Palin Accused Of Moose Homicide!

As Edward Teller has reported, there are rumors of a criminal indictment involving Sarah Palin. I have obtained a copy of news hot off the press on this:

Okay, that is a bit o humor for the holiday. The graphic was around as a joke during last fall’s election; not sure of the original source (today’s version lifted from Dkos).

That said, if there is an indictment and I had to bet on the grounds, my money would be on the Palins giving hush money to Levi Johnston and/or his family to keep him in the fold in the lead up to the general election last fall.

Keep in mind that Levi’s mother, Sherry Johnston, has drug charges pending relating to possession and sale of oxycontin, a DEA scheduled narcotic. It has been reported by the AP that she is set to enter a plea to a single count of possession with intent to deliver. Makes you wonder if Sherry, whose family has no love lost whatsoever for the Palins at this point, might have been busy behind the scenes. Stay tuned, this may turn out to be a busy holiday weekend.

  1. WilliamOckham says:

    After watching the whole 18 minutes (seemed like hours), I think there has to be a career ending scandal around the corner. The ‘ball’ that point guard Sarah is passing is the governership. No to mention all her hopes and dreams.

    • Mauimom says:

      After watching the whole 18 minutes (seemed like hours), I think there has to be a career ending scandal around the corner.

      Didn’t it seem to you like she was challenging Michelle Bachman for the Bat-shit Crazy Award?

      I mean, that was some real non-sensical ranting!!!

  2. Suzanne says:


    and hahahaha gonna be a fun summer. wasn’t there chatter that the johnson family was bought off for $250,000 prior to the general election.

    wonder if palin welched…

    • Hmmm says:

      OMG, you could well be right. That would certainly be in character, especially considering her money woes that ET documents.

  3. Ishmael says:

    Well, “nobody could have predicted” this! The Wasilla Knowlittle resigning on a holiday Friday can only be the result of a target/subject letter.

  4. BooRadley says:

    Damn bmaz. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be the one, it’s a helluva logical guess. Thank you.

  5. BooRadley says:

    bmaz icymi, Edward Teller reported on one of his threads that Sherry Johnson used Bristol’s phone to buy some oxy? That would appear to support your theory.

  6. randiego says:

    Today was the first time I’d seen this graphic…. and it made laugh out loud. MrsDiego gets it, but this stuff isn’t ingrained into her DNA like it is mine, so she was looking at me like I was nutty…

    you can read all the headlines in their original voices, including the “newsguy” narrator voice. Hilarious.

    I swear, just when you think they’re done, and they can’t top their previous forehead slapping moment, they one-up themselves. Not even Michael Jackson can help them this time…

  7. sojourner says:

    Damn! I had to go get my car air conditioner repaired and everything went to hell in a hand basket!! I can’t believe that she actually shot Bullwinkle! She really should resign for that! Jeez!

  8. phred says:

    I dunno bmaz, I like the drug angle as a nice change-up from the usual Rethug short list of sex and corruption, but I’m still leaning toward well-oiled corruption. Did you see the whole speech? The first 5 or 10 minutes was all about developing AK’s natural resources, cleaning up previously corrupt practices, and ethics. I thought she was fixated and she also worked in a bit of the-press-only-reports-the-bad-stuff-not-the-good-stuff. My money is on oily corruption…

    Still I would love to hear that she is carrying Sanford’s love child ; ) As a fan of Bullwinkle, I rescind my earlier claim of hoping for a dead moose AND a live Republican ; )

  9. Teddy Partridge says:

    It’s got to do with the company that constructed her Lake Lucille house just before she started running for Governor, after she gave them the big contract to build that huge and costly hockey rink that Wasilla will be in debt forever for. Todd always said that “he and some buddies” built their house, but the “buddies” were contractors from the rink builder, and the materials came from the rink jobsite. With Sarah going for the governorship, able to provide lots of construction contracts, the house was a small investment. And, in fact, that company has gotten lots of contracts during Sarah’s short tenure as Governor.

    Diversion of funds, misappropriation, contract fraud, theft of time and materials, irregular reporting of gifts for tax purposes — lots of reasons the Feds would like this case. The Feds covering Alaska have a real need to redeem their reputation after the Ted Stevens debacle, and this case against Sarah and Todd Palin would be a great way to do it.

    • Hmmm says:

      To take it a step further, there’s no reason I know of why this couldn’t be a Toobz Redux, where the case is being intentionally brought in such a way as to compromise it later at trial. Then you would have GOP operatives inside DoJ getting Palin out of the way now, but then getting a reprieve later. Possibility for her to bounce back later if she can then claim that this prosecution was politically driven by the D’s. Plus just plain more “D’s are corrupt” meme fuel.

      • chrisc says:

        Just wondering if the fact that some of the prosecutors in the Ted Stevens case might be indicted for fucking up might have cleared the path for this Palin investigation to proceed. Gotten rid of some of the rotten ones….
        I dunno- somebody with more contacts care to comment?

        • Hmmm says:

          Hadn’t heard about any indictments, only the sanctions at trial. As you say, we’d need some info from someone in the know.

  10. chrisc says:

    Rumors flying around that there is an investigation re the Palin’s Wasilla house.
    I remember Todd said he and some of his friends built it- there were no receipts or paperwork.
    Amazingly, some of the features in the house (windows, wood, etc) look a lot like the Wasilla Sport’s Complex, which was just down the road and under construction at the same time. As i recall, that Sports Complex was way over budget too.

    And from reports last fall before the election – contractors who worked on the Sports Complex “couldn’t remember” if they had ever worked on the Palin’s house. Maybe a grand jury helped them with their amnesia.

  11. mamayaga says:

    ”My money is on oily corruption…”

    The Brad Blog ( is saying that it may be a federal indictment for embezzlement related to building the Wasilla Sports Complex and coincidentally (not) the Palins’ house at the same time with the same materials.

  12. bmaz says:


    Wait, is this not a situation in which we ought to let bygones be bygones and move forward without politicizing politics, and all that usual DOJ rap?

    • phred says:

      Hear hear bmaz! This is a time to look forward, preferably from Palin’s living room through her squeaky clean stolen windows, to the ever expanding political vistas beyond! We do not need to look back in the rearview of that ol’ trailer tractor looting the goods from the Sports Complex worksite, nosireebob!

      I cannot imagine what backward-looking hicks are currently working in each and every one of our law enforcement agencies across this great and free (as in help yourself, no one’s lookin’ ; ) land of ours…

      • Civlibertarian says:

        Heh, phred, you’ve had some funny comments in the last week or so!

        BTW, Shannyn Moore just retweeted someone’s prediction about Palin’s corruption.

        And Levi Johnston is “shopping a book, because there are still many untold stories about the Palins.”

        Lots of stuff may surface if the Barracuda gets indicted and people no longer fear reprisal.

        • phred says:

          Mornin’ Civl — thanks! What can I say, between Palin and Weymouth I’ve been beset with giggles this week ; )

          Thanks for the links. No matter what happens, indictment or embarrassing scandal, the Wasilla Soap Opera is likely to continue for some time to come… I can hardly wait for the next episode ; )

          Happy 4th Everyone!

        • lllphd says:

          i suspect a lot of alaskans will come out of the woodwork now because she’s no longer guv and has no power to retaliate.

          that fact in itself is scandalous.

  13. Teddy Partridge says:

    If I were the “new crew” at DoJ in charge of Alaska, I’d sure want to prove — and soon — that it was possible to take down a major Alaskan politician correctly.

  14. Neil says:

    Would you resign if your impending indictment was a frivolous indictment? No, me neither. She did.

    Her plans to continue her work nationwide outside government are what have worried. Let’s hope that claim was the usual blather.

    • bmaz says:

      I wonder if there really is an indictment? Although an indictment or GJ investigation would sure be a better explanation for what occurred today than most.

  15. Neil says:

    Shannyn Moore teases via twitter (tweases) about the fireworks soon to come regarding Palin:

    shannynmoore : to all the new twitter followers, well, welcome home, lovers! (Lovers defined – those who love to love) U R in for a fireworks show…Mwaah! tweet

  16. Neil says:

    Why resign on a Friday before a national holiday unless you have to get out? Also, one of the reasons she gave was the oh so many “frivolous ethics complaints” also. I don’t know if there really is an indictment but Shannyn Moore been on the phone all day in Alaska and provide Bradblog with her assessment.

    • bmaz says:

      That is a very reasonable possibility as well. Also would explain the hasty nature of the announcement. The report says Federal indictments, which presupposes the Alaska USA Office and FBI up there. There have been problems up there, and now is a new entire team up there as a result of the Stevens Revelations. That is interesting timing.

      • Teddy Partridge says:

        Those new Feds need a notch in their belt, and one done correctly, after the Ted Stevens cockup. I would imagine that a deal that got Sarah to resign, serve one year with three probation, let her and Todd keep the house their children call home, and promise never to seek political office again would sit just right with those guys looking to repair their office’s reputation.

        • bmaz says:

          They better have her cold then. You should hear this “Palin Spokesman” was just on AC 360. Was so perky and oblivious that she sounded like Baghdad Bob. Was hilarious. “Sarah is heroic”!

        • lllphd says:

          i see my point about the palin home having identical trimmings as the wasilla sports center is already alive and well here.

          bmaz, that spokeswoman is meg stapleton, and she is as loony and delusional as sarah. they have a real folie aux duex going. i believe meg was skewered in the VF piece, as well.

        • lllphd says:

          also, about having her cold, as i note in the previous post about this building embezzlement scandal, my suspicion is that the feds went after this story – which came out last fall, in oct i believe – and have got paper dirt on the crime, presented it to the owners of the supply company in question and cut a deal on a squeal.

          like i said, not sure how that translates as a basketball metaphor, but there it is.

        • bmaz says:

          That is true, although a witness can say they testified in one generally (that would not tell you there was a returned indictment though).

  17. Neil says:

    From Bradblog Bradblog :

    UPDATE: Alaskan Sarah Palin authority (and occasional BRAD BLOG guest blogger) Shannyn Moore, who broke the news at HuffPo today, tells me she believes, with good reason, that there is an “iceberg scandal that’s about to break. She’s doing damage control.”

    She says Palin is “resigning as part of damage control” due to a scandal that is “not of a family nature.” …

    “The governor would not be able to continue her job when it comes out,” she told me on the phone just now, before adding: “Why would Mark Sanford not resign, but Sarah Palin did? Her family didn’t even know about the resignation until they were standing with her by the lake” when she made her announcement.

    Yes. It seems another shoe, apparently a big one, will indeed be dropping, likely within the next week or so. Perhaps earlier now that everyone will be poking around up there.

    FURTHER UPDATE: Okay, I’ve now been able to get independent information from multiple sources that all of this precedes what are said to be possible federal indictments against Palin, concerning an embezzlement scandal related to the building of Palin’s house and the Wasilla Sports Complex built during her tenure as Mayor. Both structures, it is said, feature the “same windows, same wood, same products.” Federal investigators have been looking into this for some time, and indictments could be imminent, according to the Alaska sources.

    The BRAD BLOG has not been able to receive confirm from any federal sources on this. Our information comes from local Alaskans who follow Palin, and who have been keeping an eye on this for some time, while keeping it quiet at the request of federal investigators.

    And Josh Marshall: http://www.talkingpointsmemo.c…..?ref=fpblg

    • bmaz says:

      I particularly like the 4th grade music stand they bungie corded a 3rd grade ceramic state insignia on. Very Professional.

      • randiego says:

        I’ve finally seen the video now – she is manic, like she’s been doing blow – scared I think.

        The best part I thought was the birds in the background… made me think Hitchcock… there’s always some distraction with her!

        The fact that her twitter announcement an hour before talked about not running – something made up her mind in that last hour.

  18. rkilowatt says:

    Maybe the McCain Campaign vetting report was finished?
    …and KKKarl just could not waste such a lever.
    …or someone is just sharing a dopamine thrill?
    …Barracuda hits iceberg?
    …McCain, your thoughts?
    …Uncle Sam, Happy 4th you old hypocrite.

  19. freepatriot says:

    ya never know what’s gonna explode on the Fourth Of July

    this time, it was the Governor of Alaska, thas all

    we’re gonna have to find somebody else to protect us when Putin rears his head

    and put me down for a ten spot of “first Dude sex tape”

    probably with a human

    but ya never know

    there was a repuglitarded guy form Georgia waxin poetic about the family mule, just last month …

  20. plunger says:

    I think what we are seeing is evidence that the Bush Justice Department had Palin dead-to-rights on this very investigation way back during the vetting process when issues related to the construction of their home first came to light, and the administration engaged in obstruction of justice to have this very matter shelved. Once Holder had time to get up to speed, it became obvious that this obstruction of justice had occurred. So what else triggered Holder’s decision to move on this matter now? A new revelation that is coming to light re: Todd Palin, to which the earlier matter is connected perhaps?

    I assume Todd lied to the FBI during his vetting interview about the foregoing – and about his connections to the secessionist group in Alaska of which he was a member for 7 years. I further suspect that the FBI’s recent investigation into right wing radical groups in the US revealed a membership list including Todd’s name, possibly tied to the illegal movement of weapons for the purpose of forming a militia in Alaska – whose goals could be defined as treasonous, but at the least, fall under the umbrella of the USA Patriot Act where the definition of “Domestic Terrorist” comes into play.

    I think it’s a combination of factors linking Todd to misdeeds that are Federal offenses, and you can bet your ass that there is also evidence that the GILF made efforts to protect him that also amounted to obstruction of justice – and, after all, she does have the benefit of living in the lakefront house that was in effect, built with stolen materials. There is a direct quid pro quo linking to Governor to Todd, as once she became Governor, she awarded a fat contract to the firm that provided the materials.

    The bigger story is the obvious obstruction of justice by the Bush administration that led to the short circuiting of the FBI vetting process to the extent that the Office Of The Vice President would be subject to blackmail throughout the entire McCain/Palin Administration, had there been one.

    Controlling government actions via blackmail…THAT is the story – and a very common one at that. What are the names of the individuals or interests that would have benefited from the total control of the McCain/Palin Administration via blackmail?

      • plunger says:

        Palin Disclosures Raise Questions on Vetting

        New York Times – Published: September 1, 2008

        Mr. McCain’s advisers said repeatedly on Monday that Ms. Palin was “thoroughly vetted,” a process that would have included a review of all financial and legal records as well as a criminal background check. A McCain aide said the campaign was well aware of the ethics investigation and had looked into it.

        “It was obviously something that anybody Googling Sarah Palin knew was in the news and there was a very thorough vetting done on that and also on the daughter,” the aide said.

        People familiar with the process said Ms. Palin had responded to a standard form with more than 70 questions. Although The Washington Post quoted advisers to Mr. McCain on Sunday as saying Ms. Palin had been subjected to an F.B.I. background check, an F.B.I. official said Monday the bureau did not vet potential candidates and had not known of her selection until it was made public.

        • bmaz says:

          You emphasized the wrong part of course

          …. an F.B.I. official said Monday the bureau did not vet potential candidates and had not known of her selection until it was made public.

          would be the key part.

  21. oldtree says:

    “But fearless leader, I dids vot you told mees to do and made the view to the motherland more clear from the window”. “Even Natasha, I means die guvner, din’t know vot ve vas dooing until she loooks in da mirror and sees da resemblance” “Da Moose vos dead anyvay” “da squirrel took the money and went back to Minnesota to resume disguise as the nazi congresswoman” “Dey vill never put 2 and 2 togedder”

  22. plunger says:

    It may be that the Prosecutors in Alaska decided to go after Holder with a vengeance for his derailing of their case against Stevens, and forced Holder’s hand on this obstruction of justice as a direct result.

  23. plunger says:

    Alaska would be further ahead if they just passed a law that any newly elected Governor gets a new house as part of their reward.

  24. fatster says:

    Torture? Abuse? It depends on who’s doing it.

    The NYT calls Iranian interrogation tactics “torture”

    Glenn Greenwald
    SATURDAY JULY 4, 2009 05:05 EDT

    “Today is the ideal day to celebrate America’s specialness, and America’s paper of record inspirationally leads the ritual:”

    [and so on]…..4/torture/

    • skdadl says:

      Great column from Glenn, but my thoughts about the NYT, propaganda-launderers of record, would probably run into moderation if I tried to write them out.

        • skdadl says:

          Thanks, fatster. I did see it before, but double the fun, y’know.

          Stewart also inspires people up here (even when he makes fun of us, which he often does), given that we’re still dealing with mini-versions of some of your worser guys, including the media execs.

          I can’t remember whether I’d ever read before that passage from Hoyt (April) that Glenn quotes, but when you sent me there this a.m., I got really down for a while. I mean, the flatulence is scary. But they still think that their emissions don’t stink. Amazin’.

  25. Rayne says:

    Just re-watched the video: she was toying with running. Running away, like Sanford.

    For some reason running like a lame duck became unappetizing.

    [edit: jeebus, I hated watching her the first time…but I note this time the emphasis on “giving the reasons candidly, truthfully,” when truth has never been a big factor. Also the emphasis on team, not the basketball analogy used in manner reflecting a mental regression to her high school days, but in a political sense. If there was a sacrifice play here, it was for the political team.]

    • bmaz says:

      Palin kept saying “we” are going to do this and “we” are going to do that.

      ”We know we can effect positive change outside government at this point in time on another scale and actually make a difference for our priorities,”

      Who the hell are “we”? Her and Todd? What does he have to do with anything unless he is part of some scandal with her?

      • Rayne says:

        It’s been said that Todd spent about half his time in the governor’s office, sitting in on calls. Suspect he was the other half of her brain when it came to what little she could do in governing. Hence the we.

        Or it’s the we, the party, with regard to those forces she perceived as enabling her to be in office, the we which gave her marching orders.

        I suspect the we is not natural, more of a defensive position since she is so bloody narcissistic. She reverts to I here and there, which may also say something as to how she was coached.

      • chrisc says:

        Palin kept saying “we” are going to do this and “we” are going to do that.

        Who the hell are “we”? Her and Todd? What does he have to do with anything unless he is part of some scandal with her?

        Perhaps “we” is/are the Alaskan Independence Party. Ha!

        I don’t know why, but palin rumor-mongering just feels so patriotic.
        Maybe because we’ve been playing the “That’s what they said, but this is what they really mean” game for so long now.

        Anyway, Andrew Halcro is reporting that Todd had to leave his fishing boats in a big hurry, and “leave other people in charge of the setnet to get back to Sarah.” Now, she has (until yesterday) a year and a half on her gov term. Unless, something was going down at a certain time, there was no reason her announcement couldn’t wait for a more convenient time for Todd to be by her side. So, the lame duck excuse just doesn’t hold water. And if she was resigning to embark on another adventure, she did the crappiest job ever of launching a new career.

        In my humble opinion, of course.

        As for the Palin associates and supporters making the rounds on my teevee, I don’t think Sarah is giving them any hints about what is coming. Palin has a special knack for not preparing those near and dear to her for any untoward news. Remember she told almost nobody that she was pregnant with Trig. Reportedly she never told her other children that Trig would be born with Down syndrome. They found out when they saw him in the hospital. Better to deal with it when you have to, then worry about it before hand could be her motto. Just ask McCain’s team (although that does not absolve them from not vetting her themselves.)

        So, whatever the bad news is, it will go down in about 3 weeks (or maybe earlier?). And Alaskans will just have to “trust her” and deal with it when they find out.

    • pdaly says:

      Just re-watched the video: she was toying with running. Running away, like Sanford.

      At moments like these, we need music to address the complicated emotions we are all feeling.
      Who better at this moment to do so than MJ himself. The fake crying at the end says it all.
      She’s out of my life

      • Rayne says:

        Complicated emotions? You’re funny.

        My first emotional responses:

        – Surprise, having just gotten back from a matinee movie with a kid;
        – Frustration, having a crapload of Twitter posts to weed through about Missy Palin;
        – Annoyance, at having my peaceful afternoon shifted from avoiding MJ coverage to avoiding Palin coverage;
        – More frustration, because I couldn’t find the bottle opener when I wanted a well-earned NewsDump Friday beer.

        That’s about as much complication as I’m allowing myself over this bad episode of Northern Exposure, in which a skirt-wearing Maurice flips out after smoking too much reindeer-spoor-honey-mushroom-and-lichen, tripping out the rest of the town.

        • bmaz says:

          Meh, I actually had to go out and buy some bourbon. On the positive side, there wasn’t squat else going on and the holiday Friday afternoon needed some humor; Sarah didn’t disappoint.

          llphd @ 75 – Yeah, the sports complex skimming for Casa de Palin seems the best bet, and fits the limited facts we have, assuming there really is an indictment. I would point out two things, 1) We don’t know for certain there is an indictment lurking, that is still pretty unsubstantiated rumor as is the sports complex basis (in spite of the fact it sounds about right) and 2) I still would not count out the Johnston clan and payoffs by the Palin family to them during the election. It may not be what is up now, but I bet it raises its ugly head somewhere.

        • pdaly says:

          lol. Northern Exposure episode indeed.

          Hope your Fourth is better, any breaking news notwithstanding.

  26. GregB says:

    Palin’s Runner’s World cheesecake spread was the canary in the coalmine.

    She’s a runner. A cutter and a runner.


  27. siri says:

    When McSame first announced his ill-fated choice for a co-runner, some wise soul on FDL said that in a few years we’d all be saying “What ever happened to that AK female? What was her name?………….”
    I wish I could remember who said that, there are so many wise souls who comment here!
    But I’m now really visualizing that day, hoping for that moment and wishing that person would be correct. Of course, I hoped, prayed and wished that when I first read the comment, but had somewhat given that up after having “met” Bible Spice……and seeing her unbridled ambitions.

  28. Rayne says:

    30 Jan 2009 – Becki Donatelli signed on to handle SarahPac, according to Cillizza at WaPo.

    04 Mar 2009 – Via Twitter, Donatelli gave a plug for the new Palin Facebook page

    April 2009 – McCain implies on late night talk show that Palin isn’t a viable POTUS contender.

    02 Jun 2009 – And again via Twitter, Donatelli says, “very busy, very productive–i love meeting with smart people.” Somewhere in the March-to-June time frame, Donatelli bails out on SarahPac, allegedly because she can’t work with Palin’s personal handler.

    June 2009 – During promo event in AK for Michael Reagan, Palin mentions pressure to shut up because there’s been “lawsuits, been ethics-violation charges, media distortions.”

    July 2009 – August issue of VF published last week of June, in which the McCain team takes off the gloves; not clear how long author Tom Purdum has been working on this piece.

    The woman has been on a bobsled ride straight down to hell all year; we just didn’t realize it because we try not to look at her too closely.

    • lllphd says:

      bmaz! that spokesperson you saw?

      – “Donatelli bails out on SarahPac, allegedly because she can’t work with Palin’s personal handler.”

      that ‘handler’ is none other than meg stapleton.

  29. tanbark says:

    I just wish someone had piss-tested Bristol and Levi right after they walked off the stage after the happy-face photo-op at the republican convention. :o)

    • posaune says:

      thanks, Loo Hoo for posting last year’s of EW’s 4th.

      In 2005, hubby & i spent 6 mos in Poland (in the Tatras mtns.) Our Polish was becoming respectable, and we were invited to the usual dinners/conversation evenings, which last 5-6 hours. At our first invite, folks were quite uneasy with our presence, the war expanding, etc. Finally, Bush was mentioned. When I said, “Bush jest zly idiotkiem,” the tone completely changed. What ensued was an intellectual, deeply thoughtful discussion of the administration, many questions re “how could Americans let this happen?, what of the checks & balances govt, law based on precedent, not code, etc.” And comparisons to 1939-45, collaborators, dissidents, etc. It was sheer luck that we landed in Nowy Sacz, a small town. Seems its where the dissident poets fled in 1980-81 under Martial Law. And quite the intellectual analysts. They too, said, “stay and fight.”

  30. Loo Hoo. says:

    Levi’s writing a book. He can write?

    And it seems the book will focus on the Wasilla, Alaska, political family. “There are still many untold stories about the Palins,” he said. Until the tell-all is released, though, Johnston is considering “a leading role” in a movie and a possible upcoming TV “docu-drama.”

    He can act? Levi may come out of this in decent shape.

  31. plunger says:

    Palin Made an Impression From the Start

    Fellow Maverick Survived…..02377.html">McCain’s Thorough Vetting Process, Aides Say

    By Dan Balz and Robert Barnes
    Washington Post Staff Writers
    Sunday, August 31, 2008

    Rick Davis, McCain’s campaign manager and the person at the point of the vice presidential process, said there was no abrupt change of course in the final hours. Nor, he said, was Palin selected without having gone through the full vetting process that was done for other finalists. That process included reviews of financial and other personal data, an FBI background check and considerable discussion among the handful of McCain advisers involved in the deliberations.

    “Nobody was vetted less or more than anyone in the final stages, and John had access to all that information and made the decision,” Davis said. “It’s really not much more complicated than that.”

  32. plunger says:

    No Surprises From Palin, McCain Team Says

    Daughter’s Pregnancy and Trooper Controversy Were Revealed Before Pick, According to Campaign Aide

    Until last week, Palin was relatively unknown outside Alaska, and as facts have dribbled out about her, the McCain campaign has insisted that its examination of her background was thorough and that nothing that has come out about her was a surprise. “John had access to all that information and made the decision,” campaign manager Rick Davis said last week in describing the vetting process.

    The process included what aides described as a full search of public documents and videos of her speeches. That included a review of Alaska newspapers, but not Palin’s local newspaper because aides worried that going through back issues would indicate that she was under consideration to be McCain’s running mate.

    Among the things that turned up during the vetting process: her husband’s arrest for driving under the influence more than two decades ago; the ticket that she once received for fishing without a license; her daughter’s pregnancy; and a report that she had supported Pat Buchanan for president in 1996, which she denied at the time.

    Her name, along with others, was submitted to the FBI under a routine inquiry into whether she was the subject of a criminal investigation.

    • bmaz says:

      Dude, please give it up. There is a difference between a fucking NCIC check and the FBI vetting a political candidate. Quite frankly, even the former should not be done, and is improper; the latter is beyond the pale. And in case you are the last person on earth to know, they didn’t really vet Palin for shit; that was their problem.

      • plunger says:

        Read all about it here. THE STORY is that Rick Davis lied about the FBI’s role in vetting Palin. Had the FBI not come out and told us that Rick Davis was lying, neither he nor Palin nor McCain ever would have.

        As for giving up, it’s clearly not in my nature.

  33. plunger says:

    So, where would someone get the idea that the FBI had in fact been involved in the vetting process?

    Rather than focusing on me, why not reveal the lie told by Rick Davis that is quite likely what has led, at least in part, to all of this.

    Palin And The FBI Background Check — Updated

    01 Sep 2008 01:52 pm

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation did not participate in the vetting of Gov. Sarah Palin and did not conduct a background check as part of the process, an FBI spokesman said today.

    The Washington Post reported Sunday, citing an interview with campaign manager Rick Davis, that the vetting process “included reviews of financial and other personal data, an FBI background check and considerable discussion among the handful of McCain advisers nvolved in the deliberations.

    “In general, we do not do vetting for political campaigns except as it might regard investigations needed for security clearances,” said John Miller, the chief FBI spokesperson.

    The FBI did not participate in a vet, nor did it run a background check of Gov. Palin as part of the process.

    Palin might already have a clearance that relates to her duties as governor. But the FBI can’t speak to that, and in any event, those investigations wouldn’t be accessible to the McCain campaign anyway.

  34. LabDancer says:

    I hope I missed what Rebecca Mead did not due to how thickly nuanced was the degoobernatorial address:…..-four.html

    Taking that a teensy bit further is it worthwhile pursuing whether the earlier poll was conducted by Rasmussen or Zogby?

  35. Citizen92 says:

    Maybe Trig was the product of an affair between the Gov and someone else. Everyone else in the Alaska Governors Office was having affairs. Why should the Gov be any different?

  36. hs3144 says:

    I do wish Palin would have shared her logic about being a lame duck with GWB and DC in 2006, when, according to her, they were lame ducks. If you are a lame duck when you decide you won’t or can’t run for re-election and the ‘other party’ is in control of congress, GWB should have resigned, leaving the presidency to Dick, who wasn’t going to run for president, therefore requiring him to resign leaving the presidency to Nancy…..hmmmm, not that I’m a huge fan, but it certainly would have been better than what we had.