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More from the RBC Meeting

Bill Nelson spoke on behalf of FL, supporting the Ausman challenge.

He did one thing that–as a voter from the Clusterfuck state–I found very important. He told the stories of the activists who have been working hard this election, registering new people and expanding their local parties. He described two women who have been elected delegates and who, if FL’s delegation will be seated, will represent the state in Denver.

And that, IMO, is what has been missing from this debate on all sides. Those women in FL–and a lot of the people here in MI, particularly the Obama supporters who got elected in District Caucuses–are what this process is about. Making sure those activists who will get a Democrat elected this fall go to join their colleagues from across the country.

Too often, in these debates, the activists in FL and MI have been forgotten. Thanks to Bill Nelson for remembering that this party lives and dies on the backs of activists like those two women.

Update: AZ Matt asked me whether the MI challenge has been presented yet. No. There’s one more speaker–Robert Wexler, representing the Obama camp–to speak on the FL challenge. Then the speakers on the MI challenge are, in order:

  • Mark Brewer (the challenger)
  • Carl Levin (representing the state)
  • David Bonior (representing the Obama campaign)
  • Jim Blanchard (representing the Clinton campaign)

Update: Here’s a diary from one of the two activists Nelson mentioned.

Senator Nelson just used my name to argue a position that I do not support.  Anyone who knows me or has read my diaries, knows that as a Florida grassroots organizer, I understood that Florida broke the rules. I played by the rules. I organized Tampa Bay area Obama supporters to help elect Senator Obama as our next president by fundraising, online networking and rapid response as well as phonebanking to and canvassing in other states. In fact the week before the January 29th primary, I was otherwise occupied getting out the vote in South Carolina.  I also traveled to North Carolina and phonebanked to Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, etc.

I ran for pledged Obama delegate in Florida CD 9 to make sure that IF Florida’s delegation is seated, Senator Obama would be represented by a loyal supporter in my district.

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