Bad Brackets – Hoops Trash Talk Part Deaux

Sorry about the sparse posting but your happy hosts here are, you know, off being happy this weekend. Marcy has pounded her poor fingers into a pulp and me, well I am tired just from watching her. So here is a copy of my brackets for the NCAAs. I was 15-1 at the end of the first day Thursday. Looked simply golden I did. Then Friday came. Jeebus, what a nightmare, and Cleveland State taking out Wake Forest seriously buggered a whole side of my bracket. My bracket I filled out is here to the right; click on it for a full size and then comment on how much better you are doing.

So today is my wife’s birthday and we are up in Sedona at Junipine Resort on Oak Creek with our daughter too. It is absolutely beautiful here. Enjoy yourselves, trash the joint up, and consider this an open thread to chit chat, post and discuss anything you wish. Cheers.

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  1. ohioblue says:

    I so wish I could drive up to Sedona for the weekend. That’s one of the downsides of living in Ohio, I guess. I was pretty pumped when Cleveland State won, but I’d still rather be in Sedona. Enjoy!

  2. lennonist says:

    As much as I miss both of your posts, I’m glad you’re taking some time away. I’ve never been much of a hoops fan but I need something to distract me from this bad economic news and responses that seem to confirm a plutocracy. I rented “Taxi to the Dark Side” the other day but can’t bring myself to watch it as I already know the end and don’t think it’ll cheer me up. I bought some Beamish too, after reading about it here, but think I’ll hang out with my old friend Sam Adams tonight and watch sports.

  3. bobschacht says:

    15-1? But weren’t you wrong about both Ohio State and Illinois?

    But you did a lot better than I would have, if I’d done my own brackets.

    Bob in HI

  4. macaquerman says:

    Thanks for the song. I hadn’t remembered how good it is as It’s been years since I’ve played it. I never get past “Anyday”.

  5. JClausen says:

    I spent every birthday in AZ in Oak Creek Canyon. Great times.
    Were you along with Naum, Wild Bill, Yakavino, Swartz and a bunch of us took a road cruise up there? Cheers buddy, Enjoy.

  6. randiego says:

    Cheers to Marcy and Bmaz, it’s exhausting just keeping up with your posts, I can’t imagine where y’all find the time to write them.

    Thanks for all you do.

  7. randiego says:

    Wow, that first half of the Michigan/Oklahoma game was a dogfight. Teh Sooners were just too much in the second half though… Where’s Freep?

    I was in free-fall yesterday, but I did manage to pick the WKU upset over Illinois. Both of Bmaz’s Arizona teams killed me yesterday, I had both of them going out in the first round. Arizona especially showed a lot making it through, although Utah almost lost to SDSU in their conference final, so maybe not.

    Somehow, I managed to recover and go 8-0 today, which shot me back up to the top tier of my pools…

  8. stryder says:

    Alberto got a job
    He’s on Geraldo at large talkin about the mexican drug problems
    HA! he’s talking about legal reforms
    Too much

  9. Peterr says:

    I did quite well today, but my first round choices left a little to be desired. I picked some of the upsets — W Kentucky over Illinois — but others didn’t come through for me (like N Iowa over Purdue) and a few of my favorites took a fall, like my choice of Wake Forest (again I’m asking — though for different reasons — who the hell let Arizona into the tournament?)

    • bmaz says:

      um are they still playing? Why I think they are. Go figure. And if they win the next round tomorrow, then what you gonna say?

  10. pdaly says:

    Since we’re off topic (and resting), I’ve been watching Season 6 of Spooks (MI-5).
    I thought I’d ask if anyone else thinks the BBC character on MI-5 Jo Porter looks like FDL’s Jane.
    Jo and 2009 Jane

  11. bobschacht says:

    Well, now that Michigan is out of the Men’s BB tournament, I’m focused on the Women’s BB, which I mostly enjoy more. They’re generally easier on the eyes than the men *g* My fave lower seed teams, Arizona State(6), Kansas State(5), and Vanderbilt(4) all made it safely through the first round, and Stanford (2) had little trouble disposing of UC Santa Barbara. Tomorrow I’m looking for Villanova, Maryland, Iowa State and Notre Dame with interest. All are higher seeds than their opponents, and should win, but Villanova, an 8 seed, must get past 9-seed Utah. The Raleigh regional is my biggest problem, because Maryland(1), Vanderbilt(4), Kansas State(5) and Villanova (8) are fighting for a spot in the Regional semi-final, and only one can advance to the Regional Final. But all must win tomorrow to advance.

    Bob in HI

  12. CCinNC says:

    I’m so PO’d at the ACC I can’t see straight. After the regular-season bruisings that some of our teams gave UNC and Duke, they can’t even make it past the first round in the tourney? Says a lot about our conference. Says a lot about UNC and Duke, too. I’m dreaming that UNC will take it all, but I’ve got Pitt as my for-real winner.

  13. freepatriot says:

    wow, I got 10 winners in the second round, an there’s still three games bein played

    I’.m beginnin to think I was kidnapped by one of those body snatcher thingys

    somebody tell me to git back in my pod and give you your real freepatriot back

    Okay, I might be a LITTLE paranoid …

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