Did I Mention Bush Is Preparing His Pardon Pen?

John McCain has called on Uncle Toobz to resign (ignoring, of course, that he may be guilty of the same crime himself), Mitch McConnell has piled on, and even Sarah Palin has decided it is safe to take on her mentor.

But the Bush Administration? Dana Perino’s no comment sounds remarkably like the "no comment"s we got just before Bush commuted Scooter Libby’s sentence. 

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  1. readerOfTeaLeaves says:

    So Toobz has been convicted of SEVEN felonies.
    And felons lose their voting rights.

    So how can the GOP not tell Toobz that he’s done being a Senator…?
    Oh, right… this is the RoveBushCheney_CharlieBlack_RandyScheunemann GOP.

  2. Sara says:

    Norm Coleman has called for Stevens to resign…please.

    One of Franken’s effective ads early in the fall in the talking dead fish series, pointed out that Norm had been a guest of Stevens on a couple of fancy fishing trips in Alaska (pictures and video provided) which also included several of Stevens oil industry best buddies.

    Demands were made that Normie give Stevens back the value of the trips — or make a suitable charity donation. He said no, he had already eaten his fish.

    Maybe the ad should be re-run.

    • Ishmael says:

      Did not Coleman have a similar problem with undeclared “gifts”? Apparently he and Sarah Palin share the same personal shopper at Minneapolis’s better stores, and he has been paying token rent for his Washington “basement apartment”.

  3. msobel says:

    So, it was clear the Scooter presented a clear and present danger to Bush and Cheney knowing where all the bodies were buried. What does Steven’s know ?

  4. MadDog says:

    I still think Kristol/Turdblossom are working overtime to cement a MsBull…winkle deal where Stevens gets a pardon from Junya in return for a Stevens resignation.

    MsBull…winkle would dearly love to remain on the national stage after the guaranteed crushing loss next Tuesday, and which could occur if she could move up to the US Senate.

    And the only way I see this happening is if Stevens resigns before next Tuesday’s Election.

    That way MsBull…winkle could have a mulligan by calling a halt to next Tuesday’s race in which Democratic Senate Candidate Mark Begich might actually win against Stevens, and instead using that new Alaska law to hold a Special Election in which she could run.

    Too much pretzel logic you say? What’s wrong with pretzels? *g*

    • freepatriot says:

      What’s wrong with pretzels? *g

      toobz term is up

      toobz has no right to occupy the office of Senator after January 3, 2009

      there is a CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED election to fill the office of United States Senator for the term beginning January 3, 2009

      ted toobz stevens doesn’t own the fookin seat

      he can’t just “will it” to somebody

      princess pandora could only appoint herself in a meaningful way if toobz had any time remaining on his current term

      the time is up for toobz

  5. Phill says:

    Nah, I really don’t see Dufus giving a pardon to Stevens, not unless Toobz has some really evil dirt he needs keeping quiet.

    Dufus is a small minded vicious little thug. He likes watching others suffer. My strong belief is that the real reason he had those Abu Ghraib photos taken was for his own personal sexual amusement. That’s why he went to bed early the night they hung Saddam. Gives him a stiffie.

    Sen Toobz has not exactly done Dufus any favors. His bridge to nowhere was easily the biggest PR disaster to come out of Congress. And nobody in the party liked the fact that Toobz was raking in all that pork for his own state. And to make matters even more insulting, the state has plenty of money from the oil revenues to fund itself.

    If Toobz had gone quietly to save the party face it would have been one thing. But instead he insisted on a speedy trial motion which was almost certain to cause a big negative verdict on the eve of the election all along.

    Nope, the pardon power is going to be reserved for protecting his own henchmen that could spill the beenz on him.

  6. bell says:

    one doesn’t have to wonder why american presidents act like dictators with powers like these… who came up with this power grab anyway?? one day accountability will mean something to all americans, but until then all bets are off on where the usa is headed..

  7. allan says:

    Stevens’ conviction is actually good news for Republicans.
    Since he’s electoral roadkill anyway, calling for Stevens to resign is a freebie way
    for candidates to appear to distance
    themselves from corruption.

  8. radiofreewill says:

    Deer Tead,

    I herby Pardun you for all ur fine efferts at advancin the free enterprize sytem by out sourcin inefficent gubmint to contracturs in win-win deals.



    Gorg “W” Bush

    • freepatriot says:

      you forgot the drawing of the cat

      without without george’s signature authenticating cat sketch, no court would honor that pardon

  9. numbertwopencil says:

    I’m slightly confused. If Stevens steps down before the election, Maddog is suggesting that Palin will be appointed to the Stevens seat, then the AK Senate election will have to be rebooted? That’s not right. Mark Begich just wins and that’s that, right? It’s too late for Palin to switch races. Maddog had me going for a minute.

    • MadDog says:

      No, I was suggesting that if Stevens steps down before next Tuesday, one way to interpret that new Alaska law is that as Governor, MsBull…winkle must then call a Special Election.

      The underlying focus of that new Alaska law is that the Governor can no longer appoint someone to fill a Senatorial vacancy and must call a Special Election.

      I’m sure the resident Legal Eagles can clarify or add some reality to my proposition.

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