February 5, 2008 / by emptywheel


More FISA Debate

Kyl up, talking about "liability protection" for the telecoms.

No, Kyl, it’s immunity.

"in good faith"

"historic tradition in such circumstances"

[no, historically, we expected telecoms to understand the difference between an AG and a White House Counsel]

"liability protection liability protection liability protection"

[I wonder what the focus groups were saying that they dreamt up this orwellian language?]

Shorter Kyl: It’s not really allowed to have the AG or the DNI on the floor of the Senate, so I’m just going to read this letter to you.

The President says you have to give liability to the telecoms or else.

"bipartisan bipartisan 13-2 liability protection liability protection 13-2"

Much that we cannot discuss, because if we did, then the whole point of liability protection immunity would be partly ruined. 

I hope my colleagues recognize the seriousness of this crap clothed in Orwellian language. 

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