. TheOtherWA says:

    the payments appear to have been laundered through Riggs Bank, which for a long time was controlled by Bush crony Joe Allbritton and his uncle Jonathan.

    Is this the same Joe Albritton who’s behind the Politico? Not that I’m surprised or anything.

  7. KenBee says:

    CIA is going to get some getback here. This long running corruption scheme has to have been an open secret and a basic surveillance path for…ever.
    The ex-CIA people who have been so badly maligned by the Bushies and the Blairistas will be sorely tempted to leak all kinds-a-stuff!
    Pass the popcorn.
    And this is just the tip of the iceberg…altho a big berg, the Grossman/Turkey/Sybil Edmonds story has gotta be linked, and the Russian arms crook that has the planes, along with that evil dictator Taylor and Pat Robertson’s diamond mines…all have to be so entwined.
    And just like the Khan network was ’allowed’ to operate because it was such a good source of info…the investigation will be scuttled somehow, but until then
    yes butter please!