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Alright you mopes. There you were buggering up EW’s nice threads, demanding to talk football. Can’t blame ya there. The Motor City Kitties have a new QB, and a good one I think. And now the NY Jets Jets Jets do too, having traded up in order to go full Sanchez.

Trash it up and keep Marcy’s nice substantive threads clean will ya? Thank y’all.

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  1. phred says:

    Football DRAFT?!?!?

    Are you kidding me??? When the Yanks are in Fenway this weekend and we’re talking about a bunch o’ kids lookin’ fer a job? Puh-leaze…. ; )

    So, ummm, who’d the Pack get?

    • Mauimom says:

      Nobody seems to know what the Browns got for #5.

      The Browns traded away their #5 pick to the Jets, who took Sanchez [USC].

      And I’d love to hear about that Sawks game.

      • phred says:

        Oh I am so glad you asked : )

        So last night we happened to be sitting next to an SF Giants season ticket holder who just happened to be in Boston and he’d always wanted to see a Yankees-Sox game. Anyway, that’s beside the point really, but he was having a ball and that made it even more fun for us.

        It was a low scoring game and I’ll admit I was feeling pretty mopish myself (feel better now freep?) in the 7th and 8th because the Sox couldn’t get any offense going and the Yanks were up 4-2. Fighting off despondency, the fans perked up quite a bit when Jason Bay hit a 2 run homer in the bottom of the 9th to tie the game, with a shot that barely cleared the Green Monster and in fact bounced back into the park. Rivera was pitching, the fans went wild… Papelbon comes out to pitch the 10th and the tie holds. Then Kevin Youklis hits a shot well over the Monster, it was a huge hit, home run, the SOX WIN!!! 5-4.

        It didn’t hurt that yesterday was the nicest day this spring so far, sunny in the 70s, it was great!

        And just because I couldn’t help myself, I’ve been checking in on them today. Yanks up 6-0, Sox come back to tie it up. Yanks go up 8-6 on a 2 run homer by Damon (boooooo ; ) and the Sox come back again. I’ve missed a bit, but the Sox lead 12-10 in the top of the 8th, Yank runners on 2nd and 3rd…

  2. emptywheel says:

    Can someone talk me down off my belief (that is rooted solely in the fact that I live in MI) that we’re BOUND to have just drafted the next Ryan Leaf?

        • phred says:

          Yeah well they had Sanders, too and look where that got ‘em ; )

          Sorry EW, looks like you best stick with the Pats for awhile…

    • Mauimom says:

      Can someone talk me down off my belief (that is rooted solely in the fact that I live in MI) that we’re BOUND to have just drafted the next Ryan Leaf?

      Marcy, my son the college sportswriter says that Stafford is “tested,” having played several seasons in college [as opposed to our fave, Mark Sanchez, who didn’t]. Stafford has a really good arm, and his Wonderlick [sp?] score was supposed to have been off the charts [good predictor of smarts, for QB’s esp.]

      Now, of course, you dudes need to get him some protection on the offensive line.

      Does that help?

  3. freepatriot says:

    hey boxturtle, did you hear that

    we’re “mopes”

    jes cuz we were discussin current events in a thread nobody was using n stuff

    now we gotta clean stuff, or somthin

    we’re tryin to watch the draft here (and now, secretly hoping that aliens kidnap the entire current population of a certain New England Ball Park)

    and phred, teh packers are up in about 5 minutes

    • BoxTurtle says:

      I’m just gonna note that EW has already left that other thread and is hanging out here with us “mopes”

      Boxturtle (And WTF is a mope anyway?)

    • phred says:

      Despite your preference that I find myself abducted by aliens someday, would you mind keeping me posted on the Pack? Trying to do 3 things at once at the moment and unfortunately watching the draft isn’t one ; )

      And no, I’m not listening to the Sox either, but if you want to hear all about last night’s game…

      • freepatriot says:

        an I dinidnt say “SOME” day

        I had a specific day in mind

        it has to occur during a sox/yankees game (if those aliens have any decency at all)

        what’s the point of kidnapping a team like the Royals ???


        • phred says:

          Yeah yeah, I was at the game last night, so I’m jes sayin’…

          Poor Crabtree, the Niners. How will he stand the shame ; )

      • Mauimom says:

        would you mind keeping me posted on the Pack?

        As noted above, B.J. Raji, DT from BC. He was ranked #6 in SI’s draft preview, and predicted to go to the Bengels, who picked Andre Smith instead.

        Michael Crabtree was still on the board when the Pac picked @ #9 [Niners got him @ #10].

  4. radiofreewill says:

    Where else can you get Top Flight Investigative Reporting on Issues that Matter the Most…


    Trash Talk, too?

    I just donated $50 to emptywheel.

    Anyone care to join me?

    • freepatriot says:

      I gave

      then I had second thoughts

      I can’t keep up with her posts NOW

      Marcy don’t need help writin this stuff

      I need help readin it all

      so I’m startin my own fund

      the “PUFF PUFF GIVE” fund

      who’s with me ???

      (yeah, I went there …)

      • radiofreewill says:

        So, whachagonnado? Buy track shoes for your eyes?

        Our best bet, imvho, would be to Swamp Her with the Money.

        Then she’ll divert her energy to infrastructure building, and slow her production!

        How’s that for a little reverse-psychology stategery, huh?

        Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk…

  5. SparklestheIguana says:

    I need a fund to pay for all the Fresca I drink reading these posts….and the Depends because I can’t be interrupted.

  6. Mauimom says:

    Oh boo, Brian Cushing has to go to TX. He’s a good guy, and Texas sucks [team-wise and location-wise].

  7. Mauimom says:

    Pack just picked Clay Matthews, USC linebacker [yea!!!!]

    Poor baby. How’s he gonna deal with that WI cold weather?

    Matthews, BTW, comes from a family of NFL players — something like 38 years of experience among them.

    • phred says:

      Yay! Linebackers are good! He should be able to afford silk longjohns, those will keep him toasty ; )

      Thanks Mauimom — I really appreciate the updates!

  8. LabDancer says:

    The beloved/behated Vikes just dipped a thousand-or-so years deep into their nicknames’ DNA and came up with yet another Purple Pillager in Gator Percy Harvin. Given he’ll be joining a backfield with Peterson, Berrian and Jackson, Minnesota now can credibly claim a lane in the next Olympics’ 4×100 relay finals. At minimum? A cool-to-stonecold yard-eating point-producer like Chuck Foreman, or Robert Smith, only with more speed — a lot more speed — Randy and Adrian speed. Now that sucking sound coming from the M-dome will be the opposition defence in search of oxygen.

      • bmaz says:


        Marcy’s homeboys just drafted what the ESPN analysts were calling a “Bob Sanders clone”. Hurrah! This sure ain’t no Matt Millen draft. Remember him Deetoiters?? Nope instead of taking flaky wide receivers, the Lions have themselves a franchise QB, a top notch tight end and a Bob Sanders clone. Pretty impressive.

        • LabDancer says:

          “Pretty impressive” – indeed. Though, you’ll note I’ve written nada on what this draft does to the Mauve’s actual chances. Teh exuberance has to do with actually looking forward to what MIGHT happen on a given Sunday afternoon; IOW exuberance it may be, but it’s rational.

          37 – You’re implying that’s a feature, not a bug? Well, you’re right.

    • phred says:

      Ha ha ha ha, Purple People Eater fans are so cute when they are afflicted with irrational exuberance ; )

  9. Mauimom says:

    Okay, Marcy, first pick of Round Two, the Lions take Louis Delmas, safety from W. Michigan. So you should know him?

  10. LabDancer says:

    hey bmaz: The Times’ draft blog has a Cards’ take on Harvin!

    “With his exceptional athleticism, he could learn NFL route running and become an Anquan Boldin-type playmaker. That’s where the Wonderlic scores and character issues come in: the Vikings will learn this year if Harvin is a willing or able learner.”

    The Wonderlic point is pretty plain: apparently Harvin scored close to potted ficus territory [which may have had something to do with his affinity for other flora]. But is that also some comment on Anquan’s resemblance to a cactus?

    • freepatriot says:

      apparently Harvin scored close to potted ficus territory

      and please note, the ficus is known to be the dumbest of all plants, potted or unpotted

    • bmaz says:

      Boldin Is, believe it or not, pretty savvy. Played quarterback some in college and is the son of a coach. I will fully admit that, up until last year, the Cards combined score on the Wonderlic might have been bottom scraping. They are probably headed back to that territory if history is any guide.

  11. CTMET says:

    Full Sanchez??? I’m not going to be able to watch that guy without thinking “Dirty Sanchez”. I was hoping for Drew Willy.

    • bmaz says:

      Man, you have a one track mind there going from Dirty Sanchez to the Willy!

      Okay, seriously, is the Bulls’ QB expected to be drafted? Pat White just got taken by the Miami Parcells.

      • CTMET says:

        According to Consensus Draft Services

        Drew Willy – Stregths
        Under the radar type who finally lit up the NFL radar screens (and the general fandom) with a stunning walk-off TD pass with no time on the clock to beat Temple (9-13-08). Very good size and size potential. Shows a lot of football intelligence. Good, but not great arm strength. Leadership attributes are off the charts. Gets out on the edge when he must, and can throw pretty well on the run. Mechanically sound. Has improved any year and works hard to improve. Has matured into a very good decision maker.

        7th round measurables, but has some magic that might make a team reach. And that name…that name is worth a couple rounds all by itself!

  12. ANOther says:


    Are you allowing F1 trash talk as well. Cause who would believe that Brawn GP would win the first two races, that Red Bull would be 1-2 in the third and that both Toyotas would be on the front row of the grid for the fourth.
    And that your beloved Ferrari has yet to win a point. The only thing predictable was that FIA would penalize McLaren.

    • bmaz says:

      Oh, absolutely. F1 is always en vogue with me. Looks hot at Bahrain, but at least there won’t be any wet. I love the wet, but not too much of it and there has been too much in this young season starting with Malaysia. Ferrari has totally sucked so far; very disappointing. But, you know, the new parity and teams being competitive is a good thing. You can’t keep big red down too long; they will be back. And I am a huge fan of Rubens Barricholo, he is really a great guy and an underrated driver.

  13. Mauimom says:

    Back on the subject of NFL Trash: did anyone notice that the Dreaded Cowboys took NO ONE in the first two rounds? Apparently they’d traded away their first round pick and when their time in the second round came up, they didn’t like what was on the board, so they passed that too.

    They have something like 12 picks in the remaining rounds.

  14. freepatriot says:

    the Dreaded Cowboys took NO ONE in the first two rounds

    and al davis managed to fuck up worse than that

    it almost ain’t worth hating the raiders any more …


  15. fatster says:

    Once #42 left the building, the NFL hasn’t had a Lott to offer me. Any free safety nowadays come close?

  16. randiego says:

    Lightning Bolts got a pass rusher nobody has ever heard of out of Northern Illinois, Larry English. 31 sacks in college – it looks like the Chargers just rebuilt their pass-rush.

    They also took a texas Tech O-Lineman in the third rounder, so honeybunch is happy.

    • bmaz says:

      As the ESPN crew sagely noted, the real winner this off season is – wait for it – the New England Patriots. Cause they get Tom Brady back. It IS a fair point.

      Tom Brady he ain’t, but getting Shawn Merriman back is pretty huge for the Bolts too (unless that pyramid scheme ate him or something).

      For the Cards, getting Beanie Wells should help the running game that was the worst in the league last year and, best of all, Anquan Boldin is still paired with Larry Fitzgerald. If Baaltimore releases him, I think they will make a play for Todd Heap too. Man, that would be scary – Spidey Fitzgerald, Boldin AND the Golden Retriever Todd Heap. Fingers crossed. Other than that the Cards, of course, still suck.

      • freepatriot says:

        dude, get a grip

        you sound like the bidwell’s evil empire is looking pretty good to you right now

        resist the dark side

        don’t be sucked in by a flashy young running back, and a swift sure handed receiver corp

        the dark side still has a fossil for a quarterback, and a suspect run defense

        use the power of the force, old ground walker …

        and the neat part is I really sound like James Earl Jones when I write stuff in that style

      • randiego says:

        Based on the results, I’d say that getting Merriman back is probably bigger than getting Brady back, but hey if it involves the Pats/Steelers/Yankees/Red Sox, ESPN is all over it.

        After the year that Cassel had, it’s hard to say that Brady would have made a huge difference – maybe a win or two early on. The Pats deserved a playoff spot, and probably would have had one with Brady.

        But who knew that losing Merriman would turn the Bolts D into swiss cheese? Losing him exposed a really weak LB corps, and also exposed the secondary a bit – especially at Safety. I never would have said that losing ONE player on defense would make such a difference.

        Hey I’m excited about Arizona. I heard an interview with Fitzgerald (on Dan Patrick) last week. He REALLY wants Warner back.

  17. freepatriot says:

    so the aliens failed me once again ???

    if this happens once more, I’m gonna stop sending those guys my money

    when is the next yankees/sox game ???

    and how many shopping days are left before the Hall Of Fame Game ???

  18. managedchaos says:

    re: Percy Harvin

    I’m a Gator alum and have been following college football very closely since I was a freshman in 1995. Percy Harvin is one of the best football players I’ve ever seen. Forget about 40 yrd dash times, he is the fastest player in pads I’ve ever seen. Fastest first step I’ve seen. He’s a great down field blocker. He can run over you or around you. He has above average hands and elite vision. Yes, his wunderlick was bad but he’s not a quarterback(although he’s taken many snaps from center and played quarterback in high school). Yes, he smoked pot…very stupid of him to get caught. In college I smoked with numerous football players, some of which went on to play in the NFL. Percy will be sick on the turf in Minnesota.

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