Michael Moore Endorses Chase Boycott

Michael Moore–who’s utterly swamped doing his next film on the Wall Street meltdown–did take time away from his campaign to endorse FireDogLake’s and Progress Michigan‘s boycott of Chase. 

I guess Moore is yet another Michigander who recognizes how a Chrysler bankruptcy will devastate the state and country. 

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  1. zapkitty says:


    ”will devastate the state and courty.”

    Should read

    ”will devastate the state and Courtney.”

    • ShotoJamf says:

      Those winger head explosions aren’t going to mess up my computer terminal, are they? Then again, what a hoot!

  2. JohnLopresti says:

    The past few decades have seen an ineluctable consolidation among brokerage firms, interesting that Chase conglomerate JPM has enjoyed the pole position emerging from the current shakeout, though re-reg is in the offing.

    re: Moore’s penchant for issuecentric filmmaking, the recent March 24, 2009 Supreme Court oralArgument in the Citizens United case seemed to me a reminder of Moore’s occasional proclivity for timing his projects to appear near election time. Several justices were galvanized by exchanges concerning freedom of the press and other forms of media during elections. It is a complicated case, but Scotus seems prepared to safeguard campaign speech in lengthy formats such as books and movies.

  3. klynn says:

    Chase sent out that press release about how hard their Credit card division will be hit with high unemployment rates. It was posted after we posted about their benefiting from high unemployment due to their EBT contracts for UIB’s in MI and other states. To think they probably have holdings of CDS’s on Chrysler as well, just adds to the evil nature of their business model of multi-level conflict of business. No matter what level I worked at, if I found out I worked in an institution that was willing to destroy the economy, I would quit and speak in solidarity with the auto workers and related tier industries of workers.

    Glad Moore took a time out. Maybe employees at JP Morgan and Chase will realize they can reach out too and strike against their company and it’s lack of ethics, while the company is feeding off the tax payer dollar but refusing to pay the generosity forward.

  4. Loo Hoo. says:

    This is great! I hope he catches your speech, EW. Have you been able to arrange video of it? I’d love to see your speech, and Jane’s as well.

    • Leen says:

      where are those speeches by EW and Jane?

      Glad to hear Micheal is working on a new documentary.

      I am still hoping that he will pick up on how our Seniors have been getting screwed as many of them shrink away having been institutionalized in nursing homes, etc. These folks are being royally screwed late in their lives. All hidden away in our countries institutions for our disposable elderly.

      Easy to pass this issue by for the endlessly covered Wall Street rip off.

      We need a focuse on these elderly folks Micheal

  5. bobschacht says:

    I got an idea that will stimulate the economy: Temporary, government-issue credit cards with an interest rate on unpaid balances of 6%, and an easy switch process to convert your Chase Credit Card balance to an Uncle Sam Card. Then keep that program up and running until credit flows return to normal, and then phase it out. That will hit JPM in their pocketbooks, and they’ll scream bloody murder.

    Bob in HI

    • klynn says:

      Oooo! I like that! I would get one of those Uncle Sam accounts quick! You could even make auto payments on any balance directing from your federal tax withholding on each pay period.

      One concern I do have, is that Chase is probably thinking, “Thanks for the boycott. You are taking our credit card risk somewhere else so that all we have to make is profit off the unemployed from EBT’s.”

  6. bell says:

    anyone who thinks banks don’t have huge influence on the political scene is not thinking clearly…

    • ShotoJamf says:

      Banks are basically running the show. All you have to do is follow the money that’s being shoveled. Which is exactly why I keep yammering on the point that we need to DEMAND hearings from our “representatives” in congress. And I don’t mean the chicken-shit crap that Frank ran a few weeks back. I mean REAL hearings.

  7. bobschacht says:

    OT– but of frequent interest in the Wheel House:
    Over at TPM, Zachary Roth wrote yesterday about “Justice Official Who Probed US Attorney Firings Will Now Lead US Attorneys Office.” You’ve heard the news already. But Roth has an interesting take on the meaning of these moves:

    That move could create an interesting situation for Jarrett — and may represent additional evidence that Holder is determined to avoid charges that he’s replicating the Bushies’ politicization of the department.

    It remains to be seen if Roth is on the right track, or merely delusional, but his analysis (follow the link for his argument) offers us some hope.

    Bob in HI

  8. Nell says:

    How and where did Michael Moore endorse? Since there was no link in the post, I figured it must be up at michaelmoore.com, but nothing on the front page there refers to the Chase campaign.

  9. iviewit says:

    Go Michael! Root of all evil. Remember the Business Plot http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_Plot JP Morgan overthrowing country to align with psycho Hitler. Joseph Proskauer was his stooge. Oh, by by, the same clowns in the business plot have resurfaced, or thier spoiled rotten children, to cause the current economic collapse. About time America’s dirty little secret gets exposed and then Pitchfork them all to death. Pitchforks free @ http://www.iviewit.tv

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