Rove Has a Date with HJC–He Just Doesn’t Want to Tell Fox News That

As I noted earlier, Fox reported yesterday that Miers had testified before HJC, but there was not yet an agreement to have Rove testify.

But that’s not right. According to a status report filed in the HJC suit against the White House over ten days ago, Rove has a date to appear.

Pursuant to the Court’s order dated March 5, 2009, the parties respectfully submit this joint status report.

Since the last status report, the parties have made substantial progress towards fulfilling their obligations under the Agreement Concerning Accommodation. The Committee has now been provided access to all of the documents covered by the Agreement, and the parties have agreed to a schedule for interviews with Harriet Miers and Karl Rove, to take place under the agreed terms and conditions.

Miers, Rove, and the documents!?!?! What a novelty. Oversight–just two years in the making.

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  1. readerOfTeaLeaves says:

    Might be a good time to review that whole concept of ‘false witness’, as K-k-k-karl seems to think if it’s plausibly deniable, he can’t be held accountable. And he also seems to think that if something is ‘credible’ or ‘believable’ that makes it somehow ‘true’.

    He’s always been confused that way.
    He’s such a proponent of Truthiness that he seems incapable of discerning what is accurate, what is real, what is factual.
    Here’s hoping that sniveling little morally myopic creep provides Truthiness testimony that will somehow produce a very long prison sentence for his sleazy, unethical, opportunistic ass.

    Not that I have any notions about the matter… /s

  2. Petrocelli says:

    Thanks Marcy, I was sure that he was obligated to appear. IIRC, this will be similar to Harriet’s appearance in that the Prosecutor(s) get as long as they want, to question Rove.

    Will their testimony ever be known to us or will it remain a secret ?

    • Neil says:

      transcripts are to be released after HJC is done and both sides get to review the transcript.

      both folks in government and folks on the outside?

  3. maryo2 says:

    I don’t think “the parties have agreed to a schedule for interviews” means a date and time have been set. I think it means the order has been agreed upon. For instance Miers will appear first, and then after x, y, and z, Rove will appear. All Rove has to do is not have x, y, or z done.

  4. archiebird says:

    Unfortunately–even after he does testify, I doubt he’ll see any jail time. I’m no lawyer, but considering Obama’s track record and his zest for echoing Bush’s policies….”finish this sentence as you see fit”

    • Leen says:

      Hundreds of thousands, dead, injured and 5 million Iraqi refugees left in their bloody fucking tracks. And in the process hundreds tortured, killed, raped…if we lived in a just world those murderers would no longer be walking the streets let alone filling our air waves with their poisonous words and thoughts.

      • Styve says:

        You are right, and I apologize for making light of it. We will be feeling the adverse effects of the Bush Agenda for decades to come, as will the rest of the world.

        Cheney should be in jail, along with the rest of ‘em…fingers crossed!!

  5. Leen says:

    “what a novelty” how long could a peasant ignore a congressional subpoena without having their ass thrown in prison?

  6. Citizen92 says:

    Rove and “the documents,” but alas no e-mails from the domain.

    Why hasn’t anyone tried to pry those e-mails out of the RNC’s hands? Michael Steele seems like he’s trying to prove himself…

    What about a challenge to release those e-mails? I don’t believe that they’ve been declared “permanently lost” , have they?

  7. Citizen92 says:

    I’m a little under a year too late, but I’m kinda sorry I missed bidding on this auction item at the Texas Park and Wildlife Foundation’s 2008 Live Auction:

    Not just any Quail Hunt with Karl Rove
    on the historic Armstrong Ranch.

    Donated by Katharine and Ben Love,
    Sarita and Bob Hixon, Pat and Julie
    Oles and the late Anne Armstrong.

    Quail hunting with Karl, at the scene of Cheney’s crime… Wow!

    Karl is on the board of that organization.

  8. fatster says:

    One big fly in the ointment is Leura Canary, the Bush-appointed US Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama. (Alice Martin was in the Northern District.) Leura led the prosecution of Siegleman until she finally turned it over to her assistant. Leura and husband Bill are in the thick of this.…..91,00.html

    Leura still has her position.

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