HJC: Scott McClellan Testimony


Shoot, they snuck in and restarted the hearing while I was vomiting after the FISA vote. Watch along on CSPAN3 or the HJC feed.

Ric Keller is complaining that Scottie raised Bush’s forgetfulness about his use of cocaine in the book.

Robert Wexler up. Your book raises questions about Admin, avoids accountability. How Scooter revealed identity of Plame. Inconceivable that Libby acted alone. President and VP have denied ordering this leak. You state that you cannot believe Bush ordered the leak. You do not defend Cheney in your book. Why not.

SM He keeps things close. I do not know his involvement. Cloud over VP. There’s a lot of suspicion there. Questions not answered.

RW VP could have authorized the leak.

SM Can’t rule it out.

RW We know Cheney tried to cover up leak. Cheney called you. VP starts to write, President asked Libby to stick neck in meat-grinder. Cheney is the only one left. The only suspect to have ordered the leak. More than enough to open up impeachment hearings. Pardon power to deflect investigation. Would be an abusive crime of highest order. Thank you for exposing some of the lies.

Goodlattte: Were you fired?

SM Three proposals for book.

Goodlatte: number of TV appearances? Should you have raised the allegations in the book earlier?

Linda Sanchez: Firing US Attorneys, pressure US Attorney PatFitz. To your knowledge, when Rove suggest to fire USAs, he had already appeared before GJ in Plame. Aware of conversations about firing Fitz?


Sanchez Bush’s promise to fire people. What prompted Bush to raise the bar?

SM Rove’s involvement.

Sanchez Who should he have fired?

SM Rove

Sanchez Was Libby involved in getting you to vouch for him in press?

SM Yes. He talked to me, he also did talking points.

Sanchez Campaign to sell war, fall 2002. When did Bush decide US would go to war against Iraq.

SM Late November 2002. (Using Woodward as source.)

Issa Not going to be easy on you not going to be hard on you. It’s a good read. You said you reflected for a period of time before you wrote the book. Had you reacted sooner you could have had an effect on the Administration. If you don’t say anything, you’re not going to have an effect on Administration. Had you reflected until November 5, then had the book come out. Would you have had an effect without affecting the election in process.

[Surprisingly, Issa isn’t making any of the hits he might on intelligence, he’s just whining that McC is going to make the Republicans lose the election.]

Issa Why can’t you be George Will and write the essay early enough to affect the policy debate in real time?

SM I needed to give the full context.

Issa Not a timely fashion to affect this administration.

SM It could.

Issa My statement will stand. (Shorter Issa; the Administration is not going to start telling the truth now.) Next Administration will put a spokesperson. What guidance? Not part of spin? Report only prepared statement?

Sheila Jackson Lee Proud of you as a fellow Texas. Series of questions. Have you been paid to come to this hearing. Oath seriously? Truth? Distinguish payments made for book and willingness to come before us? Do you believe that Pres in instances of sincerity or belief misrepresented to American people facts? Iraq war?

SM less than candid, less than honest.

SJL telling an untruth?

SM Not completely truthful

SJL Hearings that would be in context of impeachment would be warranted on basis of untruth

SM Do not support impeachment

SJL instances of untruth being spoken.

SM Permanent campaign

SJL Wilson. Prior to leak of Plame’s status, did you participate in discussion about Wilson and charges he had made?

SM Not directly involved. Talking points.

SJL What did you represent to public?

SM Still Deputy PS.

SJL Was Wilson treated fairly?

SM Wrong to start with anonymous effort to discredit him.

SJL Issue with Libby with issue of leaking. Intentional action inside White House?

SM I don’t think President involved. In terms of intentional effort with Libby? A lot of suspicion.

SJL Leak did generate out of WH

SM At least three from WH

SJL Do American people need an airing?

SM Better to have the truth. Suspicion wouldn’t be there. Bad strategy to keep info from public.

SJL WMD became singular prong to be frightened into conceding to war on Iraq. How much misrepresentation of threat of WMD?

SM Massive marketing effort on WMD and Al Qaeda. Reality not as urgent or serious as potrayed.

Lungren What your purpose is, being here? Not subpoenaed?

SM To shed light on this episode.

Lungren My colleagues refer to impeachment 4 different times. Impeachment off table. Whether what we’re doing is Kucinich light? Asking you questions and extrapolate statements that members can infer lead to impeachment. You’re not here for this purpose?

SM No.

Lungren Not here in AUMF on Iraq. Violation of sovereignty of Kuwait. [yadda yadda yadda, other reasons we went to war]

SM Larger chief rationale were WMD and Al Qaeda. Where the emphasis was. Senate Intelligence Committee reflected that in recent report.

Steve Cohen Bush came with great potential. What events or people led him astray.

SM Saw this that the Washington game is played. Partly based on what he saw happen with his father.

Cohen VP put on team bc of experience in Washington. Was VP most responsible for deterring Bush from being great President.

SM Some negative influences, including VP. I don’t know if I could judge between Cheney and Rove. Cheney foreign policy and economic, Rove political operation.

Cohen Any decisions or people that used blackberries so as to not

SM I knew people who had RNC emails. I believe I would have sent emails to both of Rove’s accounts.

Cohen Any policies to avoid govt oversight? Indirectly?

SM No.

Cohen Focus on Iran?

SM Views of people within the Admin pretty well known.

Cohen President no funerals of soldiers killed. Privvy to any discussions of why not.

SM He didn’t want to pick or choose one funeral over another.

Cohen Previous Presidents attended funerals. So there was a decision to attend none?

SM Where do you draw the line? That’s the way he decided to approach it.

Cohen When did he give up golf?

SM No discussion of it.

Cohen Swiftboating Kerry?

SM I wouldn’t have been involved?

Cohen Firing USAs?

SM After I left.

Cohen What did people edit out of book that we should know about? You said number of civilian casualties you should have spoken up. What else?

SM Lockstep on policy, You’re not encouraged to speak up about it.

Tom Feeny Regardless of motives, inference and speculation. In terms of speculation and opinion. When press secretary goes out, shortly after leaves WH, this book will set precedent for Press Secretaries to have more or less access to what behind decision making.

SM If they take the right lessons, more access.

Feeny Did the President have any knowledge of Libby or Rove.

SM I don’t believe so based on my conversations with the President.

Delahunt I don’t think McC is suggesting we share info with the enemy. Important to share info with American people. Much for all of us to learn. What struck me the most was your statement, Bush Administration lacked real accountability bc Bush did not embrace openness. I concur with that. This committee and my own have had constant problems. Currently a significant international agreement discussed between Iraq and US, significant implications, despite their own rules, there has been zero, 1/100 consultation with Congress. Secret declassification that no one else knew about. Is this how we operate a democracy.

SM One of the problems, how compartmentalized.

Delahunt You and Paul O’Neill come after the election to give an account of the process?

Steve King I pray we’ll never be a democracy, I pray it remains a representative govt. Mistake or lie. "The British govt has learned" blah blah blah. Mistake or lie?

SM I think President thought it to be credible. I don’t know what every individual knew as they passed it on.

King CIA report from Wilson. This report directly contradicts Joseph C Wilson. References Ibrahim Mayaki.

SM I don’t know if I’ve seen it before. In October 2002, CIA Director said take out Niger information.

King Recognizing backpedaling on part of WH. If you had to trust Wilson or Bush, where would you put your trust. What is your advice to your successors. At what point they should tell the world. Does Pres have to put Press Sec into cubicle. Could you not have taken some of this to the grave with you and done the country a favor.

Hank Johnson Over 5000 requests for commutation. Of those, prior to Libby, Bush granted 3 petitions for commutation. He actually denied 4108 of those, others closed without presidential action. Reluctance to grant mercy is consistent with Bush’s conduct wrt death penalty cases. All of a sudden we’ve got White House confidant Libby. An attempt to silence Libby. A misleading of American public. On the same day that Libby found out that Appeals Court would not reverse the judge’s decision, Bush issued a commutation, without consultation of his own DOJ he decided to issue consultation of that prison sentence. Do you believe that?

SM I can understand why people view it that way.

Johnson Any reason to think that would not be reasonable scenario.

SM We haven’t had any answers to those questions.

Johnson Lament permanent campaign culture. What were real strategic motives in misleading us into war in Iraq.

SM In president’s view, transform Middle East.

Johnson Any mention of vast oil reserves?


Betty Sutton War only when necessary, Iraq not necessary. Did war become inevitable?

SM Yes.

Sutton Talk about momentum.None of negative repercussions considered. Any discussions about cost and lost life?

SM Lindsey’s comment

Sutton Did you ever become aware of those discussions.

SM Not something emphasized.

Sutton Not about making the case. Any concern about what would be unacceptable loss of life?

SM No.

Sutton VP may have viewed removal of Saddam opportunity to give US more control over Iraq’s oil reserves.

SM Hard to know what VP’s rationale was. If Iraq didn’t have large reserves, wouldn’t have been on the national security radar.

Sutton Anything specific?

SM VP’s involvement in energy issues.

Brad Sherman Not on how Valerie Plame’s name exposed, but why. Goal to discredit Wilson. Question legitimacy of how he was selected. Another to punish him. Did anyone make the statement that VP revealed to teach Wilson a lesson or VP’s name revealed to undermine credibility of Wilson.

SM Undermine credibility.

Sherman Nov 2004 Gitmo detainees treated humanely. When did you learn that waterboarding being used?

SM Maybe after I left, discussion beforehand. In terms of my knowledge, I was using Admin talking points.

Sherman So long as you were PS, you thought they were being treated humanely. A few occasions where info turned out false. I wonder whether any occasions not revealed where statements false or misleading.

SM I think I included everything.

Sherman Any advice on how to reduce partisan nature.

SM Embrace of openness and forthrightness.

Artur Davis Let me circle around a person, Rove. You stated Rove encouraged you to repeat a lie. Indicated you’ve known him for some time. Committee extended invitation to Rove. I’m willing to talk, only if no oath, no cameras, no notes. Based on what you know does it surprise you that Rove wants limitations on circumstances.

SM An effort to stonewall the whole process.

Davis Would you trust Rove to tell the truth if not under oath.

SM Can’t say I would

Davis Not under oath.

SM I would hope he would. I’d have concerns about that.

Davis Did testify before GJ under oath. You don’t believe he told the complete truth to the GJ.

SM I don’t know.

Davis Karl only concerned about protecting himself from possible legal action. Do you believe he is capable of lying to protect himself from legal jeopardy.

SM He certainly lied to me.

Davis Do you believe he is capable of lying to protect himself from political embarrassment.

SM he did in my situation, so the answer is yes.

Davis: Admin came up with reasons to go to war. So conscious of spin, that it would shade facts. You know this committee has been investigating USAs. Is the Bush Administration capable of coming up with false cover story.

SM Hesitate, no direct knowledge. No broad sweeping statement.

Davis if it were suggested that Admin come up with cover story to conceal its true motives. Have you seen them do that before.

SM In VP Leak episode, instead of hidnig behind cover of legal proceedings, interested in stonewalling.

Davis WRT Rove, allegations Rove may have attempted to influence prosecution of at least one person. How long have you known Rove?

SM Early 90s.

Davis Sense of politics and people on other side?

SM Bare-knuckled politics.

Davis Capable of influencing prosecution.

SM Hesitate to speculate.

Davis Delahunt, to announce that no criticism of president, unpatriotic and servile. Teddy Roosevelt. I end with that bc I suspect there are some who tell you you read yourself out of your party. There is another tradition in Republican party.

Tammy Baldwin: Bush came to Washington and playing game by existing rules rather than transforming them. President intentionally broken the rules. I mean laws and Constitution. I believe his conduct raises serious questions in relation to principle elements of democracy. How were you prepped for briefings with the Press. With whom did you speak? For example, the war, Abu Ghraib? Potus and VP?

SM Depends on situation, sometimes directly with Potus, sometimes getting info from policy person. Or participate in meetings.

Baldwin Do you believe you were used to intentionally mislead.

SM Part of permanent campaign. Washington accepts spin and manipulation.

Baldwin During tenure stated on more than one occasion, President does not condone torture. Care to comment on torture.

SM Would not make today knowing what I know today. Relying on assurances from others.

Baldwin Were you intentionally used to mislead the public.

SM Certain individuals who believe those words are the case.

Baldwin Any conversations in violation of federal law, not obstruction or perjury.

SM No direct knowledge.

Franks There’s a feeling in my heart that if you thought you were misleading, you should have spoken up at that time. I’m having a real struggle about that. Comments in your book, Fleischer, something doesn’t make sense. Not once did Scott approach me with misgivings. If you really thought you were doing something that was wrong, that was the time to say it.

SM Buildup to war, given Admin benefit to doubt. My role was to speak to the President, not for myself. In regards to intelligence, not a question of whether pressured, how it was used, that was a problem. Not open about caveats, case was greatly overstated.

Franks In your original book proposal, fairness is defined by establishment media. Defend their reporting as fair bc both sides covered. In your book you state differently.

SM I talk about these issues on bipartisanship. I was looking to put responsibility everywhere else but where it belonged.

Franks Very simple, do you believe Bush is honest and decent man.

SM Decent man. [did not say honest]

Wasserman Schultz Wasn’t the crime, but the coverup. The real crime the way the war was packaged. Reference to Bush’s philosophy to coercive democracy. Do you think there was a conclusion at the outset, fit facts to convince public and press and Congress that Saddam imminent threat. Who involved in deception, who distortion?

SM Can’t get in the heads.

Wasserman-Schultz  A minute ago implied some did not intentionally deceive.

SM I can’t rule that out.

W-S Who can you indicated engaged in deception.

SM No direct knowledge.

W-S You musth have an idea.

SM No direct knowledge.

W-S DO you think that Karl Rove lied to the President. Do you think Cheney lied?

SM Rove, yes.

W-S Rove lied on other policy matters.

SM We’d have to go on issues.

W-S who should be brought before this committee,

SM VP, not shared publicly. SL, Rove, Fleischer, others that have not shared everything.  It would be a benefit if everything was known.

Ellison Has this damaged some of your personal relationships

SM Yes

Ellison Some people not talking to you

SM And a number still good friends

Ellison other lucrative opportunities, just trying to help your country.  What are the lessons here?

Ellison Part of solution active Congress?

SM White House committed to government in sunshine willing to be accountable to the people

Ellison Circle the wagons. Tolerance for dissident points of view.

SM Once policy set, not tolerance for different views.

Ellison Daniel Levin, Do you know him? Rewrote Addington or Yoo

SM  Dealt with Counsel’s office on that.

Ellison Addington and Yoo gave license to these enhanced interrogation methods. Any conversations before drafting of policies.

SM No I shared it.

Conyers: A week to submit for the record.

265 replies
  1. Leen says:

    Keller is trying to make out McClellan out to be a liar and out for $$$$.

    Keller is a real creep! He is not interested in whether crimes were committed in the Plame outing (which we know for sure). Keller could care less whether Libby and the gang are held accountable for undermining National Security. Just who is Keller working for. Clearly not the American people, National Security or the constitution.

  2. itchyfish says:

    Well, if Keller’s not working for the American people, National Security, or the constitution, I’d say he’s got a damned good shot at being Speaker some day.

  3. PetePierce says:

    Rule of Law is non-existent.

    DOJ is a rogue operation directly out of a sci-fi horror movie hybrid.

    And anyone who has given any money to any of these spineless turkeys has to be regretting every penny of it.

    I didn’t get to see the equal parts scum Scottie, Republicans on HJC or Steny the Stench and I don’t think there is enough IV phenergan on the planet to have watched them.

  4. Leen says:

    McClellan “cheney keeps things close to the chest. Fitz has said there is a cloud over the V.Pres”

    Wexler “we do know the Vice President has been very involved with the cover up”

    ” Mr. Cheney is the only suspect left”

    Wexler “The Vice President’s own hand betrays him. Open up impeachment hearings” GO WEXLER

    • PetePierce says:

      Balls are good and I wish Wexler every success but impeachment will never happen. These people are running the good life no matter how much they campaign. You wouldn’t want to hear how they regard you when you’re not listening. It’s not pretty.

      The House and the Senate are there for the purpose of protecting the House and the Senate. The framers didn’t set it up that way, but the framers aren’t unfortunately around to make an impact and what they framed is trashed.

      You are part of Surveillance Nation and you are a subject in a kingdom just like the people the Saudis, the King and Queen of Jordan spit on while they jet off to a shopping spree off Rue de Honore.

      Mukasey was in town a couple of days at a club close to where I live and the Republican fat cats lined up to suck up to him.

    • bmaz says:

      Impeachment is most certainly not on the table. Did you see Conyers verbally bitch slap his own caucus member, Kucinich, earlier today as “the man with more stuff lodged in the Judiciary Committee than any other”? It was not a compliment. A few buzz words of fire blown through the air will not change the fact that leadership will NOT permit impeachment one iota. And, in the first place, if you wanted to actually try to make the case for impeachment, you would be well advised to ask specific sober, dry questions to actually elicit the evidence on the record that could support it; not waste your fucking time bloviating “passionately” because it gives a few people their jollies. I know for a fact that some very competent people worked pretty very hard to make sure that Wexler and some others had the ammunition to do the necessary job to make the record and set the evidence; instead he fired a few people up. Fucking brilliant. Exactly why the Democrats are always a bunch of limp dicks getting their ass run over by the minority party and a dillweed President with a 20% approval rating. You reap what you sow, and we don’t sow shit.

      • angie says:

        I hated the disparagement of Kucinich by Conyers, too. And thank you for your astute insight in the rest of your comment.

        Correctamundo, Leen @ 115.

  5. Leen says:

    McClellan “I do believe it is important for the American people to know the truth”

    this will be in the headlines tomorrow.

    Too bad congress failed so miserably on the truth about the wiretapping program

  6. emptywheel says:

    I disagree: Wexler was a blowhard, who chose to use his opportunity to make a speech–and not introduce any new facts–rather than advancing the case for impeachment.

    We can’t impeach bc we have NO ONE who will actually discipline himself to make the agurment.

    • Quzi says:

      I understand your thinking about the blowhard part and needing the facts.

      But I am so damn tired of the lack of passion by our Congess critters to hold anyone accountable for this. I’m losing faith in the HJ committee to follow through. I don’t have the patience any more.

      • emptywheel says:

        Passion doesn’t give you jack shit if you can’t, first, take the time to master the facts. The reason we can’t–like they did with Nixon–make the case for Impeachment is that the champions for impeachment can’t make tehir case.

        • Petrocelli says:

          Wouldn’t these hearings be more effective in leading to impeachment if they had one questioner, like Whitehouse ?

        • Quzi says:

          I was in grade school during the Watergate hearings. I watched it daily at lunch time and after school. I do remember how long it took our Congress and nation to get to the point of even holding hearings.

        • greylox says:

          **Have you read Bugliosi’s book, and does he make the case? I must admit I haven’t read it, but listened to a radio interview. He’s a decent lawyer, and might know how to structure a case.

  7. Leen says:

    Who gives a fuck about the publisher? Will the Republicans go through the whole hearing and not bring up that AN UNDERCOVER AGENT WAS OUTED AND THIS OUTING UNDERMINED U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY?

  8. Leen says:

    Goodlatte could care less about the outing of Plame or the undermining National Security. Goodlatte should be thrown out out out! This guy is the type to focus hard on lies under oath about a blow job…but the outing of Valerie Plame by the Bush administration. Who cares. Goodlatte is a serious hindrance for justice

  9. Elliott says:

    All you New York firepups,
    give Schumer a call and let him know how strongly you feel about this, he’s undecided, so Decide Him!

    here are the katymine numbers to reach him

    1 (800) 828 – 0498
    1 (800) 614 – 2803
    1 (866) 340 – 9281
    1 (866) 338 – 1015
    1 (877) 851 – 6437

  10. Leen says:

    Hell Former Secretary of the Treasury said that Wolfowitz and Cheney were talking about taking out Iraq in the very first cabinet meetings in early 2001…in Ron Susskind’s book “The Price of Loyalty”

  11. Loo Hoo. says:

    McClellan is smarter than I ever gave him credit for. I love the way he speaks so quickly so that lots of info in little time.

  12. Leen says:

    Issa “I wasn’t pleased to see this book”. Will we hear Issa address the seriousness of Plames outing and who outed her?

  13. oddball says:

    Issa is mad about the timing of the book. How can you be a good Republican if you write a book that will help the Democrats.

    Scottie will make Issa look like a fool. Just like he made the press look like a fool.

    You are out of your league Issa.

  14. Ninbus says:

    Issa is the lowest form of scum there is. Although I’m no fan of Scott-ster, he’s doing pretty well for himself. He’s not letting Issa roll all over him….so far.

  15. der1 says:

    Issa just said it’s Scotty’s fault the vote for FISA went the way it did today. That if Scotty would have published his book sooner it would have affected Bush’s policies. Yup, that’s it, if only then Steny and Rahm wouldn’t be stuck pushing this capitula…I mean compromise.

  16. Leen says:

    omg Issa wants McClellan to be held for a crime , but not those in the Bush adminstration who outed Plame. How can we have one ounce of hope for this country? Truth ,integrity and justice are losing…really losing

  17. Quzi says:

    I do have to give some credit to Scottie for coming forward — even though I wish it had been sooner. Scottie is now going to live John Dean’s life…whistleblower is a hard way to go. Now he knows who is real friends are.

  18. Leen says:

    McClellan does not support “impeachment” based on the “untruths” told to the American people. So what does he support? This does make me question his intentions.

  19. RevDeb says:

    you know at this point, I don’t even want to watch any more. I’m so so pissed about FISA.

    Sestak caved. He was my congressman.

  20. dosido says:

    I feel like going to a funeral for our Constitution. We are no longer a nation of laws. We no longer have rule of law. We are a country run by the Bush PNAC cabal.

  21. Leen says:

    McClellan “important for the American people to hear the truth when it comes to a war” Yeah especially when they are sending family members off to an unnecessary and immoral war and are losing their lives, their minds and their integrity.

    Why do they keep calling the LIES untruths half truths etc etc

    • dosido says:

      doesn’t it make you sick? then we have to keep sending young people off to die for honor. this pukes shouldn’t be allowed to dishonor the word honor like that.

  22. Leen says:

    We have not heard one Republican ask about the seriousness of Plame’s outing. Not one question.

  23. Leen says:

    What does anything Lungren is saying has to do with the Plame outing? He just does not care about the crimes committed by her outing. Lungren could care less that she had her life on the line in the service of her country and it’s National Security. Lungren has to go..

    • dosido says:

      Lundgren and the like could care less when anyone dies. Just like Cheney.

      American soldiers die, that’s ok
      Iraqi people die, that’s ok
      prisoners tortured, that’s ok
      hundreds of US govt employees fired, that’s ok
      flood victims abandoned, that’s ok
      economy in the tank, that’s ok

      As long as the war continues, war profiteers profit!
      They want to torture people not for intelligence, but to keep the outrage going to keep the war going.

      The US Government is in the Death Business. period.

  24. WideAwakeObserver says:


    Call Obama. Ask him to stand up to Hoyer and the Republicans on FISA.Here’s the number for the Obama campaign. Follow the prompts, below, and you get a real person. I told her that I’ve never been so ashamed of my party. When I said that Hoyer should be made to resign, she sighed and said, “We’ve had a flood of calls about this today.”

    (866) 675-2008 [Dial 6, then 0, on the menu]

    • RevDeb says:

      You know at this point in time, if Obama doesn’t know what to do without our urging, he doesn’t deserve to be president.

    • FrankProbst says:


      Call Obama. Ask him to stand up to Hoyer and the Republicans on FISA.Here’s the number for the Obama campaign. Follow the prompts, below, and you get a real person. I told her that I’ve never been so ashamed of my party. When I said that Hoyer should be made to resign, she sighed and said, “We’ve had a flood of calls about this today.”

      (866) 675-2008 [Dial 6, then 0, on the menu]

      Line’s jammed. Good sign, I think.

      • PJEvans says:

        I’ve been e-mailing through the campaign. I hope they can get the word through: it’s the only means most of us have to contact him. (F*cking congressional mail systems.)

  25. Leen says:

    Lungren “I’m trying” to undermine your stance, your book and the truth from ever emerging.” That is what I am trying to do. I could give a rat’s ass about National Security, Valerie Plame or the fact that the Bush administration has committed very serious crimes. That is what I am saying

    • jayt says:

      How can you tell a leader from a misleader? Is there a simple test that anyone can use?

      Tempted to say, summarily, NO, there is no longer any such test.

      A good clue, though, is to watch who reports for work in the U.S. Capitol.

      Guilty until proven innocent at this point.

  26. jackie says:

    They are working really hard to tie Rove and Cheney together. Good question on the blackberries….

  27. tw3k says:

    lol, “Shoot, they snuck in and restarted the hearing while I was vomiting after the FISA vote.”

    I see we are on the same page.

    • jayt says:

      Lungren…Issa…what an embarassment it is for CA to have them.

      Which is worse – California Repub’s – or Texas Repub’s?

      Tough call – but there sure seems to be a hell of a lot of both.

  28. Leen says:

    Would really like to hear one of them ask McClellan. How serious do you think Plame’s outing has been on National Security? Do you think her outing has effected recruitment in the CIA? Do you think the American people deserve to know what the report says about how this outing has effected National Security? Do you think the American public deserves to know who came up with the Niger Documents?

  29. joanneleon says:

    What happened to the hearing? I was watching Conyers speak on the House floor on the FISA bill, they went to a vote, etc. MSNBC had been airing the McClellan hearing live and promised to come back to it, but it appears that they never did.

    So when did they restart the hearing and when did it end?

    Weird. Almost makes you think the whole thing was scheduled this way to divert attention from the FISA vote.

  30. angie says:

    Feeney’s worried about his son’s little league game and possible rain in Orlando– home to Disney.

    Ferget about the treason under your sunburnt nose.

  31. Leen says:

    It is oh so clear that this group of Republicans would be far more concerned about lies under oath about a BJ than the intelligence snowjob that the Bush adminstration gave the American people. Good fucking grief these are our elected reps!

    • dosido says:

      Republicans issued tons of subpoenas to investigate every little thing under Clinton, but zero for Bush when they had the majority.

      Break all the laws you want, dubya!

  32. Leen says:

    Feeney “could you speculate on the motives” of Vice President Cheney. Uh that would be those energy policy meetings early on in the Bush administration when the oil companies divied up Iraq. That would be those defense contractors that have cleaned up in Iraq while millions have died

  33. Loo Hoo. says:

    Who is this idiot who cannot fathom of a reason to go to war knowing better. Has he never heard of war profiteering? Oil in Iraq?

  34. Kathryn in MA says:

    he says if Saddam had complied wth teh demands of the world, we would have seen no WMD.

    • Leen says:

      Yeah like did you hear discussions about pre-emptively attacking Iran before you were given the boot?

  35. timr says:

    currently reading 5 books, when I get totally disgusted, I go on to a different book. Currently readin SM book-got early this week from amazon-also current reading Machiavelli’s shadow Rise and fall of Karl Rove by Paul Alexander now he is someone that congress should call to testify. This book really destroys rove. With the amount of law suits, the lawyers really had to vet this book. Only about 1/2 way thru, makes me so angry that I have to leave it for about a week at a time. HOW IN THE HELL did these people get away with all this shit? Where was the WP? where were all the investigative reporters? Where was congress? These people were not all that smart, they did not cover things up, instead they have showed utter contempt for congress, the law and the MSM. Yet the MSM continues to suck up to them(rove) as tho they are the political geniuses of our time, instead of the miserable hacks that they(rove) have proven themselves to be. Rove in particular, his fingerprints are all over so many crimes that it is a wonder he is not in jail. I remember either reading or seeing rove say that he expects to be indited by the end of the year. Indited for what I don’t know.

    • Badwater says:

      The MSM doesn’t go after Republics because to do so risks jobs, current or future, at any News Corp. entity.

  36. Bluetoe2 says:

    Revenge is a dish best served cold. Hoyer and Pelosi will get their just desserts in due time. They spit on the graves of those who fought and died for the Constitution including the 4th Amendment. They would sell their country out and the honor and memory of those lying in hallowed and unhallowed ground around the world for a bag of silver.

  37. dosido says:

    For my sanity, I’m signing off.

    I would say, see you all in canada, but I’m not sure that is that much better…no offense, but I do want to run away.

    My kids are wondering why I’m upset and when I tell them, they really are puzzled on how all this can happen.

    • rkilowatt says:

      “We’re totally incompetent….”

      Regarding the thirst for leadership, it seems on-topic to find a way to choose leaders that will not give us the misleaders.

      Is there a way to tell leaders apart from misleaders? It would undercut the confusion and frustration that misleaders heap upon us.

  38. bigbrother says:

    The issues is so critical but the questions are not thought out geep or perceptive. Most start by dimishing their argument.
    These people need a plan quaestion that take the argument somewhere or don’t have the hearing. Delahunt is getting warm but not clsing the sale.

  39. Kathryn in MA says:

    well, Delahunt got to the point – this is not a democracy, people need to know. Secret declassification?
    SM that is a perfect example of this administration.

  40. Leen says:

    Delahunt “secret declassification” Congress did not know, you did not know. This is not a democracy.

    Out of all of the books written about the run up to the invasion Ron susskinds “The Price of Loyalty” is an excellent read.

    Omg you rip it up Delahunt. I have been wondering forever when someone anyone would ask Paul O’Neil to testify

  41. jayt says:

    Thank you Rep. Delahunt – for managing to waste your entire 5 minutes of questioning capability.

    Mission accomplished delayed and ignored.

  42. Leen says:

    In the “Price of Loyalty” O’neil talks about how he was basically given the boot when he started investigating Saudi Arabian connections to the funding of the 9/11 tragedy

  43. Kathryn in MA says:

    King wanted Scotty to opine whether the 15 words were a lie or a mistake. (sorry, was too brief)

  44. DefendOurConstitution says:

    I don’t understand. How does Oe Wilson’s saying that Niger would not sell yellow cake to Iraq contradict what he said later?

  45. angie says:

    love how all the thugs are talking over and preventing SMc from speaking.

    King wants the truth taken to the grave

  46. jayt says:

    King (R-Iowa) says Scotty would have done his country a great service by taking his secrets to the grave…

    Whole new meaning of “burying the truth”.

    • Leen says:

      that comment was creepy. King could give a fuck that Plame was outed and U.S. National Security undermined. These folks are traitors

      • DefendOurConstitution says:

        No they are Bush Republicans!

        I guess we will have Bush to thank for destroying the Republican Party.

        • Badwater says:

          I guess we will have Bush to thank for destroying the Republican Party

          If that holds true, it’ll be Bush’s single positive accomplishment.

  47. ironranger says:

    King: Scotty, why didn’t you just crawl under a rock & stay there?
    I hate these people, what dirt bags.

  48. Loo Hoo. says:

    Wheelios, I have a question. If you had to put your life in the hands of either George Bush or Joe Wilson, who would you choose?

  49. Elliott says:

    anybody here have hank Johnson as their Rep? I’d be interested in a performance review for him, thanks.

    • Hugh says:

      anybody here have hank Johnson as their Rep? I’d be interested in a performance review for him, thanks.

      Not Hank, Tim Johnson. He’s a conservative, usually votes with Bush and the Republicans, except for occasional deviations on environmental issues. He was part of some bipartisan group to push for more civility in the House. His vote today may be part of the libertarian streak to conservative politics in this part of the world.

  50. Leen says:

    Rep Steve King why don’t you ask Scott if he thinks it is important to find out just who how and where those Niger documents came from?

    And how about Scott do you think it is important that there should be hearings having to do with the long awaited and recently released findings in Phase II of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence? ( the finding that Jason Vest , Kathleen and BIll Christison and Scott Ritter were telling the public about before the invasion).

    Scott do you think those who created, cherry picked and dessiminated this false pre war intelligence should be held accountable?

  51. Kinmo says:

    I have a sneaking feeling that this hearing isn’t going to reveal anything. It feels like a ceremonial. ho-hum

    • jayt says:

      I have a sneaking feeling that this hearing isn’t going to reveal anything.

      Ditto. Just another stop on Scotty’s book-promotion tour.

    • RevDeb says:

      insanity- doing the same thing over and over again in the same way expecting different results.

      It is insanity for us to expect anything out of the hearings that the dems have been doing.

      It’s all kabuki.

      They all suck.

      I am so over the whole lot of them.

  52. angie says:

    Why did bushco market the war to America?

    All anyone has to do is read PNAC and hear Wes Clarke talk about the plan he heard from DOD generals to find out why bushco went to war and then add the Imperial Presidency and urging from A*PAC.


    • Petrocelli says:

      Not that there’s anything wrong with making $$$ from a Bestseller, but I think Scottie said that the proceed$ are going to charity …

      • DefendOurConstitution says:

        PART of the profits, not yet clear how much. But seeing as Scotty will never land a job, I think he will need this $ to survive.

  53. Leen says:

    Johnson “Permanent campaign culture” “what were the Bush administration’s strategic motives?”

    McClellan “regime change in the middle east”

    Johnson “did you hear any conversations about gaining control over Iraq’s vast oil resources”


    • jayt says:


      Fuhgeddaboutit. Even Waxman’s given up on trying to pry anything loose from Cheney.

  54. angie says:

    I appreciate Delahunt wanting to have Scottie and Paul O. in front of the Congress, but totally disagree with waiting til after the election.

    The American and Iraqi people deserve the truth NOW.

  55. Leen says:

    Shazam… Sutton actually brought up the loss of Iraqi lives. It all seems surreal We have hearings, we blog, we e-mail our congress critters, we discuss, our Reps bullshit all the while we step over piles of the Iraqi dead and the 4 million Iraqi refugees. We are one sick nation and the whole world knows it

  56. bigbrother says:

    Sherman actually mentions the subject of the hearing!! Valerie Plame. Discredit her husband. What about the treaon of outing a spy ring?????

  57. Loo Hoo. says:

    Who was giving Scottie assurances that there was no torture? Inside the WH and Dept. of Defense folks were telling him.

  58. DefendOurConstitution says:

    O/T. Marcy has the Obama campaign asked you to be the Blogger in Chief when Obama is sworn in in January 2009?

    • bmaz says:

      That would be nice; however, what would be better is if she could work for someone that would, you know, actually Defend Our Constitution. So to speak….

      • JamesJoyce says:

        Hey you where quoted on KO last night by Rachael M! Applying your logic of simplicity, its all about Iraqi Oil and protecting the current energy delivery system, cash flow

        • bmaz says:

          Hey James Joyce, did you have Kenmore front loader washer issues and discuss on an appliance blog? If so, I saw you there and had the same freaking issue; now I have a new washer and a lot less money.

          • rosalind says:

            (what kind did ya buy? i’m looking for a new w/d and was dubious of the front loading machines)

            • bmaz says:

              Whirlpool Duet. Front loaders are more expensive and don’t last as long, but they sure are nice. Last one was a Kenmore/Fridgidare; very defective pile of junk. Dying to know if it is the same James Joyce.

  59. maryo2 says:

    Rep. Sherman asking about Plame outing. Why did they do it? SM says “to discredit Wilson.”

    Jason Leopold wrote on Monday that Condi Rice told Wilson to write an op ed. Does anyone know more about this? Was the op-ed a set up?

    “Wilson said he had attempted to contact the White House through various channels after the State of the Union address to get the administration to correct the public record.

    Wilson said he was rebuffed at every instance and that he received word, through then-National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, that he could state his case in writing in a public forum.”


  60. Kathryn in MA says:

    is this admin capable of coming up with a broad cover story to conceal motives re DoD? have you seen them do it before? in Plame issue?

  61. earlofhuntingdon says:

    For my money, Artur Davis would be on the short list to be Attorney General. What say you?

  62. Kathryn in MA says:

    Qoutes a noted Repub Teddy Roosevelt – to suggest that there is no criticism of presedent, etc is servile, etc. Congrats SM for acting in that spirit.

  63. Leen says:

    Rep Davis gives us a bit of hope. This man went to core issues so clearly so calm. Impressive. McClellans jaw muscles were twitching for the first time in during Davis’s line of questioning.

    Obvious Scottie would like to witness Rove hauled off to prison.

  64. Leen says:

    Rep Baldwin. Scottie do you feel any responsibility for the massive amount of the loss of life in the Iraq tragedy?

    O.k scottie enough of the “permanent campaign culture” as being responsible for the horrendous crimes committed by this administraion.


  65. Hmmm says:

    Just joined. No video on the c-span2 feed, just audio, but damn Conyers sounded tired and muddled just now.

    • JTMinIA says:

      He’s been like that all day. I refreshed my link a few times when he was talking, but the stutter was not an internet issue.

  66. maryo2 says:

    SM, please explain the difference between a “marketing campaign using deceptive information” and “lying.”

    SM, you said that some people truly believed in the need to invade Iraq. So in your opinion then if an administrator did not “believe” then should he/she be held accountable for lying?

  67. Kinmo says:

    I can stands no more. I really don’t think they are going accomplish anything worthwhile today. I’m going to go outside and play with my kids. If no sunshine will be shed on our government today, then let the sun shine on my face.

  68. earlofhuntingdon says:

    The Goopers think that Scotty should have opened up to the public sooner if he thought “he” was doing something wrong. Rep. Trent Franks is almost crying, he’s so forlorn. The idea that the President or Mr. Bush should do so never crosses his mind or his script. The meme is to compare Scotty to a cheating spouse or BFF. It’s all so horrible. The neighbors and his card-playing partners at the country club can never be sure again that he means what he says or that he’ll pay his gambling debts. It’s all so dreadful. Sniff, sniff.

    Nice, personalized attack. Rather like a milder version of the one the White House made against Valerie Plame and her intelligence network, all to get at a domestic political critic, a former bureaucrat, of the most powerful chief executive on the face of the earth.

    • Hmmm says:

      Ad hominem. It only convinces those observers who’ve never heard of the discipline or Rhetoric. Pure playing to the peanut gallery, and reporters ought to take that into account more often than they do.

      • earlofhuntingdon says:

        I think you understate the effectiveness of personal attacks. They work, especially when repeated with the discipline, regularity and venom shown by the Goopers and their pet media.

  69. Hmmm says:

    Do folks feel SM’s statements about Dick today are likely to have any confining effect, Iran-wise?

  70. bmaz says:

    Trent Franks is from my state. I apologize; he is a wanker. We have a lot of those here. Did you all notice that Franks asked Scotty if Bush was “an honorable and decent man” and he responded only with decent?

    • earlofhuntingdon says:

      For somebody still in love with his former boss, I thought that was revealing. He couldn’t say that he’s “honorable”, truth-telling or honest. Just that he’s decent, whatever that means in the context of his acts.

      I don’t regard it as “decent” to have set in motion the chain of events he has, regardless of whether he appreciates what those are. How many felons go to jail every day because they didn’t “intend” all the consequences of their purposeful conduct, but the law and reasonable people conclude that they should have foreseen those consequences and, hence, are liable for them?

      • Hmmm says:

        I think that’s Scotty’s way of saying what I usually express as “sincere, but mistaken”. It’s always at least a little sad, if you have any basic affection for the person in the first place. As Scotty seems to have in this case.

  71. Leen says:

    Wasserman Schultz …That the administation fit the facts to ultimately sell the war.

    How about fixed the intelligence

  72. Leen says:

    Who did deceive? And should they be held accountable?

    Come on this is where we are five years later. Nail Cheney and the Office of Special Plans.

    • Leen says:

      Ari Fleisher, Rove. Wonder if Wasserman Schulz will push for calling on these folks to testify under oath. Hope so

      • Hmmm says:

        Is it enough? I’m not hearing any new info coming out of SM at all, just restatements of already known stuff.

        • Leen says:


          Although he did say that he thinks that Ari, Cheney, Rove should be called to testify under oath. Flashing on John Deans latest.

          Hopefully Wasserman Schulz and the rest of the committee follow through

  73. angie says:

    Chairman, you and your “colleagues” need to do a whole lot more to improve the system of federal government.

    • angie says:

      Didn’t Fitz recently make a gesture toward Conyers and Congress basically asking for an invitation to appear?

  74. BayStateLibrul says:

    I have more respect for a person that lies to my face, then
    these fucking Administration weasels, playing and framing and
    The Mafia has more honor…

    • BayStateLibrul says:

      Clarification. I didn’t mean Scotty… I think he was more on point.
      The weasels are the usual twerps… Cheney, Bush, Ari, Andy Card, Rove,
      Did you notice that the US Justice Dept hammered Bear Sterns executives
      through mainly “e-mails”
      The WH and Cheney deliberately deleted theirs… so if we ever find them?

  75. maryo2 says:

    A deputy press secretary at the time of outing Plame just said that Cheney, Fleisher, Rove and Libby have not told all that they know and should testify “under oath.” I don’t see how Congress can ignore that.

    • bigbrother says:

      That is ” A deputy press secretary at the time of outing Plame just said that Cheney, Fleisher, Rove and Libby have not told all that they know and should testify “under oath.” I don’t see how Congress can ignore that.” the central point of the hearing that a conspriracy to commit treason is suggested and should be scheduled.
      That hearing needs very careful preparation. Emptywheels needs to help coordinate the timelines for the questions. Some of the FDL attorneys need to help.

  76. otchmoson says:

    Near the end of the hearing, a Congressman (Wasserman-Schulz or Ellison) asked McClellan what measures could be taken to enhance transparency. He stated that Congressional OVERSIGHT was an important tool. He had the opportunity–and failed to use it–to point out that corporately-owned media, in the hands of the very few, also hampers transparency. Perhaps a bit of deregulation is in order? Likewise, the stick-and-carrot treatment of WH correspondents is another measure that could be handled more judiciously if transparency is indeed a worthy pursuit.

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