Our Blabby Director of National Intelligence

You’d think Conyers would be looking forward to having Mike McConnell in for testimony. After all, Conyers has faced such a long string of Administration witnesses who, basically, "do not recall," he ought to be happy to have one who blabs too much. But Conyers is putting McConnell on notice that he’s none too happy about that, either.

At the hearing held in our Committee last week, a number of seriousconcerns were raised by several members about your recent interviewwith the El Paso Times, in which you revealed “previouslyclassified details of government surveillance” activities. Especiallyin light of the Administration’s previous refusal to provide suchinformation to Congress, this selective disclosure of informationraises troubling questions that we ask you to address prior to yourscheduled appearance before the Committee next week to discuss proposedchanges to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

Read the whole thing–Conyers has a bit of fun with McConnell’s big blabby mouth. Basically, though, Conyers is foregrounding McConnell’s testimony with the number of times the Administration has refused Congress any information on FISA, then turned around and leaked that information directly to the press.

I suppose it might make McConnell more uncomfortable when he reverts to the default Administration position, stonewalling on information. But it’s probably not going to change this Administration’s fondness for completely inconsistent treatment of classified information.

  1. phred says:

    Ah there you go getting my hopes up again regarding Conyers… Do you really think he’ll do anything about it or just make McConnell squirm a bit for show?

  2. katherine says:

    EW, Does it exasperate you that Conyers writes these elegant letters, over and over, detailing all the ways his committee is jerked around, and then no one is hauled in for contempt, EVER? I just hate to read him anymore – the inaction is making me want to increase my meds! I feel like the Bushies are sitting on a front porch next to a still pumping out sourmash, and Conyers keeps walking by, saying, We KNOWWWW you are getting a lot of sugar delivered here!”