Of Puppies and Pirates

bo1_blog.thumbnail.jpgSo here’s a Happy Easter story of puppies and pirates.

There once was a Portuguese Water puppy that lived, for a time, with older cousins at a big estate in Hyannisport, MA. Because the puppy’s cousin’s people were Democrats, the puppy learned not only basic puppy manners, but also a fine respect for Democratic institutions, including social services, tolerance, and solidarity with other working breeds.

There came a time when that Portuguese Water puppy moved from the big estate in Hyannisport to a different big estate in the nation’s capital. At this new estate, there were no cousins for the puppy to play with, but there were two young girls who were just as much fun. The people at this new estate, like the ones at the old estate, valued those same Democratic principles, including solidarity.

At this new estate, though, the Portuguese Water puppy’s new people talked–even more than at the old estate–about big worries. Banks collapsing and people losing their jobs and their health care. And pirates.

The Portuguese Water puppy wanted to help its new people, particularly because, having learned the value of solidarity, he wanted to help the captain captured by pirates on the other side of the world. After all, who had more solidarity with a captain than a Portuguese Water puppy? 

So the puppy created a distraction.

He donned a rainbow lei (remember, those people at Hyannisport taught this puppy tolerance) and wowed the press. Everyone was talking about this new puppy in the estate in the capital. The two young girls finally had their puppy!

Even the pirates were distracted.

The puppy’s fellow seamen snuck in and rescued the captain held hostage on the other side of the world. 

And that’s how the Portuguese Water puppy reminded everyone to count their Easter blessings. Happy Easter, everyone!!

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  1. BoxTurtle says:

    Happy Ostara!

    Boxturtle (Waiting for the wingnuts to start griping about sucking up to Portugal)

    • JimWhite says:

      Waiting for the wingnuts to start griping about sucking up to Portugal

      Well, especially since they decriminalized drugs and everything. O’Loufah will be calling for a cavity search on the poor little pup…

  2. bgrothus says:

    OK, that is one darn cute pup. Adorable in fact. But of course it would be.

    And a free captain too!

  3. bmaz says:

    That is the Obama’s dog???

    Looks like cute and adorable MadDog to me. If it likes to pee on email, we’ll know for sure!

    • freepatriot says:

      yer freeper link is defective

      an not in the way you’d figure the freepers are defective …


  4. freepatriot says:

    I hear Bo was following the President during a secret visit to the whitehouse a few weeks back

    I guess he was trying to figure out the whole “Master of the free world” thingy, and he was looking for a few tips

    let’s hope he gets it right

    soon he’ll be the ruler of the whitehouse, so he’ll have his paw on the nuclear button …

    Portuguese water dogs ain’t impulsive, are they ???

  5. BoxTurtle says:

    The tinyurl works, but the other doesn’t. Go Figgur. Poor puppy, Newt is tough for ANYONE to swallow.

    Boxturtle (And the question of cruelity to animals is also there)

    • Mauimom says:

      More stories, please…. Well done!

      Yes, EW, and particularly the one about how the Puppy attended a meeting at Treasury and peed on all the “plans” so they had to come up with new ones.

      Now if he could just pee on the legs of all the participants [Geithner, Summers et al.] so they would have to “go home” — for a VERY long time — and change clothes, I’d like that even better.

  6. JohnLopresti says:

    I have a neighbor whose dog, Elvis, learned to accompany the harmonica by baleful howling. Now, on cue, that dog can yowl and sing acapella.

    Folk history in MS has a dog legend, too, a railroad named for a yellow dog in Moorhead.

  7. Sara says:

    My First Siberian Husky arrived (on an airplane) during the period when the David Frost interviews with Nixon were first broadcast.

    Nervous puppy mom that I was, I was trying to follow the printed directions, all the “good dog, bad dog” stuff. Anyhow, at some point I started smacking the TV screen, and saying “Bad Man” whenever Nixon came out with a lie or idiotic construction of reality.

    Result — for the next 14+ years I enjoyed life with a dog who would howl at the TV whenever Nixon came on — and if I wasn’t in the room, she would come and demand my attendence. Since you never really comprehend a dog’s logic, eventually I came to understand her passion as a belief that if I was not present, the “bad man” might jump out of the box and piss on the floor or chew up the furniture.

  8. JimWhite says:

    Aaarghh! Now the teabagger who tried ambush “journalism” on Jane yesterday (and failed), has a new post on his blog: Meet Bo, the Gayest First Dog in History. Guy is all hung up on the rainbow lei. Maybe he could use a visit or two from folks wanting to teach him some manners. I already pounded on him on his thread about Jane.

  9. Leen says:

    Damn I am so glad they finally got the dog all ready. Cute very very cute.

    Wonder what the stats are for an increase in sales of Portuguese water dogs now that the Obama’s have given the big nod for these dogs.
    Some friends had one and they really do seem to be =great dogs. During a dinner party at their home in Chicago we were all talking and laughing around a dinner table as the host mother (75 at the time) was sitting off to the side of the table hysterically laughing. When we finally looked over Polly (the dog) was pulling my youngest daughters baby carrier (she was in it) off to who knows where. Polly was retrieving my daughter. From what we are not sure. Polly was serious about her job.

  10. Leen says:

    EW YORK – It’s nothing against the Obamas. But some Portuguese water dog owners aren’t thrilled the breed is a front-runner for the first family.

    The choice could mean a spike in the dogs’ popularity — and that could mean a rise in shady breeders and fickle owners who don’t understand the dogs and eventually abandon them, owners of Portuguese water dogs say.

    “There’s always the danger of something like that,” said Stu Freeman, president of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America. “It’s ‘101 Dalmatians’ syndrome.”

    After that movie came out, “everyone thought, ‘aren’t they cute,”‘ ran out and bought the dogs and found out they were not quite as adorable as the ones in the movie, Freeman said.

    • klynn says:

      It would have been just as bad if they received a rescued Labradoodle. I do not think there is any way around this phenomenon outside of no dog.

      • Leen says:

        it was just so amazing to watch the mainstream spend sometimes 5 minutes on what dog the Obama’s were going to get instead of returning soldiers from Iraq, deaths, etc etc. Just more of the same. pathetic

      • Mauimom says:

        It would have been just as bad if they received a rescued Labradoodle. I do not think there is any way around this phenomenon outside of no dog.

        They could have gotten a mutt [no discernible breed] from a shelter: hard to “copy.” However, I understand that the girls’ allergies prevented them from doing so.

  11. rosalind says:

    conversation with friend yesterday –

    me: the presidential puppy has arrived.

    him: the dog already has better health care than I do.

  12. rosalind says:

    car OT: interesting article in today’s la business journal via laobserved

    As Detroit has slowed amid financial catastrophes at the makers of traditional vehicles, L.A. companies have sped ahead in the race to develop the coming generation of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles and components for them.

  13. Mary says:

    Maybe he’ll end up being a “fetch at all costs” pup?

    Also OT – DOJ costs US taxpayers 600,000 in sanctions for being corrupt lawyers.

    Calling the actions of prosecutors “profoundly disturbing,” a federal judge has ordered the U.S. government to pay sanctions topping $600,000 in the case of a southern Florida physician charged with illegally prescribing painkillers.

    In a harshly worded order, U.S. District Judge Alan Gold said the ” ‘win-at-all-cost’ behavior” of federal prosecutors Sean Cronin and Andrea Hoffman raised “troubling issues about the integrity of those who wield enormous power over the people they prosecute.”

    Alicia Valle, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office, said mistakes were made in the case but they were not intentional.

    “One event should not taint the nearly 300 hardworking attorneys in the Southern District of Florida,” she said

    “one event”

    at least they haven’t lost their sense of hubris humor.

  14. Synoia says:

    And the the puppy, in thee interests of doggy dental hygene, found som nice bones to chew. These bones were attached to some lady’s feet, but she had taken them off.

    While the puppy was completing its dental hygene, it did after all have to be thorough, the puppy was discovered.

    “Oh my shoes”, cried the lady, discovering the puppy had chewed the heels of her new, (expensive), high heeled shoes.

  15. Petrocelli says:

    Speaking of Pirates … The Buffalo Bills have announced that tickets for games played in Toronto will decrease by 17% and will now only cost an arm and half a leg !

  16. Petrocelli says:

    Great story, Marcy but missing a very imp detail … the time when RainBo™ went for a walk and that angry old coot yelled, “Get Off My Lawn !” so loudly that RainBo™ got the shakes.

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