The 1% Leadership Solution

scout prime catches Michael Chertoff looking like the self-important incompetent he is. She finds that:

  • Michael Chertoff has a blog. Yes, that’s right folks. And his blog is called How to Kill a City. No wait. I’m sorry. It’s called Leadership Journal.
  • Faced with yet another intractable crisis, the Bush Administration is doing what it always does. Name a Czar!!

Not to worry. There has never been a problem that could not be solved by flinging a good ‘ol Czar or 2 at it…

We have a moral obligation to help the people of Iraq, especially thoseindividuals assisting coalition forces and putting their own lives atrisk. But we also have a responsibility to prevent terrorists frominfiltrating our borders. Our new Iraqi Refugee Czars will make sure wemeet both of these objectives, and that our re-settlement process movesforward swiftly and with our highest priority. We welcome your commentsand appreciate your time. (scout prime’s emphasis)

  • Chertoff is celebrating the success of the US in resettling 940 Iraqis, which works out to be just a teeny fraction of one percent of the 1.8 million Iraqis who are now refugees.

The Bush Administration folks. Where we can look back with longing on the days of a Gentleman’s C.

  1. Anonymous says:

    It probably takes them awhile to find Iraqis who if they become citizens will vote Republican.

    They could have put Karl Rove in charge of this, he did so well with the Katrina recovery.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, this just proves the prophecy of my comment during the search for the war czar. There are getting to be so many czars in the Bush Administration that they clearly need a czar to keep track of all of them. A czar czar if you will. I again nominate Czar Czar Binks. Should he be nominated, but unwilling to serve; I then recommend Czar Czar Gabor.

  3. R.H. Green says:

    I,ve always wondered what exactly is a czar. Seems like its intended to be an unelected person of unlimited power, accountable only to his appointer.

  4. Dismayed says:

    Hell, I’m not embarrased to say I laughed at them!

    Someone send an email to CNN, they’ll pick that CZAR-CZAR bit up and run with it, two days later John Stewart will be running one of his famous clips showing every dim-wit anchor in the country using the same sound bite.

    If I were the czar-czar I’d make the rest of them report to work in pink leather chaps and tu-tus.

  5. Josiah Bartlett says:

    I’m sorry, but I find it offensive that people refer to the grades of gwbush* as gentlemans C’s. It is a horrible slur to all those people that actually earned their grades even if the grade was a C.

    gwbush* got Legacy C’s. A gentleman’s C is still an earned C.