To Favre Or Not To Favre, That Is the EW Trash Talk Question

National Favre League – Marcy has been pimping me to do up a Favre post ever since the first rumors came out of his waffliness months ago. Who am I to deny the hostess with the mostess? I chalk it up to the fact that the only thing the Lions have done in the off season is give Kevin Jones (a good running back when healthy) to the Bears for nothing in free agency. But not to worry, Roidney is still pumped up and Tom is still sitting pretty for the Pats. And yes, I still think the Pats are the class of the league.

But, let’s face it, the only thing that is important in the NFL right now is Brett Favre. He is like Britney with no panties. I am not going to waste time with a bunch of links, you folks know the deal. My own take was totally on the Packer’s side initially, and still, on balance, probably is. But it is also clear that, irrespective of what has happened and who caused it, they really do not want him back. Given that, and that I do think they pressured him for an answer before he was ready this winter/spring (not that such was unreasonable necessarily, just a fact), and given that they do not want him, I think they do owe him to let him play somewhere else. Take him back and let him be Brett Favre or let him go; but get on with it. It is not just a business decision; no matter what, he has earned more than that. That is my opinion, what is yours? Chat up any and all other football, college or pro, that you got.

MLB – The second half of the season is upon us. What a killer All Star Game; for once. A fitting farewell to Yankee Stadium. I know you Sawx fans are prowling around, what say you? Personally, I still think, that as big of a giant jerk as he is, there is something about Schilling. He is gone, and I think the Sawx will be, at least for this year, too. They will go far, but no ring. My Diamondbacks started out like gangbusters, then just went bust. I think they are going to regroup, hang on in the west, and be there with either the Mets or Cubbies in a pick em for the NL crown. Prove me wrong. And trust me, that is not difficult.

The Circus – Well, who knew when I first tacked it on because, well, I could; but there are actually a few Formula One fans out there. Actually, it makes sense; you are high line intellects, and that is the general crowd, at least in the States North America, that follows F1. This weekend is the German Grand Prix in Hockenheim. Hockenheim isn’t Nurburgring, but it is a great circuit. The Driver’s Championship is really tight with Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa and Kimi Räikkönen all tied at 48 points. A McLaren and two Ferrari jocks all bunched at the top. Outstanding. Ferrari is 14 points up in the all important Constructor’s Trophy chase though. Who you got in this round of the circus, and, for Petrocelli, when will Porsche make it’s return to F1 and play with the big boys?

Well, that’s it for this trash talk thread, hoop it up. Today’s video is from Led Zeppelin and is Communication Breakdown (and a pretty cool, very old black and white video from an early Brit teevee appearance), because that is what Brett Favre and the Packers have going on – a communication breakdown. Not to mention that I just saw Robert Plant and Allyson Krauss, and have Zepp on the brain. I will be back with substantive material tomorrow, but I live on the West coast, so not overly early for most of you. You guys have been quiet for too long, trash the joint dammit!

  1. masaccio says:

    You disrespect the Tour de France? You put up the NFL, the home of steroids and heaven only knows what else; MLB, which won’t seriously police itself; and Formula 1, where the machines cost so much they probably make the janitors and the security guards pee in a cup. And yet the Tour, the home of pain, you don’t even mention because a couple of guys are using EPO?

    When did a couple of vials of papa’s little helper get to be a big deal?

    • bmaz says:

      You got some splainin to do Mr. Riccio Riccardo! Saw someone on the TeeVee list the teammates of Lance Armstrong’s that had taken the boot for performance enhancing drugs or doping since Armstrong was in his heyday. It was like all of them. I dunno; I want to believe…but, seriously, Roger Clemens is getting easier to defend.

      • Ishmael says:

        The Tour is getting serious about doping – you can go to jail for getting caught with PEDs in your system now, not just for lying about it like the Rocket and Barry Bonds.

        • Ishmael says:

          …and as great a rider as Lance was, he essentially trained for and raced one race per year, the Tour de France, and came with the best teammates money could buy. Most if not all the other riders did not have this luxury, and had to race the Giro d’Italia and the leg-busting day races leading up to the Tour, leaving them at a real disadvantage.

    • readerOfTeaLeaves says:

      Bah. No bmaz love for Tour de France?

      OTOH, the family mechanical engineer (and avid F1 fan) has explained to me about how NASCAR is pretty much a way to make beer ads a little more appealing by painting them on big, expensive, noise machines. Evidently, NASCAR originated with bootleggers running whisky around the South, so they were motived to improve engine performance (so they could outrun the Feds). Hence, the Bad Boy NASCAR sensibility. But over the years, NASCAR changed its rules to bring in more ad revenues and ended up prostituting itself — it’s no longer about improving auto and engine performance. I gather that it’s now mostly about selling beer and auto parts.

      In contrast, F1 is — according to my trusted mentor on this topic — far more focused on improving engine efficiency and vehicle performance. Honestly, the F1 conversations about ‘building more efficient engines’ is pretty engaging.

      Plus, one of my kids raced a version of F1 (SAE** college competitions) for a couple years. So I gotta act like I think F1 is cool.
      Cause I live around several engine fiends.

      ** Society of Automotive Engrs, IIRC

  2. Quebecois says:


    He met some pretty extraordinary chemists and pharmacists when he was diagnosed with cancer. Just saying.

  3. FormerFed says:

    It is hard for a guy that still has a Sonny Jurgensen autographed football in his AZ Room to relate to the Favre imbroglio. I guess I feel that I am tired of these athletes retiring and then unretiring. Should the Packers let him go unilaterally to anyone – I don’t think so. Send him to the AFC, but definitely not to the Bears or Vikes.

    By the way bmaz, what is happening to the D’Backs? It looks like the summer swoon has caught up with them again. Ah well, football season is coming and us ‘Cat fans can look forward to our annual thrashing by those dreaded Sundevils!!

    • bmaz says:

      Man, I wasn’t that crazed about Stoops in the first place. I have always wondered if his brother would do that well somewhere other than Oklahoma, but he looks far more adept than Mike. I liked Tomey and Mackovic better. Dennis Erickson is a good coach; the Devils ought to be good again if the offensive line can improve and keep people off of Rudy Carpenter. Big if.

      As to Favre, well if they think he is washed up and that Aaron Rodgers is better, what difference does it make where he goes? Favre sucks in domes; I can’t believe he really wants to play on carpet in a dome. Chicago maybe.

    • FormerFed says:

      Man, I don’t have the foggiest!!

      In regard to Stoops, this has to be his year to either fish or cut bait. I liked Tomey but Mackovic was a cold fish.

    • BooRadley says:

      Thanks for the thread.

      AFAIK, Chief’s depth at qb Croyle, Huard, Thigpen.

      There have been two attempts to rally fan support for Brett. IIRC, one drew 30 people, one drew around 80. Like any fickle pro fan, I think the fans are waiting to see if ARodg struggles, before impeaching Ted Thompson and professing their undying devotion to Brett.

      One thing working against Brett is his recent record in cold-weather games. If Rodgers can’t win in warm weather, however, it won’t matter.

      Injury forces most players to retire. Unless your John Elway, Brett’s actions are pretty common for the great quarterbacks, who don’t suffer a catastrophic career ending injury. Montana last played in a Chiefs uniform. Unitas ended his career with the San Diego Chargers.

      Favre gave his first interview to Gretta Van Sustren at Pox News. Since then he and his agent have been leaking through ESPN. With one exception, the Packers put out all their stuff through the AP. Local media outlets are not too thrilled. Here’s a hit piece on Peter King on kissingsuzykolber. Fair warning, I think the ksb snark is excellent, but fair warning, the posts are routinely very vulgar.

      How dare you betray me Favarro

  4. FormerFed says:

    Good grief, my son is going to chastise me – the KC QB is BRODIE CROYLE – a ‘Bama boy.

    I still give my kid 4 ducats to ‘Bama games for his birthday – I think I’ll go down this year and take in a game.

  5. bell says:

    is this what political junkies do in their off time- talk football? i guess it is an american thang… now if you were to talk music or something along those lines – led zep and etc, i would be interested!

    • JThomason says:

      I am a little lost in the thread too not being much of a NFL fan. Right now besides interest in seeing Rove and Mukasey held in contempt and the impeachment hearings move ahead with some momentum, my principle preoccupation is a forthcoming roll down from the Sangre de Cristo westward on the Southwest Chief in late August. I am sure I will regret not planning a stop in Flagstaff but when I reach LA its Radiohead in the Hollywood Bowl on the 24th and then the Bruins v. the Vols in the Rose Bowl on Sep. 1. I guess what I am suggesting is that it is possible to mix music and football.

      Last year I went of vacation in late August and when I returned both Rove and Gonzales had resigned. One can only hope for such movement to the detriment of Junya & Co. this year during the same time period or will Rove’s Crimean vacation never end. How Cosa Nostra. Flee the country when a Congressional subpoena is due.

      • bell says:

        football and politics do seem to have a lot in common sometimes… one is cheering for the one side and trashing the other! i think music is different, but then i know many musicians who trash other musical styles or musicians, so maybe it is human nature to pick sides and identify a certain way..

        bmaz – how did you like the robert plant/ alison krauss show? my friend (a drummer) saw then in new orleans at the jazz fest this past april and really enjoyed it.. lots of great repertoire to pull from if they are grabbing stuff from the zepplin songbook.. they do black dog apparently.. i play drums.. the drummer playing with them is using big and old vintage drums and rarely plays with the same thing in both hands.. he plays stick in one hand, mallet or brush in the other on a regular basis.. that is different too…

        • JThomason says:

          There’s a lot more involved than just trash talk to football. I’ll grant it is martial game. I am thinking politics is really more akin to Mongol polo:

          Some people erroneously believe that the strongly equestrian Mongol hordes invented polo. However, The Mongol Empire and the rise of the Golden Horde occurred almost a full millenia after polo had been well-established in Asia and the Iranian plateau. Still, the Mongols did play a variant of polo — with the head of a goat instead of a ball.

          Mongol Sport.

          • readerOfTeaLeaves says:

            Oh, if you want sport, try Buzkashi searches.

            Or this intro:…

            Just watch the horsemanship — truly amazing. Those guys must have thighs of steel and incredible abdominal strength to ride like this.

            In my next life, I’m going to be a horse-riding tribesman. But I’d need a good herd ;-))

        • bmaz says:

          Bell – As to Krauss & Plant. Little to much Krauss, not enough Plant for my tastes; but the show was great. My wife absolutely loved it. Allyson Krauss is very good and they were backed up by T-Bone Burnett and his band, who are very good as well; but it was just a little slow and maudlin bluegrassy for me. Plant looks like the dude on the cover of Jethro Tull’s Aqualung album or something these days, but man does he still have his voice. Big time. I am totally jonesing for a Zeppelin reunion after hearing proof of that.

  6. LabDancer says:

    As unofficial POTUS* of the LODFOV** it falls to dispose of a scurrilous rumor currently polluting the CCEM*** involving our Beloved Vikes & a certain quarterback with a disturbingly French-looking name.

    First: Some strawman invective:

    I note first the clumsy drive-by effort to conflate the image of this pop icon with another- only the flimsy premise of both being broken down over-hyped & out of uniform. Is it really all that difficult for you just to take a long hard look & see which one doesn’t shave? Have you clean forgotten your nautical history? Or will I be forced to draw a picture to support the bald assertion that my beloved Vikes are far more prone to invite the latter to camp.

    Now to the semantical forensics:

    I happened to have caught the recent report on this matter at Voksnoose right from the down-turned mouth of that noted authority of Oblong Ball Ms. Greta Van S as she introduced her first [admittedly brief] source on bird-dogging this rumor about the “Minneapolis Vikings”- whose name she clearly enunciated as one “Brett FAR-va”.

    That’s right: FAR-va- not FAV-ra. And Minneapolis not Minnesota.

    However: I appreciate how all these things seem to slip & elide into each other- so I am prepared to accept your apology.

    By the way smart padded pants: Coach Childress has expressed his utmost confidence in the progress of the U of Washington grad converted strong safety who started at QB for the Vikes last year: a boldly predicts that we can look forward to him actually completing a pass this year.

    But I do confess to looking forward to how that Farve character works out with that Minneapolis bunch.

  7. Drumman says:

    Well I think you have such a close championship in F1 so far this year for at least one of the reasons is the F1 Authorities removed traction control from the cars so this puts it more in the hands of the drivers ability to be able to drive the car Especially in the rain

    My pick from the top three is still Kimi Raikkonen

    • bmaz says:

      Kimi is the smart money bet I think. I am not sure why, but I had an inkling that Massa would take the driver’s crown this year when the year started. Sure looked grim early, but he is right there now. Im an sticking with Felipe.

      • Drumman says:

        you may have something there with Massa. kimi is like P6 and has never won from that spot. I am hoping Kimi is real heavy on fuel we will see should be good

  8. freepatriot says:

    forget the talk, let’s just trash this joint while ms wheel is outta town

    bmaz, gimme the credit card, I’m goin to the liquor store

    somebody start decorating this place with peanutbutter sandwiches or something (just keep dropping them behind the furniture till you run outta peanut butter, it’s part of the insanity defense I got planned)

    while the cat’s away, the mice will play, which reminds me, somebody pick up some chips on the way back here later

    I’m gonna mess with all the buttons on the dvd player, see if I can’t screw this thing up a little bit …

      • freepatriot says:

        yeah, right

        on the credit card bmaz gave us ???

        turns out, it was one of those “prepaid” thingys, and the clerk cut it up anyway

        so we had to go with Plan B

        now we need somebody to call ew and tell her we need that bail money back ..

        • PJEvans says:

          The market I was at had Franzikaner for $2.30 a bottle the other day – they’re closing it out (but not the Chimay, of which they have Blue Label for a price I call ‘ouch’). On the other hand, it isn’t much farther to BevMo, and they have Unibroue stuff, and other interesting beers. Also bottles they keep in locked cases: the really high-end stuff. Like I’m ever going to get the high-end Laphroaig ….

          • freepatriot says:

            uhm, yeah, …

            they were out of that

            we got you a 4 pak of Zima and a box of fortified wine …

            oh, you owe us 60 bucks

            and we got you pork rinds too

            didn’t know you was some kind of fookin connoisseur or somethin …

  9. klynn says:

    bmaz, no trash talk “in me” this AM but I sure found this at the Guardian an interesting read which might even make a good springboard for a post:……terrorism

    Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld will never be tried for war crimes in the US because the country lacks a consensus on torture.

    • MarieRoget says:

      Not much of a football trash talker myself. B ball, hockey, movies new & old, now that might be a different story…

      Thanks for the Guardian link. Funny how the rest of the planet doesn’t have much difficulty defining torture or coming to a consensus on it, w/some notable 3rd world exceptions.

      We didn’t used to either, pre-BushCo obfuscation on the subject. Falling into that 3rd world slot in so many ways these past few yrs. are we.

    • skdadl says:

      I wouldn’t disagree with McQuaid’s analysis, but I keep remembering all the signs we’ve had over the last few years that many people involved in the detainee system, in setting it up or carrying it out, have been worried about their personal liability. CIA agents started worrying and asking fairly early on about lawyering up, and from Sands’ history we know that even some of the Principals (like Ashcroft) and their seconds were uncomfortable (although Ashcroft got away with ducking that discussion this week).

      To me, it is meaningful that both the FBI and the JAG corps in their different ways knew right away that there was something wrong and began asking serious questions, sending up alarms. Any voice raised against a torture regime, especially while it’s still in place, is a voice that indicates where people could have stood, and becomes evidence against the others.

  10. azportsider says:

    Sorry, bmaz, but we can already stick a fork in the D-backs. True, they have some great pitching; and of course Orlando Hudson will continue to amaze one and all with his incredible skills. Mark Reynolds has done a fine job at third. But, really, what else do they have? The team defense is pitiful, except for the aforementioned Hudson and Reynolds, the team offense is nonexistent, again with the same two exceptions. The outfield is the joke of the NL, offensively and defensively.

    I’ve given up on this year’s edition, and only watch now to see what unbelievable performance the O-Dog will come up with next.

  11. Peterr says:

    If it was any team but the Packers, the Favre mess would have been over by now. But when a whole city full of people are the passionate owners of the team, management has to be rather careful. One wrong move will piss off both your stockholders and fan base.

    And put me down as a fan of both F1 and the Tour de France.

  12. masaccio says:

    I’ve been thinking that we need to be preparing the ground with the incoming administration by increasing our demands for accountability, specifically criminal accountability, for the felons in this administration. The FISA fight shows the problems with reactive politics from the left: as EW pointed out, by the time we got in the game seriously, it was over.

    McQuaid’s point that we don’t care about political accountability is just wrong. There may be some small constituency for torture, but faced with pictures and stories, like Khadr’s, they will be marginalized. If the Obama team were to move on this issue, I think they could make something of it. It is the kind of thing McCain can’t really rail about, as a victim himself. In fact, calling McCain a victim of torture, and pointing out that Obama will demand accountability for it is the kind of framing that may fit his style. It is an easy issue for him, and it is a reach out to the left on an important issue.

    We learned some things from the FISA battle that are transferable, but we will have to do a bunch of new stuff, because we have a much smaller audience we have to influence among Obama’s people and the man himself.

  13. Quebecois says:

    And a nice win it was. That stage was mostly a slow uphill battle. A faux-plat in french.

    We get all the stages from the tour on cable tv in Montreal, we have two intelligent hosts who are backed by Christian Vallet, racer from the late seventies, who comments from the tour.

    Hamilton has taken the pole for the German Grand-Prix. I believe Massa will win this one…

  14. BayStateLibrul says:

    I just applied Scott’s Step 3, so it must be half-time at
    the All Ball game.
    Sheesh, MLB makes one-third of trash talking.
    It deserves more game time.
    Gone, did you say gone, Bmaz?
    Yeah carrying our bags to the World Serious with the Cubbies.
    We don’t need any freaking bloody sock, we got Ortiz hitting homers
    at Pawtucket as we blog…
    Delightful All Star Game.
    Don’t you think George Sherrill, Baltimore’s closer deserves the MVP
    (2 1/3 of zeroes)?
    We went to Yankee Stadium once, loved it, got a nose bleed, and the
    fans were great…
    So, why did they go ugly on Jon Papelbon?
    Bastards, fuckers, chanting “Mariano” and “overrated”
    Watch out when the Yanks visit the Fens in a week or so.
    Plenty of heaters, smokers, hummers, and bullets.

  15. skdadl says:

    O/T (if there is a T): May I ask a naive foreigner’s question of those who know the character and the record? I’m wondering about Lindsey Graham, whom I have been watching question Thomas Hartmann in an SJC hearing last winter about Guantanamo. (About Hartmann I have no questions: his character is entirely clear, especially in an exchange with Durbin.)

    Even though Graham does a certain amount of conservative spinning of the GWOT as he winds up to his questions (he made a speech, really), he’s obviously very bothered by the military commissions. At one point he says he was an air force JAG, which would explain some of that, yes? At the very end he asked Hartmann directly about waterboarding; Hartmann tried equivocating a couple of times; and then Graham cut him off with obvious disgust, just dismissed him.

    Anyway, I wondered what people who know his record better than I think of Graham. I see that he was a particular supporter of Alito. Oh dear.

    • phred says:

      skdadl, late to this thread, but just in case you check back… Graham is a two-faced weasel, among my triumverate of least favorite Congressional Republicans: McCain, Graham, and Warner for their loathsome capitulation on the Military Commissions. All three should have known better and in fact, initially opposed the MCA. All three went scurrying back to Congress with their tail between their legs after being called on the carpet up at the White House for their lack of fealty. Graham’s crocodile tears infuriate me more than I can ever adequately express, it’s all for show for the cameras. He doesn’t even give as good a performance as Haggis.

      • bmaz says:

        Bingo. Graham is a toe tapping, half ass version of the Snarlin Scottish Haggis. Not a real heartwarming player profile eh?

        • phred says:

          Nope ; )

          Sorry for being late on a most excellent trash talk thread… I just got back last week, now I’m leaving again in a few days — too much to do, too little time. Sigh. The good news is when I get back, the Pack will be playing pre-season football! WooHoo! I can’t wait… Go Rodgers! Go Pack! And um, Brett, happy trails dude, no hard feelings just remember when you line up against the Packers all your interceptions will end up in the hands of the Green and Gold : ) Heh heh…

  16. Neil says:

    Great video Bmaz. I think it is Led Zeppelin on Danish Television but I can’t say for sure.

    I got something I think you ought to know

    I haven’t really been following the Brett Favre player personnel drama, sorry to say… or maybe not. Shilling posted photos of the inside of his shoulder on his website but I didn’t bother to look. I thought MLB was played in September and October, it’s only July. I bet there’s a lot to Formula 1 but I haven’t spent a moment watching or learning. Anyone want to talk about La Tour De France? No Lance but plenty of action, and then plenty of non-action, and then plenty more action. It’s a team sport and there’s strategy but it takes about as long as a round of golf and it goes on for three weeks, so I’m guessing there are not too many folks here who want to trash talk about the Tour De France. If you get Versus, turn it on. The scenery alone is worth the watch.

    I think Mauimom is onto something… College football. Let ‘er rip Mauimom. Did any notice the Go Maize and Blue banner and the Go Jeffs beat Ephs banner behind EW during the premier webcast of Meet The Bloggers, yesterday?

    I’m off for a swim in Walden Pond and maybe a paddle about in a kayak. The heat and humidity has been brutal here in the northeast. I broke down and bought an air conditioner.

  17. Jkat says:

    crazy .. everytime i load this venue .. it takes forever ..and the “meet the bloggers” video comes on automatically without being “clicked on” ..

    and i’ve got broadband dsl with 8 megs …

    • rosalind says:

      yup, the blogger video is clogging da toobz. think the techs are busy with the site upgrades, so we’ll have to make do.

      • Jkat says:

        seems to have cleared up now … i felt like i was in a remake of the “outet limits” for bit there … thx ..

        • bmaz says:

          The tech folks really are marvelous. All I did was ask them. And I would like to point out that, when there are outages and slow things and generally bummer site conditions, they are the ones who bust their butts to fix things, not the ones that break them. So, think kind and good things about one and all of them; for without them, we don’t function.

  18. bmaz says:

    And we have a report hawt off the presses from NetRoots Nation. Nancy Pelosi just quit speaking and it turns out that she has a grand strategic battleplan for the Democrats after all: Kick The Can Down The Road While Getting Reelected!

    Huh? Oh. Wait. That is not new now is it?? Apparently she was just dreadful; filibustered with platitudes and bunk the entire speech. My source tells me the crowd was disillusioned and restless, about to roll over in their chairs…


    Okay, Al Gore has made a secret special appearance at the NetRoots gig. And only a couple of minutes into his presentation, he literally asks people if they mind if he “gets in the weeds a bit”. Pachacutec reports that Marcy’s head snapped up and around so fast that you would have thought she was that chick in the Exorcist or something. And much hilarity ensued from those who know Marcy. Heh heh

    • MarieRoget says:

      No “boos” for Pelosi? No disgruntled catcalls? What a polite crowd. She probably left the stage thinking she did a bang up job of it.

      I could listen to Gore all day- wish I could be there, but I’ll settle for the replay.

      • PJEvans says:

        The organizers told people to sit on something while Nancy was blowing hard, or they’d be tossed. (I was reading the liveblog over at the motherblog.)

        • MarieRoget says:

          Thanks. I’ll be back-reading all those FDL morning posts/comments this evening. Been out most of the day & going out again now until late here.

          Re: big party plans- All the “stuff” has been transferred from the wheelbarrows out back into the shower & bathroom sink. No icing will be necessary.

          Have fun!

    • watercarrier4diogenes says:

      No Q&A after Pelosi spoke? Sounds like she arranged for time to come in and ‘lecture the children’. From Glennzilla’s post yesterday, I’d say if that’s the way they’ve rigged the game, we’re going to have to devote resources to primarying every damn one of them out.

    • watercarrier4diogenes says:

      Ah, I shoulda refreshed my screen b4 posting. From Pach’s link:

      We need to get better at grassroots candidate recruitment and training, starting this November. We can’t not do it.

      Crystal clear.

      • bmaz says:

        Yep. Exactly. As I have said a few times, I think we are fairly locked in for the 2008 election and have to kind of bit the bullet and go ahead and get as many Dems elected as possible, whoever they may be. But we should already be thinking down the road for 2010, and in some cases primarying some folks we just elected for the firt time even. And with bigger majorities we will have the cushion to attack a few of the more critical nodes like Pelosi, Hoyer etc. and, really, even see to it that third party candidates get a run if they still win the primary. Let them know that if they don’t do their jobs, in select cases, we will even permit a Republican to win if they sell out basic human decency and the Constitution. Right now we do not have that luxury. But their own plan can be spun around to hang them if they don’t get a clue. We need to think and work like the GOP did for a decade starting in the mid to late 60s and just start the slow and patient building and shaping. We progressives tend to be instant gratification types in a way, and it is going to take something longer termed.

  19. bmaz says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

    From ABC News and Martha Raddatz:…..e-acc.html

    White House Accidentally E-Mails to Reporters Story That Maliki Supports Obama Iraq Withdrawal Plan

    The White House this afternoon accidentally sent to its extensive distribution list a Reuters story headlined “Iraqi PM backs Obama troop exit plan – magazine.”

    The story relayed how Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki told the German magazine Der Spiegel that “he supported prospective U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s proposal that U.S. troops should leave Iraq within 16 months … ‘U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama talks about 16 months. That, we think, would be the right timeframe for a withdrawal, with the possibility of slight changes,’” the prime minister said.
    The White House employee had intended to send the article to an internal distribution list, ABC News’ Martha Raddatz reports, but hit the wrong button.

  20. watercarrier4diogenes says:

    Let them know that if they don’t do their jobs, in select cases, we will even permit a Republican to win if they sell out basic human decency and the Constitution.

    Indeed. Having read Larry Hunter’s op-ed and watched him on Countdown, there are people who believe in the Constitution and the rule of law out there of all stripes. If it takes that, possibly diluting the needed majority for medical reform, et al, it’s still possible to teach the beltway insiders that they’re not above reproach.

    • bmaz says:

      Hey, if we get big enough majorities, losing a House dude or two isn’t going to kill us. And for instance whacking Hoyer, even if it cost us a seat to the Republicans, would allow some fresh blood into leadership. That is kind of my theory when I say give them enough rope that we can hang em with it. Don’t get me wrong, I would rather do it in a primary by far, very far. I don’t know, what I do know is that we need a long term strategic plan and then have the patience and commitment to execute it; whatever it may be. And whatever it is, having these larger majorities that Pelosi, Reid et al. are so desperate for does definitely give us more and better options long term, that I guess is my real point. We really want larger majorities same as they do; but some of our reasons may differ from theirs.

  21. freepatriot says:

    I did my part

    I filled the tivo with kitty porn (it’s a bunch of cats lickin their naughty parts)

    and I don’t know who thought of filling the hot tub with egg salad, but you’re a genius

    hey bmaz, I wanted to congratulate you on your team being in first place

    any idea if they’ll finish above 500 ???

    ducking and running

  22. bmaz says:

    Hi folks; just checking in to see what Freepatriot is doing to the pad now. Doesn’t look that bad, but what happened in the medicine cabinet?

    Will be back shortly with a new post on everybody’s favorite old senile geezer, McCain. He ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer now is he?

  23. bmaz says:

    I want to add a topic to the discussion. The Great White Shark is smelling blood at Royal Birkdale. This really is a great story. Horrid conditions and the 53 year old newlywed (to Chris Evert no less) is wire to wire leader and two up going into the final round. Outstanding.

    • freepatriot says:

      golf is not a “topic of discussion”

      it’s a bunch of fashion victims fucking up a good walk …

  24. freepatriot says:

    hey, I got a question ???

    what the fuck IS a “horizon” ???

    we don’t got one of those here

    you can see the mountains in any direction

  25. PetePierce says:

    “I can’t believe I survived, not only my life, but I am still playing football ’cause half of those eight or nine years I don’t even remember.”

    To Jerry Glanville when he called Favre in Missisippi and told him he was trading him in 1991 (after Farvre through 4 interceptions in an excebition game):

    “Damn I’m drinkin’ beer and eatin’ catfish and you called me up for some crap like this?”

    Sitting on the dock by Rotten Bayou outside Kil, Missippi, population 1200:

    “Did anybody want a partying third-stringer who can throw a whistlin’ Neff ball 98 yards? If you want the circus, here he is: Brett Favre!”

    To Packers General Manager Ron Wolf when told he was diagnosed with avascular necrosis in his hip and the Packers doc, Clarence Navotny said to fail him.


    —Brett Lorenzo Favre

    Packer’s orthopedic surgeon Patrick McKenzie told Wolf there was no immediate danger of deterioration of the hip joint and Farvre began to set records.

    If on Sept. 8 the Pack retires Favre’s jersy, he won’t be there. He’ll be signed to some other team.

    Again he’s not taking their 67% salary cut and playing second string after a 13-3 season that could have ended at the Super Bowl.

    • PetePierce says:

      excebition is a spelling as dumb as Victoria Toensig who is quoted in the NYT this morning recommending that Bush grant pre-emptive pardons for those in his administration “willing to take a chance.”

      I suppose the ditziest lawyer in America also recommends pre-emptive pardons for people who rape and kill as long as they are part of the Bush administration–whoops that’s right Blackwater and the other mercenaries already accomplished that and Mukasey has a rapid fire DOJ investigation on going for almost two years.

    • freepatriot says:

      hey pete

      it’s “klin” Mississippi

      it’s pronounced as if it were spelled “Kiln”, but it’s spelled as I first wrote it

      you didn’t expect exact spelling in mississippi, even when we’re talking about the names of towns

      and there’s also the fact that brett’s name is phonetically incorect ie: “F A R V” when it is spelled “FAV RE”

      it would seem to be a mis-spelled translation of a french name into english

      could be from inbreeding, could be from a lack of iodine …

      what ???

      it’s a TRASH TALKING thread

      you wanted me to talk about football ???

      washington versus Indianapolis, august 3, 2008

      My two favorite teams are Oklahoma, and whoever nebraska plays next …

  26. Quebecois says:

    Hamilton won the German GP. He had a couple of late races passes to do. on both occasions, as he had the inside line, he exited the turns giving no room for his opponents. Massa , once again, finished in front of his teammate. Young Piquet finished second for Renault, Alonso is not doing a good job.

    On the Tour front, Pereiro, 06 winner, broke his femur and dislocated a shoulder, out of the tour. The stage is still going on as I write. Pereiro crash slowed down the peloton, with around 60 ks to go, 4 riders are about 16 minutes in front of the pack, who’s reorganising.

  27. bmaz says:

    Alonso is interesting eh? I always thought that despite clearly superior equipment for those couple of years, he had an awful hard time holding off Schumacher. But he was supposedly the latest greatest new thing, and I am an in the bag Ferrari guy and I just chalked it up to that and assumed I was wrong. Maybe I was right. I like youn Massa, he’s an engaging dude. Raikkonen is a carbon copy of the other Flying Finn, Mika Hakkinen (another guy with wildly superior equipment and the benefit of having your opponent injured half the year that STILL basically needed a shotgun to hold off Schumi). Hakkinen was a humorless, emotionless druid, so is Raikkonen. Both are very good, but not great, rather unexciting drivers.

  28. Oskie says:

    Don’t forget Mika’s tearful meltdown when he mis-shifted at the 1999 Italian Grand Prix. A helicopter with a camera hovered over him as he puked into the shrubbery. But, yeah, those Finns… they smile so rarely I sometimes wonder if they even have teeth.

    But my beef today is with Fox Sports’ coverage. I miss being able to watch the races LIVE on Speed TV. A) They’re on at a nice time (I live on the east coast), early in the morning when I’ve little else to do and B) Speed never ever edited out the trophy presentation. I know Fox wants to fit the race into a two hour format but, besides the start, those flag and anthem ceremonies were my favorite part. Besides being able to enjoy the flags and the anthems (even if the stars and stripes and spangled banner are never there) the scene afforded the viewer an opportunity to observe the drivers outside of their cars.

    Whoever will forget Schumacher’s limitless exuberance or, if you saw it, Barrichello’s emotional first win after starting 18th on the grid?

    My husband taped for me this year’s race at which Poland’s Robert Kubica garnered his first win. Days later, I watched the entire thing looking forward to hearing Germany’s national anthem played in conjunction with the raising of Poland’s flag. Considering the history of those two countries – truly a notable moment. But, thanks to Fox’s editing (and presumably jingoistic mentality), the broadcast leap from end of race directly to the interview room.

    I’ve been a fan for over 15 years – but Fox Sports’ coverage may mark the end of my interest.

    I am also a Red Sox fan though, so I’ve still got Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo. :- )

    • bmaz says:

      I agree completely about Fox pirating the damn things, tape delaying them and formatting to fit. Complete BS. And boy howdy do I agree about the podium time; the anthems and the joy are really special. These are often heads of state handing them out. Would FOX cut it short if Bush were handing out a trophy to some Southern boy with a logo tattooed to his forehead that just drove in circles for 500 miles? I think not.

      I don’t know if you are aware of this or not, but Speed has resumed doing midweek replays of the entire race (including their normal podium coverage) on Wednesdays. This Wednesday the 23rd, at 6:30 am EST is the Replay of the German GP/

      By the way, did you know that Aryton Senna’s nephew, Bruno Senna, who is very talented and doing very well in GP2 this year, is likely to be promoted to F1 next year? That is a career to keep an eye on.

      • Oskie says:

        I did NOT know about the Wednesday rebroadcasts on Speed. Thank you! And I’ll keep an eye out for Bruno.

        Thanks for all your insightful comments bmaz. I’ve been lurking here for quite a while, but it took Fox Sports, Formula 1 and you to flush me out.

        Have a nice whatever is left of your weekend.

  29. Quebecois says:

    It was a lovely étape du Tour today. It was great to see Evans trying to defend his yellow, Schleck is maillot jaune. Six guys in 49 seconds, can’t ask for better. Day off tomorrow, Wednesday, L’Alpe-d’huez…

    bmaz @ 78:

    Alonso has wildly short moments of brilliance, sadly, he doesn’t seem to have that battle ready verve that younger Hamilton has. Vettel seems to be another wildly talented guy, on the verge of signing with a big outfit. Kubica is surprisingly talented and certainly resilient after last year’s Montréal sudden deceleration…

      • Drumman says:

        Boy there bmaz your being pretty hard on my boy Kimi lets not forget that the only reason he did not beat shoe in his last season is because his car kept blowin up the engines shoulda came back to this thread earlier

        • bmaz says:

          I don’t dislike him and respect his talent, just hard to warm up to or get excited about. I do like Massa and am kind of big on young Kubica. I think he has a lot of potential; of course, I felt the same way about Fisichella too when he was a young turk and he never made the leap to the top rung.