March 19, 2008 / by emptywheel


McCain Fails Test to Be Legislator, Much Less President

You guys already know about McCain’s seemingly intentional conflation of Iran and Al Qaeda disguised as a serial gaffe (and if you don’t then go read Blue Texan on it, because he’s much funnier than I am).

Since I’m late to the party, all I can add is a link to that Quiz for Lawmakers I devised last year after Silvestre Reyes made the same gaffe. Reyes has gotten much sharper in the interim period–unlike McCain, Reyes can even distinguish an illegal wiretapping program from a legal one.

McCain, however, still fails from the first question of the quiz.

1. The terrorist group Al Qaeda is overwhelmingly made up of what kind of Muslims?

    a. Shiite
    b. Sunni
    c. Kurds
    d. Nation of Islam

 I’m guessing he would flunk most of the rest of the questions, as well.

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