Liz “BabyDick” Cheney Returns

It was inevitable. Given the news over the weekend that DOJ might investigate PapaDick Cheney, we had to expect Liz "BabyDick" Cheney would be out again defending her Daddy (and, just as inevitably, the press would give her the soap box to do so).

But as more and more investigations start to focus on her Daddy, BabyDick sounds more and more pathetic. For example, here’s her attempt to scold Democrats for upholding the rule of law.

CHENEY: His reaction to the story that we may well be prosecuting folks, I’m happy to talk about that. … You know, he is very angry, as you’ve heard him say publicly. You know the notion that this administration is going to come into office and they’re going to prosecute the brave men and women who carried out this program that kept America safe. It is, it is un-American. It’s something that hasn’t happened before in this country, in terms of somebody taking office and then starting to prosecute people who carried out policies that they disagreed with, you know, in the previous administration. He’s been very public about that.[my emphasis]

Um, no. Depending on who you ask, Holder is considering prosecuting either those who overstepped the stated policy and/or those–like her Daddy–who ignored the law when they developed that policy. But BabyDick has to characterize a potential investigation in terms that conflict with everything Obama and Holder have said about a torture investigation so people don’t note that her–and her Daddy’s–cries of "un-American!!" are really just self-serving claptrap.

As if it would be un-American to tell PapaDick he has to follow the law.

Not only didn’t he–as the guy who redirected efforts in Afghanistan to an illegal war of choice in Iraq–keep us safe. But just about everything he did was un-American.

  1. MaryCh says:

    It is, it is un-American. It’s something that hasn’t happened before in this country, in terms of somebody taking office and then starting to prosecute people who carried out policies that they disagreed with, you know, in the previous administration.

    …And Daddy, especially among Republicans, relied on that construct.

    I guess Addington thought powergrabbing until someone pushed back had a 1/20/09 expiration date.

    • sojourner says:

      I honestly do not believe that Cheney etal ever thought that they would lose the power hold that they had — and no matter what they did, the Republicans who followed them into office could fix whatever issues came up with whatever they did.

      Cheney and friends did everything they could outside the law — but now that it is all coming to light, he appears to be worried about protecting his “legacy.”

      I hope and pray that Obama and Holder will do the right thing to uphold the law, and truly show that no one is above being held to account for what they did or do.

      • AZ Matt says:

        Karl Rove had arranged the Thousand Year Reich Permanent Republican Majority so Dick would not have to worry.

  2. AZ Matt says:

    We can thank Cheney and Bush for the current FU in Afghanistan because of their redirecting men and materials to Iraq and making Afghanistan a backwater for the military. Tomorrow my oldest nephew is deploying for the 2nd time to Afghanistan. Thanks Dickhead.

  3. TheraP says:

    It used to be American exceptionalism.

    Now it’s Cheneydom exceptionalism.

    Don’t forget to keep your eye on BabyDick’s hubby… maybe we should call him “In-lawDick” – as he was in the key places of White House, DoJ, and Homeland Security during the times the worst of these programs were set up and the worst of the stuff done. I still think he’s up to his eyeballs in the nastiness. BabyDick likely has multiple reasons for bleating like a lost sheep… that the crime family is being targeted! Especially PapaDick… targeted, I tell ya!

    Her presence is a good sign… da crime family is feeling da heat!

  4. JohnnyTable70 says:

    Why does the Trad Media give young Cheney a forum? She got her government job through nepotism. Said job with State Department does not appear to have official knowledge of classified activities so why is she appearing on television as if she has something important to say. It’s not like the Clintons sent out Chelsea to defend their record or the Carters paraded Amy to do the same.

  5. Leen says:

    “As if it would be un-American to tell PapaDick he has to follow the law.”

    The nerve.

    Now we wait to witness whether Holder actually meant what he said many times during his nomination hearing “no one is above the law” Or whether he will roll over as he did in the Marc Rich pardon. Will he roll over to Rahm and team?

  6. alabama says:

    He taught his daughter to hold the law in contempt–unless the law takes the form of “rough justice”.

    Could it be a cultural thing? Do most folks from Wyoming think this way?

    • dopeyo says:

      cheney is/was a texan, until someone pointed out that the president and vice-president must be residents of separate states.

  7. JohnnyTable70 says:

    Actually I would call it nepotism — as if America needs another political dynasty. According to the Moonie Times Liz is considering running for national office. I say good luck with that. Either run home to Wyoming where you may get elected or face a thrashing in Virginia.

    • TheraP says:

      As I’ve said, she is the “alternative” mother of 5 candidate! Which is why I’d like to see hubby go down!

    • watertiger says:

      Yeah, all this time we were concerned with the continuation of the inbreeding program that is called “the Bush Family”. Now we have the Cheneys to worry about?

  8. JimWhite says:

    But wait, there could more Dick in our future! From CNN:

    Liz Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney and a former State Department official, said Monday that she is considering running for political office sometime in the future.

    “It’s something I may well may do down the road,” Cheney said in an interview with the Washington Times. “I hope to have the opportunity at some point to have that make sense for my family and everything else that’s going on.”

    They missed the part about whether she’d have time as an elected official to visit PapaDick in jail.

        • phred says:

          That’s inspired : )

          If your frightening prediction of that ticket in ‘12 comes to pass, I sincerely hope you get a bunch of bumper stickers made up ; )

        • LabDancer says:

          Exactly right. It’s no argument that they’re all of them — Dick’s Matalin, Kristol’s Wasillabilly Palin, Dick’s hellspawn Lizdick, Minnesota’s 6th mental care facility escapee, that dead-eyed crocodilian creature on the Lou Dobbs Interpretative News Hour, the political celebrity fanzine screaming Mimis all over the dial on MSNBC and CNN, the Fox All-Blond Bimbette Lockstep Marching Choral Group etc — shallow, ignorant, power-mongering cheerleaders and enablers. SOMEONE must think each and every one of the disturbing darlings is deserving of occupying space on my teevee. And they’re proliferating like crazed rabid mice in heat, so we MUST make space for them somewhere.

          The solution just has to be their own channel. FoxNews has been a godsend to the time and attention challenged – clearly marked, consistently crazy, one stop shopping for those in the market for moronic opinions. And since so many of them are on FoxNews already, I’m suggesting a third or fourth specialty channel run by the same management: 24 hours of double trouble boil and bubble coven coverage — call it FoxyNews.

          And Lizdick and Marymatallin can be their moral and intellectual leaders on government policy both domestic-cultural and foreign-exterminatory — their O’Reilly and Krauthammer.

  9. Rayne says:

    Whoa, you can set your watch by these people.

    First Matalin, then BabyDick. Any time now we should be hearing from the grand old poohbah himself.

    By the evening news, or the 11:00 pm news, I wonder?

      • bmaz says:

        Well it sure as heck ought to make his lawyer a lot happier to have a third party, even if it is BabyDick, out there making the statements instead of PapaDick himself. Cuts down on the prior statements issues.

        • NMvoiceofreason says:

          And there is that whole “evidence of an ongoing criminal conspiracy” issue too.

          Hopefully soon, Liz will have to answer what did she know? And when did she know it? Who told her? Lots of fun questions for Cheneys in public.

      • Rayne says:

        True, the MiniFemMe is more sympathetic with audiences — including conservative audiences — than DeadEye Daddy.

        But DeadEye is a megalomaniacal control freak. He’s going to feel compelled to speak out because he doesn’t like to leave this to others. Never has, or he’d have something better than an 18% approval rating.

    • fatster says:

      And Gen Hayden, too!

      Former CIA Director: No One Told Me Not To Tell Congress

      By Mark Memmott

      “The man [Gen. Mike Hayden] who ran the CIA from 2006 through January says he wasn’t told by then-vice president Dick Cheney not to brief Congress about a covert program aimed at members of al-Qaida, NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly reports.”…..e_tol.html

  10. phred says:


    As if “brave men and women” torture prisoners — prisoners, you know people who cannot defend themselves.

    BabyDick needs a new dictionary. And a moral compass.

  11. joanneleon says:

    She keeps trying the “prosecute because they disagree with their policies” BS even though, if approval numbers mean anything, nobody believes it.

    Well, Mary Matalin was out shilling on CNN yesterday, so you know things are bad. The last time we saw her out in the media defending Cheney was when he shot his friend.

    Even James Carville and Wolf couldn’t seem to tolerate Matalin this time. Carville was looking down, holding his hands together and tapping fingers to restrain himself. Blitzer kept directing questions to Carville but Matalin would find a way to get her two cents in. It almost seemed like CNN invited Carville but Matalin came along. She was particularly odious, saying that the White House can do whatever they want, whenever they want, and she seemed to believe what she was saying too.

    • freepatriot says:

      Matalin came along. She was particularly odious, saying that the White House can do whatever they want, whenever they want, and she seemed to believe what she was saying too.

      I think that statement is actually IN FAVOR of ptosecution

      the Whitehouse can do whatever it wants

      and now, the occupant of the Whitehouse wants to prosecute some war criminals for crimes against humanity

      what’s the problem ???

      the Whitehouse can do whatever it wants

      so liz should shut her fucking pie hole

      is that so hard to understand ???

  12. Leen says:

    ew/all thought you might be interested…..-of-kelly/
    A group of doctors in the UK are mounting a legal and political campaign to overturn the suicide verdict in the death of a British doctor who was found dead shortly after exposing falsehoods about the justification for the Iraq war.

    Dr. David Kelly was found dead in 2003 in a forest near his home in Oxfordshire. An inquiry into his death concluded that he had bled to death during a suicide attempt.

    But 13 UK doctors are now challenging that assertion — and in doing so, renewing suspicions the doctor may have been murdered after it was revealed he was the mole for a BBC report that said evidence used to launch the Iraq war had been “sexed up.”

  13. dakine01 says:

    Wait! I thought Dick and BabyDick were asking for investigations just a couple of weeks ago.

    Ah well, S2D2.

  14. esseff44 says:

    She speculates that the Democrats on the House Intel Committee wrote the letter to Panetta just to provide cover for Pelosi’s comments about the CIA misleading Congress. That doesn’t make sense. She was in no real need of cover. Even Hoestra was complaining about the CIA not leveling about the Peru missionary shoot down at the same time he was complaining about Pelosi’s statement. Nobody could seriously question her statement who knows anything about the subject. It was all fake outrage.

  15. perris says:

    cheney is a traitor and not prosecuting him is the most dangerous thing that could be done, even more dangerous then what cheney has done to this country because not prosecuting these crimes invites crimes more severe, it WILL come back to haunt this country and it will be even worse then this example

  16. earlofhuntingdon says:

    Thanks for this, too, Marcy. The GOP has been all over the Dems for more than a decade, controlling the framing, whose buzzwords are often all that most Americans read or hear about it. Time the Dems, or their blogger backbone help correct the imbalance.

    • readerOfTeaLeaves says:

      Well, LittleDick is scheduled for Morning Joe tomorrow.
      Wanna place bets that no mention will be made of her role in charge of the Iran-Syria region at Dept of State while her dad was VP?

      The winner can make a donation to EW’s kitty.
      Whaddya bet?

  17. dotmafia says:

    Dear Liz “Babydick” Cheney:

    What is “un-American” is ignoring repeated warnings of an immediate and impending terrorist attack on American soil!

    Unless, of course, it was allowed to happen so that daddy and his oil buddies could reap the profits from an illegal war.

    Now THAT would be downright patriotic, right?!