November 12, 2008 / by emptywheel


Another Appeal for a White House Garden

I’ve gotten a little weary with all the stories kibbitzing about what kind of dog the First Family should get. After all, Malia (who seems as smart as both her parents) did the research, and determined that the "optimal" dog would be a goldendoodle. Part of getting a dog is doing the research, and it seems Malia ought to be trusted with making her own decisions (provided Sasha agrees), without having to play to various interest groups. 

Not so the appeals for the Obamas to set an example by turning part of the White House lawn into a garden. And I liked this video, so I decided to post it.

Meanwhile, if anyone wants some winter squash, just let me know. I had this really brilliant idea this year. Ever since I started my garden, I’ve consistently been gone for most or all of August, right in the middle of when veggies come in. So this year, knowing I’d be driving to Denver for the Convention, I decided to plant two crops that would hold until I got back: winter squash, and amaranth. Worked like a charm–except I now have a very full laundry baskey of acorn squash in the basement, and I just found three new squashes while raking yesterday. (The amaranth is probably dry now, so I’ve got to figure out how to separate the chaff–has anyone done that before?)

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