Gibbs Won’t Say There Aren’t More Tax Problems

From today’s press briefing (via email):

Q That doesn’t say who decided that this was the best move. And if I could just follow up quickly. Are there other nominees out there with tax problems that we don’t know about?

MR. GIBBS: The President is quite confident in the people that serve in this White House and serve in this administration; that we’ve put a standard of ethics and accountability that’s unseen and unmatched by any previous administration in our country’s history.

Again, Senator Daschle — as it relates to your first question, Senator Daschle decided to remove his name from consideration and remove his nomination for Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Q What about —

Q Robert, a question —

MR. GIBBS: I’m sorry —

Q Are there other nominees with tax problems?

MR. GIBBS: The President is confident in the people he’s chosen to serve in government.

Well, I guess Woodward had himself a little scoop, huh? Who knew I was the only one out here who actually paid my taxes. Do you guys pay your taxes? Any of you want to be a Cabinet Secretary?

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  1. Hmmm says:

    Y’know, when PBO announced the new ethics rules, I remember thinking to myself he was setting himself up for something exactly like this to happen…

  2. LS says:

    Maybe Obama should make a new Executive Order making it mandatory that anyone serving in Congress, SCOTUS, and the Executive Branch have annual tax audits (retroactive 8 years)….

    Let’s see how fast the rat-bastids come running out of the wall…

    Woodward is coy and annoying….

  3. Arbusto says:

    In an effort to get bottoms in every vacant seat, and since Obama has such a high, though moving ethical standard, how about some recess appointments over Presidents day. That’d sure get Harry’s knickers in a knot, not to mention the GOP, & Obama wouldn’t have to worry about ethics problems some of his picks seem to have.

  4. Palli says:

    Woodward thinks being a journalist means you can save anything you learn about “unAmerican activities” for your next book.

    But I have to say this about US taxes; the tax forms are only onerous to complete if your mindset is to locate every single deduction possible. We all want to save on taxes because we know the corporations do- the guy next door does…Why should anyone get “business” tax deductions for their lifestyle? How on earth do people think a car service is a deduction? A gift from a friend (how’s that different than well-dressed Norm?) We should pay for our choices. I’d trust them a great deal more.

  5. pinson says:

    I’ve been self employed for about ten years now, and I’ll tell, when you first make the jump from regular withholding through an employer to the Byzantine world of quarterly filings and full Social Security payments, it’s easy to get confused. Still, there’s really no excuse for people making the kind of money that Daschle and Geithner pull down to screw it up to the extent they did. And Obama was stupid to make pronouncements about everyone he hires being squeaky clean. George W. Bush made his nut via extremely unethical public domain ripoffs of private land / public stadium subsidies in Dallas, and he certainly wasn’t making any apologies. Higher than thou just gives the Woodwards of the world a baseball bat to slam you with.

    • chrisc says:

      I don’t think most of the people who are Cabinet material fill out their own tax forms.
      These people pay others to clean their houses, care for their kids, and, I am quite sure, to do their taxes.
      So, the question is, “Did their professional accoutant/ tax preparer mess up or did they fail to provide their accountant with the proper information.” I’m guessing it is a little bit of both.

  6. MadDog says:

    Do you guys pay your taxes? Any of you want to be a Cabinet Secretary?

    Before I answer, what Cabinet positions are left to fill?

    And does it come with car and driver?

  7. Peterr says:

    I pay my taxes — quarterly, and as someone the IRS considers self employed, I pay both ends of the Social Security/Medicare tax (as Geithner eventually figured out how to do).

    But I’m not interested in a cabinet position. Thanks for asking, though.

    • Hmmm says:

      Well, there’s that, plus the little trifle of his having got BO frickin’ elected as frickin’ POTUS. But you have my support should you decide to apply!

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