Bye Week Trashtalk: The Mystery of Brady’s Boot

I guess I’m not yet ready to go more than a week without trashtalk. Besides, this whole Tom Brady and his boot thing is getting so ridiculous that I had to post on it.

You see, I’m beginning to believe the whole thing is a plot, cooked up by Bill Belichick, to seriously fuck with the press and possibly even the Giants pre-game planning. What better plot than to send your hot quarterback Brady (speaking of which, see this BoGlo photo collection, which includes some of the boot pictures) down to visit his hot girlfriend Gisele in the press capital of the world which also just happens to be your Super Bowl opponent’s city? Send him down in a walking cast, and it’s just guaranteed to be photographed by the paparazzi. Then, the press wants to talk about nothing so much as whether or not Tom Brady is hurt and therefore will throw as badly in the Super Bowl as he did in the AFC Championships, ignoring all the other details of the game. And Belichick won’t be forced to admit to the Giants that it’s all a big trick until just four days before the game (though seriously, if Coughlin isn’t assuming that Brady will start and do some damage, he’s not so bright).

And what better way to minimize Bye Week stress on the rest of the team than by ensuring the only questions they’ll have to answer pertain to Brady’s Boot.

Running back Kevin Faulk has worn a boot in the past, and attracted little notice. “Because I’m not Tom Brady, I guess,” Faulk said.

Linebacker Adalius Thomas said: “I don’t know anything about a boot, a cup or a shoe. Or slippers. I don’t know. His slippers cost more than my shoes.”

Fullback Heath Evans vowed to don a boot “and see if you follow me around.”


“Every channel I turned to, there it was,” Patriots defensive lineman Richard Seymour said. “Focused on the boot. I focused on the flowers.”

"Are you worried about the Giants’ pass rush, Matt Light?"

"What I’m really worried about, Boomer, is whether Brady will find a Patriots silver boot in time for the game."

So what do you think? Has Belichick taken his crafty ways off of the field to play the press, going so far as to excuse Brady from practice or hide him somewhere? Or are the Giants going to be facing Matt Cassell, who couldn’t hold onto a 20 point lead against Miami?

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  1. BayStateLibrul says:

    Did the NY Post call Tom a “girlie man”?

    Belichick’s Bubble sur”passes” the Subprime Bubble?

    “Tom will have a better chance to hide next week when he’ll be back in the Belichick Bubble.” Shaughnessy writes. “Once the Patriots get to Arizona, there’ll be no appearances at Butter, no trips to the florist, no Kodak moments for TMZ. Belichick will have his team sequestered in some nuclear test site next to the New Mexico border. Coach Hoodie will issue the injury report Wednesday and Brady will be listed as probable, questionable, or even doubtful. And then we’ll finally get to game day. Brady will play, the Patriots will win, and all the nonsense will be forgotten.”

    • CTuttle says:

      “…Brady will play, the Patriots will win, and all the nonsense will be forgotten.”

      Now why don’t we just declare they’ll be 38-0 already and forfeit next season … *g*

  2. radiofreewill says:

    The Giants will put a Whole LockerRoom Full of Boots (With Style) on his ass next Sunday!

    Beat the Cheats!

    Go Giants!

  3. phred says:

    I focused on the flowers.

    I would just like to say, that the hallway discussion at work this week focussed on the flowers, not the boot. What did he do that he had to make up with Giselle? Is he in trouble with his Sweetie? Will it distract him from the game? Will we get to enjoy a repeat of Jessica-gate, with a pink jersey and all??? We’re just all on the edge of our seats ; )

  4. Peterr says:

    With Belichick, the question is never “Will he play with his opponent’s head?” but “How will he play with his opponent’s head?”

    • emptywheel says:

      Well said.

      And as to your suggestion for the Giants–well, that’d be great, but I don’t think Coughlin has a sense of humor.

      Mr. ew and I were talking–if they just ditched Coughlin and put Spagnuola in charge, I think I could be a real fan of the Giants again, even if they don’t have cute Tiki anymore.

  5. ceo1 says:

    It is just a walking boot, and there are eight days left. He is going to play of course. We can only hope that there is some real plaster in his future. No I am not out of order here. The gentle and erudite Ms. Tbogg wants him dickless.

  6. Peterr says:

    I’m waiting for the NYG reaction: a team photo with everyone in a Brady-esque boot.

    For extra style points, the NYG defensive captian could sign it “Get well soon,” have everyone else on the team add their John Hancocks, and send it to Tom. With copies to the media, of course.

  7. TexBetsy says:

    EW, my son’s favorite action figure when he was little was “TIKI BABA.” He still has Tiki on his computer desktop background and wears Tiki’s jersey to school at least once a week.

    • BooRadley says:

      Tiki is latest in a long list of African American sports heroes who the GOP captured, Wilt Chamberlain, Jackie Robinson, J.C. Watts, … .

      FWIW, after Frederick Douglass, WEB Dubois wouldn’t shut up about lynching and the Jim Crow vote suppression. European Americans turned to Booker T. Washington, who vowed not to “agitate” for the vote as long as European Americans ponied up for African American schools. In Florida in the 1920’s there were four high schools in the state that would admit “coloreds” of both genders.*

      European Americans wanted Joe Louis to be the anti-Jack Johnson.

      European Americans celebrated Willie Mays, because unlike Jackie Robinson he was not outspoken about “integration.”

      Part of MLK’s popularity with the press was that no one wanted to have to deal with Malcolm X.

      *AFAIK, it was Strom Thurmond who led the fight in the south to end lynching. A lot of white supremacists hated him for it, but Strom knew it was the best way to preserve segregation. FWIW End of the “Black Wall Street,” 1921

  8. randiego says:

    TexBetsy: how does someone with “Tex” in their name come to be a Giants fan anyway?

    Bootgate: give me a break. He probably sprained his foot in the game last week. He was ordered to stay off of it, but if YOU had a hot girlfriend like Gisele I doubt you’d be sitting around either, hence Das Boot. Giving Belichick credit for trickeration on this one reminds me of the same magical thinking that always gave Karl Rove credit for some event the Bushies just bumbled into.

    Super Bowl: I’m going camping. The thought of watching the Finale of The Coronation makes my stomach turn. Crowning Eli as the winning QB in the Super Bowl also makes my stomach turn.

    • CTuttle says:

      Giving Belichick credit for trickeration on this one reminds me of the same magical thinking that always gave Karl Rove credit for some event the Bushies just bumbled into.

      Heh, Like giving Harry credit for the showdown in the Senate, Monday! Ooh, a Monday Nite Game… *g*

  9. Neil says:

    If you saw Brady in a wheelchair and not on his feet then there would be a chance he wouldn’t play in Super Bowl XLII but only because no one has figured out how to make a soft wheelchair.

    Is Belichick bluffing? I wouldn’t put it past him but more likely the trainer suggested Brady wear the boot. Having the focus on a non-football issue like the boot (for everyone to obsess over) keeps other rumors from gaining traction, and rumors and media sqauk can affect the team’s focus. For example, is anyone talking about Moss’s alleged girlfriend battery? Nope.

    The Giants have a team that is good enough to win the Super Bowl. They are a threat to the Patriots winning the most important game of the year. On defense, they can rush four, and only four, and pressure Brady. Most teams must rush more to create pressure. On the other hand, the Giants corners are vulnerable. Give Brady some time and he’ll kill you.

    The Giants running game is excellent. Jacobs (who is 10 lbs heavier than Strahan!) [3.2 yrds/carry playoff avg.] is a bruiser and last week, we found out Ahmad Bradshaw [4.2 yrds/carry playoff avg.] can bring it too.

    If I wereCoughlin, I’d run, run, run on 1st, 2nd and 3rd as much as I could then hit the pats with play action and break it open. Soften up the Pats run defense, draw the backs and safeties in, control the ball, control the clock. Defense wins championships. Ball control on offense is the best defense.

  10. randiego says:

    heh heh – we have great state campgrounds on the beach here. Hot showers, flush toilets, etc. There are four of them in san diego county. They’re booked solid for summer a year in advance, but only half-full this time of year.

      • randiego says:

        of course – Poway. I’m thinking San Elijo (Cardiff) for that weekend. Haven’t been to that one yet.

        PS – I lived in DC for 6 years. I had enough of ’seasons’. Basically, it amounted to ‘cold as hell’ for 6 months. I miss my friends, but I don’t miss any of that.

  11. BooRadley says:

    European Americans wanted Joe Louis to be the anti-Jack Johnson.

    Forgot to mention Joe Frazier versus Muhammed Ali.

  12. BooRadley says:

    FWIW, I can’t see this conversation:

    Bill: “Tom, since TMZ is staking Giselle’s place, we want you to wear a boot.”

    Tom: “Come again?”

    Bill: “You can take it off after you and Giselle get inside and you don’t have to wear it after that.”

    Tom: “Sure coach, anything to help the team. The only thing is, I have to clear it with Giselle’s people.”

    Bill: “Sure, ok, clear it with Giselle.”

    • emptywheel says:

      No no, it’s even better than that.

      Bill: Tom, I want you to go down to NYC, and visit Gisele. But there’s a catch, I want them to think you’re injured. Call attention to yourself. Bring flowers.

      Tom: But Bill. She’s got allergies. Can’t I bring chocolate?

      Bill: Flowers. It’s got to be showy. Maybe they’ll go after you like they went after Romo. But at the least I want them focusing on your injury, not on anything else.

      Tom: But Bill, I really just want to stay hwere and study tapes. Gisele can wait until I’m done with the perfect season.

      Bill: Tom, suck it up for the team. Go see your damn girlfriend.

  13. CasualObserver says:

    The limp means nothing to the Giants, whether real or fake. It simply won’t make any difference to Giants strategy or practice.

    Which will be, I think, pressure the passer, stop the run, and ferkin get on your knees and pray for the secondary. The Giants really have a very fair shot to win, imwo.

    • bmaz says:

      Well, it depends. It changes; like the hump on the back of Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein. On the way into Giselle’s, Tom limped to the right; on the way out of Giselle’s, he limped to the left….. I think they’re goofing with everybody too; and if so, that is way cool. If Bill Belichick was Bill Clinton, he would be getting pounded for being evil, mean and unfair for this dirty campaign tactic.

      • CasualObserver says:

        On the way into Giselle’s, Tom limped to the right; on the way out of Giselle’s, he limped to the left…..

        Ah hah. They had change your limp sex. Damn impressive.

  14. radiofreewill says:

    “…but, honey, I brought the flowers so you could have them until the game’s over!”

    “But, I don’t vant ze flowers, I vant you!”

    “No, Gisele, no! Don’t make me run in my foot cast! You don’t understand!”

    “Oh, but I do. It is I who understands wery vell, my little man-boy…”

    “No, Gisele, no, that’s what happend to Romo! Don’t turn out that light!”


    “Oh, Noooooooooooo!”

  15. bmaz says:

    Here is why I think Brady and Belichick are pimping the press and the Giants with this. Like EW said, it’s New York. Come on; if his foot was hurt in the slightest, he would not be hobnobbing around Manhattan and Soho. Not in front of Victoria’s Secret Giselle Bundchen’s pad, where whatever papparazi that aren’t stalking Britney Spears are all camped out. And to boot, here’s the kicker: Same night, Tom is walkabout at the Butter Bar in cowboy boots. Check out those boots. Not those boots, the ones on Tom Brady. Come on, if you have a bum foot/ankle, you are not wedging it in and out of freaking cowboy boots. Do you think Belichick and Brady are even with the press for spygate yet, or is there more mischief to come?

    • Neil says:

      looks like swede boots to me. ok bmaz, you got a point. if his shirt was tucked in and he was all put together, i’d say he booted the boot for fashion but tom is not dressed-up, he’s dress comfortably and extremely casualy. have you heard the expression, the shoes finsih the outfit? in this case, the shoes are the only part of the outfit that have an air of respectability. game,set, match bmaz.

      is giselle the women with whom tom had a baby?

  16. bmaz says:

    As a sequel, I understand that Belichick and Brady have hired Jessica Simpson to hit on Ecodrive Eli in Phoenix and attend the game in a pink see through Number 10 NY Football Giants jersey.

  17. wcsally says:

    Well, I have seen a new picture in the last few days with Tom and a “”"new”"” mystery blond, not Gisele.

    • bmaz says:

      Wrong subject matter. It is a new game now. You need to be betting futures on the lawyers, for they are now the “players”; Clemens and McNamee are just the “balls” being thrown around the field. So far, my money is still on Rusty Hardin. You read all the material about the Jeff Fieger vindictive prosecution issue a couple of threads back? Those prosecutors and investigators are pikers compared to what is going on against Clemens.

    • bmaz says:

      I have new found respect for Rivers after learning how bad off he was. Seriously. Still think I might would have gone to Volek somewhere while there was still time left in the second half. Kaeding also a stud, but he kicked fine so that wasn’t the difference. Just don’t know what to make of the LT deal; but it is kind of disconcerting. Even if he was hurt, that bit of withdrawing into a shell behind the dark visor was flat weird and BS. Reminded me of Ricky Williams, except Ricky really had an organic personality issue and played through some pretty bad injuries.

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