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The 1% Leadership Solution

scout prime catches Michael Chertoff looking like the self-important incompetent he is. She finds that:

  • Michael Chertoff has a blog. Yes, that’s right folks. And his blog is called How to Kill a City. No wait. I’m sorry. It’s called Leadership Journal.
  • Faced with yet another intractable crisis, the Bush Administration is doing what it always does. Name a Czar!!

Not to worry. There has never been a problem that could not be solved by flinging a good ‘ol Czar or 2 at it…

We have a moral obligation to help the people of Iraq, especially thoseindividuals assisting coalition forces and putting their own lives atrisk. But we also have a responsibility to prevent terrorists frominfiltrating our borders. Our new Iraqi Refugee Czars will make sure wemeet both of these objectives, and that our re-settlement process movesforward swiftly and with our highest priority. We welcome your commentsand appreciate your time. (scout prime’s emphasis)

  • Chertoff is celebrating the success of the US in resettling 940 Iraqis, which works out to be just a teeny fraction of one percent of the 1.8 million Iraqis who are now refugees.

The Bush Administration folks. Where we can look back with longing on the days of a Gentleman’s C.

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