1. Anonymous says:

    Cooperation agreement? I don’t know; I will try to think through this better when i have some time later today. The mention of the Silberman/Robb Commission struck me, and I should have thought of this earlier. Silberman has been an official fact finder on issues critical and germane to the overall facts behind the Plame investigation. This is much more than the appearance of impropriety, well known right winger, friend of Cheney/Libby type of arguments. His role in silberman/Robb makes him inherently, and directly, conflicted and it would be contrary to the judicial canons of ethics for him to sit on a Libby appellate panel.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The SDUT says this:

    But because he is cooperating with federal officials, it is unlikely he will receive the maximum punishment.

    But there is no mention of cooperation in the plea deal. Still, given the sentencing date, you’d have to figure they’re counting on K as a witness, no?

  3. LarryInCincy says:


    Should this line â€Foggo steered a CIA water contract and a air services contract to his childhood friend Foggo.â€
    â€Foggo steered a CIA water contract and a air services contract to his childhood friend Wilkes.â€?

  4. Anonymous says:

    There are many forms of cooperation agreements, it need not necessarily be spelled out in a plea agreement, nor for that matter in any formal court document.

  5. Maeme says:


    You need to read Laura Rosen’s pieces on Kontogiannis – the connection is airplanes –

    Also, there is a connection with Foggo – when Cheney ran the Defense Department — all ties in with Herbert Walker Bush -41,
    Nicaragua (sp.?) and Iran-Contra — and drug smuggling — read some of MadCowProductions — and Wayne Madsen –

    Foggo has a long history — of questionable activities –ties with Portor Goss — and his sudden resignation???

    The web of deceit and lines of corruption go way back.