February 5, 2008 / by emptywheel


Doesn’t Hillary Have Anything Better to Do?

In a matter of 22 hours, Hillary has made two announcements that are only tangentially related to the fact that almost half of all delegates will be awarded today. Yesterday, she once again generously offered to unilaterally decide to reinterpret my state of MI’s Clusterfuck vote, all in the name of democracy. And today, smack dab in the middle of the biggest election day this side of November 4, Hillary has challenged Obama to join her in treating Fox as a legitimate news outlet, rather than the propaganda arm of the Republican party.

Now, I’ll leave it to Jane and Markos (and Stoller) to talk about how stupid it is for Hillary to pander to Fox News. And you already know how I feel about Hillary’s attempts to dictate the meaning of our Clusterfuck.

Still. It amazes that anyone is reporting either of these Hillary ploys without first prefacing that reporting by noting how odd it is that she is spending Super Tuesday on anything except winning Super Tuesday. Isn’t this a rather telling attempt to distract from the most momentous day, thus far, of this primary?

And if she’s got so much free time on her hands, don’t you think it would be better spent in DC trying to save the Constitution, rather than cozying up to Rupert Murdoch?

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