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Yet Another Error in the CIA Briefing List

At what point are people going to start asking whether the errors in the CIA briefing list are by design, and not just the result of carelessness? Because with the news that the list shows a staffer who had already left the Senate attending a 2004 briefing brings us up to errors the CIA has conceded on seven different briefings–though they’re also trying to claim that listing then-Director Goss as attending a 2005 briefing was not an error. (h/t Mary)

The CIA chart states that a Senate staffer, Chris Mellon, attended a briefing on July 15, 2004. However, Mellon told The Associated Press that he left the Senate in April 2004 and did not attend the briefing.

On Wednesday, CIA spokesman George Little said the CIA has reviewed its record and agrees that Mellon was erroneously listed as having attended the 2004 briefing.

And note, this is again a case of the CIA claiming a Democrat or Democratic staffer got briefed when he didn’t. 

At this point, I’m really torn about which would be worse–to learn this was all intentional, an attempt to claim CIA had support from Dems for their torture program when they didn’t–or to learn that the CIA is really this incompetent. 

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