Speaking as the Owner of a Perfect Storm Cap

I’m glad Howard Dean didn’t let Chuck and Rahm claim all the credit for a big victory again, like they did in 2006.

This has been a truly historic, transformational election.  Tonight, our country chose hope over fear, the future over the past, unity over division.  This election also reflects the passing of the torch to a new generation.  Barack Obama inspired young voters across this country to answer the call and get involved.  They responded to his promise to put partisanship and divisiveness aside and come together as one nation to find solutions.  They turned out. They made calls. They knocked on doors. And they helped change our country.

The American people have given all of us – Democrats, Republicans and Independents – a simple mandate: to work together find big solutions to the big challenges facing our country.  We must work together to change the direction of our wonderful country and to restore America. With the help of strong Democratic majorities in Congress, President Barack Obama is going to set this nation on a course to provide the change we need.

Today I am humbled by what we have accomplished over the last four years. Together, we can build on this moment to bring our nation together and work as one to overcome the challenges we face. It is what we as Americans have always done.  Under Barack Obama’s leadership, we’ll do it again. [my emphasis]

 Though he didn’t exactly boast about how Obama won by following in Dean’s 50 State Strategy path.

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  1. bmaz says:

    You know, it is interesting; for all the historic sturm and drang over the era, we have now moved beyond the 60s and Vietnam finally. And, for all of the long term caterwauling, neither a Vietnam vet, nor an out and out objector, ever ascended to the presidency from the turbulence. (Despite the rep, I just don’t consider Clinton to be that much of a peacenik)

  2. skippy says:

    interestingly enough, william bennett, of all people, gave howard dean major props on cnn early in the evening.

    as i have thru-out these last few days. i remarked how odd it was to agree w/william bennett on my blog.

    • bmaz says:

      Hey Skippy, good to see you here – Bennett is not being sincerely gracious. He is involved big time in e-education (internet/computer remote learning) business interests that are going to be one of only two, maybe three, vying for huge government contracts and certifications etc. It is in his interest to be gracious and suck uppy.

      • skippy says:

        hi bmaz…

        long time fan of marcie, first time caller, as they say.

        i don’t think bennett was being ingenuous, of course, but the irony of hearing him say the exact words that were rattling around in my head the last few days.

        anyway, we won, so there!

        • jdmckay says:

          i don’t think bennett was being ingenuous, of course, but the irony of hearing him say the exact words that were rattling around in my head the last few days.

          I dun’o… Bennett was beyond gracious, I’d call it high praise, in acknowledging Clinton’s 1st victory. All kinds of clean, high minded accolades.

          Then, well…

    • freepatriot says:

      don’t believe what you see

      bill bennett is fakin it

      bill will fake an orgasm like that for anybody with a friend in the whitehouse

      for an extra hundred bucks, bill will shout your name while he strokes you

      gonna be lots of repuglitards offering “New And Improved ass kissing at Low Low Prices” in the next few months

      but you need to wait till after christmas to find the best discounts …

  3. freepatriot says:

    President Barack Obama might not be the best part

    United States Senator, Jesse Jackson III ???

    how ya like them apples george ???

  4. momaloney39 says:

    We have to get him to not promote Rahn to COS…just heard it on
    MSNBC AT 1:45 a.m. Or as someone said…perhaps it will keep him
    out of everyone’s hair. Just wish we could replace him….give him
    to the dogs!!

    • JTMinIA says:

      I heard this, too. They cited Josh Marshall as a source, but there’s nothing over there on this.

      I have mixed feelings on the choice of Rahmbo. On one hand, I wouldn’t mind a bit more partisanship in Obama (now that he can “risk” it). On the other hand, I don’t want the CoS choice to trigger an all-out war.

      • manys says:

        On the other hand, I don’t want the CoS choice to trigger an all-out war.

        When has this ever happened?

  5. kspena says:

    Dana Bash (?) CNN said, with a laugh, that palin was still working the crowd in Arizona at 11pm west coast time…

  6. kspena says:

    via MSNBC- 125,000 supporters were inside the park and another 125,000 outside the park; Obama is still thanking supporters in tents set-up inside the park at 1am…

  7. JTMinIA says:

    Depending on the last few votes in Kansas City, he might get MO, too.

    Things don’t look so good for Weird Al in MN, however.

    • bmaz says:

      While significant gains in House and Senate majorities were made; there is some real disappointment in the returns/results on those fronts. Good, yes; but still disappointing in many regards. I think that long term analysis will bear out that the weakness was running too many Blue Dog type of quasi Republican rubes. Legitimate progressives may well have fared better in many (though certainly not all) of those races lost.

      • JTMinIA says:

        You needn’t tell me that. When I went to the Johnson County (Iowa City) Democratic Convention, I was shocked by the support for Boswell. I asked the people around me why the heck (and I may have used a different word than “heck”) we were cheering for this guy. The answer was a mindless “he’s one of ours.”


  8. randiego says:

    WOW, Indi-freakin-ana!

    What a night. Hopes still alive for Franken and Prop 8, but Prop 8 looks bad.

    fingers crossed

  9. readerOfTeaLeaves says:

    I’m still pinching myself at the things I’ve seen tonight.
    Howard Dean had vision, and boy, has he been vindicated

    Thanks to all around this blog space who have made the past years bearable, full of insight, and sometimes even funny. I feel like I witnessed miracles tonight.

  10. freepatriot says:

    I heard we got at least one “More And Better Democrat”

    smiles for miles

    I’m gonna crawl back out thru the site meter now

    glad to be in the Brave New World

    g’night everybo (thud)

  11. JohnJ says:

    The cheat machine was really active; do you really believe that almost half the voters really voted for McSame?

    We just overwhelmed it again!

  12. bell says:

    congrats to all the american folks on this election night… hope over fear is the best choice to move forward and i think that is reflected in your choice for obama.. kudos..

  13. kspena says:

    via Josh Marshall, Georgia may not be over yet….Isn’t that where that crazy woman is in charge?

    “Big News Out of Georgia?
    3:39 AM … More to be said on Georgia maybe. People have been asking us all night why Georgia hasn’t been called on our results map. The results map is keyed to the Associated Press results. So we actually don’t have direct control on when states get colored in. But we’ve been wondering the same thing ourselves. Why no call from the AP? All evening we’ve been hearing sporadic reports that many if not all of the early votes simply hadn’t been counted yet. There were a lot of them. And I believe they were supposed to be disproportionately African-American. And now WSBTV.com in Atlanta is reporting this: “Fulton and Gwinnett Counties failed to include any advance votes in their election totals by 11 p.m. Tuesday night. Officials at the Secretary of States office confirmed to WSB-TV Channel 2 that the votes were not being included in early returns. Up to two million votes may be going uncounted. ‘Something’s really wrong out there,’ said WSB-TV political analyst Matt Towery.” That could have a very big effect on the senate race in the state. So Saxby Chambliss may not be home free after all.

    –Josh Marshall”


  14. skdadl says:

    Good morning, friends, and congratulations! You did it! Félicitations — nous sommes fiers de vous!

    I’m still ploughing through the details, but my first thought is of what this says about the people, what a difference it makes to respect them, to protect their democratic rights, and also maybe what a difference mobility and generational change can make. I went to sleep last night watching Virginia, pulling for Virginia …

    Great work from so many Wheelies at the grassroots during the campaign — it has been wonderful to watch you. I’m thinking as well, though, of how much networkers have turned things around over the last few years. You have had an effect; you have. I wonder when that will start to sink into the thick heads of the talking heads. Here’s to you, EW and bmaz and all who sail in you. Good goin’!

    And tomorrow we all become critics again.

    • dipper says:

      Always love to read your comments, Skdadl. I guess we won’t all be moving to be your neighbors, aren’t you glad?

      • MrWhy says:

        I’d be happy to have some of you as neighbours, I’m glad though that you haven’t been forced out of your neighbourhood. =-)

      • skdadl says:

        No, no — I love you guys. Door is always open (give me some warning so I can clean the cat boxes). And I am so happy for y’all today.

        dipper, your handle always made me think that you were a Canuck too and another NDPer, comme moi. (NDPers are called dippers for short, or knee-deeps.) No?

        • dipper says:

          Nope, sorry to say not Canuck, just dipping my toe in the good ol’ Pacific ocean off the Oregon coast.

    • WilliamOckham says:

      NBC called Missouri for McCain even though he’s only ahead by just under 6,000 votes out of over 2.8 million. Can I get a recount? I’m not sure why they haven’t called North Carolina. Obama’s got 12,000 vote lead out of 4.2 million.

  15. Palli says:

    I was poll watching in NE Ohio in the only Republican area- the (quiet) reverse Bradley effect is real…I had no idea until 8:30 pm when a pollworker whispered the preliminary visual assessment while folding the machine paper rolls. I am ready to help make …America be America again the land that never was yet must be…Langston Hughes

  16. oldoilfieldhand says:

    Dr. Howard Dean, the soul of the Democratic Party!

    How about another YEEEEHHAAAWWW for Howard!

    Thank you Howard!

  17. MsAnnaNOLA says:

    That was what I was thinking last night. The fifty state strategy built this victory. John McCain had to compete everywhere.

    Laying back and competing in the battlegrounds only is a dead strategy.

  18. looseheadprop says:

    Dean really hasd genius with the 50 state strategy. We see it in the down ticket races–not Cong and the Seenate you say?

    Uh, guys, DSCC and DCCC did NOT sign on to the 50 state strategy and continued their dumb as dirt targeting idea that has more to do with recruiting a candidate that you thik can raise money than recruiting a candidate that you think is a quzlty person with good ideas who can raise enthusiam.

    Don’t let anyone tell you that obama did not have coat tails. you see it dramtically in the state races–in NYS we one all kinds of stuff that was long shot all the way to scrificial lamb.

    That was ALL Obama efffect.

    Tehy failure to take the margins we wanted in the House in Senate is a direct result of the DSCC and DCCC not embracing the 50 state strategy.

    I hope Den is having a nice “i told ya so” moment!

  19. Loo Hoo. says:

    Ain’t life grand?
    Just got back from watching the videos on WaPo. How cool. Thank you Howard Dean!

  20. masaccio says:

    I spent 14 hours at the polls in Athens, Ohio. The county went democratic, we had huge early voting, thanks to the efforts of an incredibly hard working crew of College Democrats, including Jeff, Nate, Karen and others, at Ohio University, the unpaid efforts of the OU organizer, Simon, a bunch of people from all over the country, including several from New York and Arizona, who moved to the county and worked the phones and the doors, Mark and Matt, a couple of lawyers who took time to show up and get people organized to win.

    I met Ohiobama, a Kos blogger and specialist in the political world of Southeast Ohio. For a discussion of the background of Rob Portman, potentially a repub candidate for pres in 2012, this guy is good.

    Also a shoutout to Ron, this was his first campaign since he poured his heart into the Bobby Kennedy campaign. It was an incredible story.

    Courtney and Dave: fabulous work.

    Finally, to Roger, Stan, Ina, Steve, and a bunch of other lawyers and legal people who flooded into Athens as the last line of defense.

    I seem to be grinning like a fool.

    • bmaz says:

      masaccio – Very nice. Thanks for your efforts, and those of your new friends. You have already probably thought of this, but fleshing that comment out a little and putting it up at Oxdown might be a good thing for the readers, and a very fitting tribute to those you laud. Outstanding work, my hat is off to you and the crew that protected Ohio!

  21. jdmckay says:

    Unsung hero, that’s for sure. I think he’d make a great SOS… I still quote his ‘04 statements on Iraq.

    In my mind, Dean and Feingold are in political rarefied air: eg. epitomizing integrity.

  22. BoxTurtle says:

    Rob Portman, potentially a repub candidate for pres in 2012

    Aiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee! I stopped by to gloat and I see that? Portman is a charter member of the Caveman Caucas. That’s a group of Ohio GOPers who are either Steadfast Stalwarts of The Most Conservative Views or an example of evolution in reverse. Dangerous.

    I really enjoyed seeing Dole go down. I used to respect her, but I’m no doubt one of those she sees as “Godless”.

    Quite a crowd McBush had for his “victory celebration”. They went to some trouble to make it look bigger than it was and I’m told by someone who was there they wouldn’t let anybody leave during the speech. *snark*

    Boxturtle (Still worried about Porp 8, though)

  23. WilliamOckham says:

    Obama turned Harris County (Houston), Texas blue. Every District Judge was a Republican. All but 2 of them lost. One is tied and the other beat a guy named Ashish Mahendru (if he’d been Alvin Mahoney he would have won). The R county judge won, but that’s because he did a solid job during Ike. The Dems just missed winning the District Attorney, but we got rid of our loathsome Sheriff (Adrian Garcia outpolled Obama by nearly 50K votes, the only Dem to do that). Unfortunately, we didn’t get rid of Paul Bettencort, our Vote Suppressor County Tax Assessor-Collector.

    Demographics are on our side.

    • bmaz says:

      My usefulness is about exhausted now isn’t it? And now that Marcy is freed up of the election distraction, I am not even needed for Trash Talk! Sniff sniff, I’ll just be – waaaaah – over here in the corner.

      • readerOfTeaLeaves says:

        ‘usefulness exhausted’, my arse.

        If you hadn’t unpeeled McCain’s vanity and fundamentally unprincipled character, before the NYT article on McCain’s ‘changing narrative’ (or, as Marcy might type: Na.Ra.Tive), I’d have been feeling sorry for that train wreck. You liberated me from the veils of deception, and that’s no small thing.

        To everyone here — I just couldn’t resist stopping by to check in and savor this day.
        Still pinching myself.

  24. BayStateLibrul says:

    Nobody sets out to run a dumb campaign.
    Nobody sets out to make a bad marriage, but the divorce stats and McCain’s list of incredible bonehead plays, proves that good intentions aren’t always enough.
    Yet, McCain never had any fucking good intentions.
    Has Hemingway’s Robert Jordan awoken yet?
    The bells have taken their toll…
    Death to his bellicose fuckery.
    I’m so glad Obama put a stake through McCain’s rhetoric, so this useless garbage will never, never be repeated.

    “Fight to clean up the mess of corruption, infighting and selfishness in Washington,” he says. “Fight to get our economy out of the ditch and back in the lead. Fight for the ideals and character of a free people. Fight for our children’s future. Fight for justice and opportunity for all. Stand up to defend our country from its enemies. Stand up, stand up, stand up and fight.
    “America is worth fighting for. Nothing is inevitable here. We never give up. We never quit. We never hide from history. We make history. Now, let’s go win this election and get our country moving again. Thank you and God bless you. God bless America. Thank you.”

  25. Mary says:

    58 – Napolitano, not Granholm.

    I wouldn’t be very excited about Fitzgerald as AG (and I think LHP has indicated he’d rather have Mueller’s job anyway) but then again, I don’t expect to be excited over the AG pick. I also don’t expect the AG to be digging around for info on all the people (who might, for exampe, have included Fitzgerald’s friend Comey and the USA himself) who almost had to have been exposed to torture tactics and information (as, for example, prior to the filing to of the Arar affidavit or holding the Padilla press conf or the Chicago snatch of Padilla) and conspired to make sure it was covered up and to help deceive the courts and citizens about what was going on. All the lawyers who never corrected the record for the tribunals, all the lawyers and political spawn who went much much further in the participation in torture – there won’t be an AG appointed who will go after them. After all, we’ve just given Schumer, who was as pro-torture as any Republican, that much more power.

    It’s a nice historic moment, but Obama’s election isn’t going to advance anything on the criminal responsiblity for Executive crimes front. IMO, FWIW.

  26. vicki says:

    The only campaign button I have worn throughout is the “50 State Strategy” button I got at Netroots Nation.

    Thanks Howard!


  27. bobschacht says:

    Thanks for giving Howard the chops he deserves. It was Dean who re-energized me back in 2003, and gave me a movement to join (DFA). I am still a Deaniac, and DFA organizer (now in Honolulu), even if we have merged efforts with like-minded Progressive Democrats of America. I have a picture of me’n Howard on our Meet-up site Howard Dean really set the table for Obama, and Obama should either re-appoint him, or create a special position for him. He deserves it.

    Bob in HI

  28. Leen says:

    Ew I hope Howard Dean is right. But I have many questions about Obama, I watched too many Senate hearings where he sat on the fence. His words are great but no real actions to speak of to back it up.

    I think his first pick Rahm Emmanuel as Chief of Staff makes me worry. What is the message here? Rahm Emmanuel does not stir up feelings of fairness and justice in me.

  29. Leen says:

    Howard Dean visited Ohio often. I believe he was the main players in convincing our districts Congressman Strickland to run for Governor. Dean deserves a great deal of credit for the ground game that has been played.

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