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Well. Okay. As Rachel Maddow would say, Marcy has "talked me down". I am resigned to the fact that senator Obama will not be coming to Arizona.

Plouffe didn’t commit to going to Arizona (sorry bmaz)–when referring to Saturday’s trip out west, he said only that they were going "back out west" with no details about locations (though the campaign has already released the schedule showing a Henderson, NV event followed by a Pueblo, CO event). He also said that, with the big map Obama has, it’s really tough getting every place they need to go. If they had "a few more days," he suggested, he might have made a visit to Arizona.

Now, all you "let’s be gracious to McCain" folks out there can rejoice and breathe easy. Advisable not to do that around fellow progressives that actually live in Arizona though; because you have no idea how badly John Sidney McCain III has used and abused our fair state. That is what infuriates us; the "comity" being affirmatively shown to McCain. He doesn’t deserve it after how he has run his campaign; and why should this state be punished yet again as a result of him? We have suffered enough from that jerk over the years, thank you very much. Having it be about graciousness to the weasel McCain, as opposed to just time constraints, is too much to bear. So it was a time issue is why Obama is not coming. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Now, what I can do, and what you all can do as well, is work hard, donate, call, talk to neighbors – anything, everything, between now and the close of the polls on Tuesday to keep the progressive and Obama wave alive and rolling. That is what we can all do in Arizona, and across the nation. The finish line is in sight; no time for coasting – peddle to the metal baby!

Now, for a little housekeeping and advisory here. Tonight, we have a special interactive little Halloween naming game for any that will be around and on the toobz. That will go up around 7-7:30 pm Eastern. And we will also be getting trash talk up earlier and better than last week; either late tonight, or early tomorrow morning.

The video is from a guy who is actually a neighbor of mine, one residential block up the way, and my daughter can’t wait to see his house for Halloween. Me too. Mwaaaaaaaa! Get our candidates ELECTED this Tuesday!

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  1. nomolos says:

    3 Appointed by Clinton
    1 by Carter
    5 by Reagan
    5 by Bush

    It will take years to purge these activist judges.

  2. readerOfTeaLeaves says:

    Alice Cooper’s your neighbor? Too funny ;-))
    Many years back, I met a woman who IIRC was an ex-girlfriend of his (a wide and blurry category, no doubt). I was gagging over the fact that one of my siblings liked Alice Cooper, and she said, “Oh, he’s actually a really interesting guy. He was a biz major who wanted to make a lot of money and his research turned up the fact that he could probably make a faster fortune as a rock star than as anything else’.

    If you ever find out the truth of that statement, I’m all ears. Or all eyeballs, as it were.
    Dripping with green, slimy stuff this H’ween.

    • bmaz says:

      He is a very bright guy actually; have talked to him several times. Our daughters are in the same school and have been since kindergarten. Alice and his wife Sheryl for years ran the school spring play. Brought in first class staging, lighting and sound people and put it on in the best local high school plush auditorium. Quite a sight to see for 5th and 6th graders. They were really awesome about it all. My wife worked with Sheryl on it a couple of years. Just really nice and good people. Believe it or not.

      • readerOfTeaLeaves says:

        That is such a great story ;-))
        Well, his ex-girlfriend was pretty bright, and so I assumed that he must be not only bright, but quite clever. I thought it was an ingenious approach to making a fortune at an early age, and she wouldn’t have hung out with a dirtbag.

        Also cool to hear about randiego’s widget — I’m in WA and received a call from a MoveOn volunteer from CA just last night. Woohoo!! I’m not making phone calls, but doing ‘other stuff’ and am now off to deliver my ballot to a local vote collection site.

        Wow… Alice Cooper and MoveOn widgets… and Al Gore with the wind at his back in Florida.
        My gut sense is incredibly optimistic.
        I live in a very swing area, and there are THREE Obama signs on my long road/street. And two of those places have never had political signs of any kind IIRC. And people seem to be so upbeat and optimistic… cool to see.

  3. randiego says:

    excellent… Alice Cooper is your neighbor? (I guess it makes sense – he’s known to play a lot of golf…)

    last night the MoveOn internet widget had me calling people in Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Washington, but not Arizona.

    Dammit MoveOn! I want to call Zonies! Next summer will be too late!

  4. lllphd says:

    bmaz, we feel your pain. we’re all pullin’ for you there in mccrazy land.

    but the times they are a-changin’, and it looks as if we might be ushering in a president who is gracious. toward each and all.

    last time i checked, that is the american way. at least, that’s the american way that i’m after.

    and hey, dude; you should run against the old crank in 10. if he even runs.

  5. JohnJ says:

    ARUGH! I find it annoying that some of our most remarkable musical contributors claim they got in it for the money, the sex, and so they didn’t have to work very hard. Todd Rundgren, Pete Townsend, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Meatloaf and many others claim that yet, were HUGE influences in decades of music. You can’t do that unless you are a music ‘head’ and live and breathed your craft for long hours.

    Alice Cooper made some very astute observations about the world in his snarky music.

    He also reminds me of some of my better recreational drug and related social experiences.

    • bmaz says:

      Hey, long time, little see. How is the new gig going? Well, he was in it for the music, because he still does it. Not quite like the old days, but not bad at all. Saw him last year here with the Stones; he can still rock just fine.

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