January 8, 2009 / by emptywheel


Draft Blagojevich Impeachment Report Released

Here. The Trib’s overview is here.

I think the head cold is sufficiently at bay so I can read along with you.

One thing to note as you read: how the Committee has used (in limited fashion) Fitz’ evidence from the complaint. Note they’re focusing on the flashy stuff: Wrigley Field and the Senate seat. The pay to play stuff has been lumped in with testimony from the Rezko and other trials.

Also note a few of these items are things that are reasonably laudable–better services–but which  Blago tried to accomplish through illegal means.

And finally, note the Executive Ethics Commission Report, starting on page 53. This is basically about Blago breaking all sorts of hiring rules. I raise it for you to keep in mind as Dems start cheerleading this impeachment. The charge is something that Bush is equally guilty of–but there was no squawk of impeachment for him.

Starting on page 60, there is a list of all the evidence they’ve used thus far. You can access almost all of those at this website.

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