Road Trip Friday

Turns out my family seems to be convening on the East Coast this weekend. So McCaffrey the MilleniaLab are road tripping out to join them today.

bmaz has the keys and I’ve stocked up the liquor cabinet (so you all can bust in there and feel like you’re pulling over a fast one on more again). Please be nice to one another.

I”ll be posting somewhat intermittently while on the East Coast and will have one more driving day. But I will be around in case anything exciting happens.

  1. 4jkb4ia says:

    Have a safe trip.

    She gleefully posts, given an actual open thread:
    “A typical issue of Di arbeiter tsaytung included news about labor and socialist movements in the United States and Europe, an essay on socialist thought or an aspect of revolutionary history, and a polemic, or feuileton.”

    (Tony Michels, A Fire In Their Hearts. Probably next year I will be getting back to Europe)

  2. 4jkb4ia says:

    Another important bit of history was that Philip Krants was brought in from London to edit that paper but Abraham Cahan was second in command, and the Forverts came about when the publishing association split.

  3. JimWhite says:

    Have a great time, Marcy. My wife and I are doing an anti-family road trip. Tomorrow we drive our younger daughter up to North Carolina and drop her off Sunday for a couple of weeks of summer camp. Then we are taking a few kidless nights to come back: one at Hilton Head and two on Amelia Island. Our first non-kid multi-night trip since a couple weeks after 9/11.

    Barkeep: I know it’s early but I’ll start with an Anchor Steam.

  4. BoxTurtle says:

    Have a great trip…

    The Scene: An undisclosed location. There is a faint sound of kittens mewing. A Phone rings.

    Cheney: What?
    Voice: The Wheeler female is away from her computer and her sources.
    Cheney (Grabs paper and pencil): What’s the planes tail number?
    Voice: She’s driving.
    Cheney: Dang. Well, I want everything we’re going to have to dump anyway released to Fox & Time before she get’s whereever she’s going…Unh, she’s not visiting Fitzgerald, is she?
    Voice: Word is no. I’ll get the data dump together. And Libby is on line two, something about his wife. His wife is on line three.
    Cheney (exiting quickly): Fox will want an interview…just take messages.

    Boxturtle (If I were Cheney and I thought Marcy wasn’t watching….)

  5. JohnForde says:

    Have fun EW!
    Will you & McCaffery go swimming in any of those crystal clear eastern lakes?

  6. fatster says:

    Have a wonderful time, EW, and write if you find work. (”Write if you find work” was one of the more poignant (is it ok to use that word again?) quotations from the Great Depression/Dust Bowl era.)

  7. skdadl says:

    I’ve stocked up the liquor cabinet

    Whew. Mine eyes first read that as “locked up.”

    I’m still working through the Time faux-new-journalism thread, which is very rich and often very funny. What an absurd piece of writing that article is. There’s a certain kind of msm narration that just gets my antennae quivering right away these days — too smooth, literary ambitions outrunning actual narrative skill, whitewash posing as truth — and that article is a good example. A lot of WaPo stuff is as well. Actually, the Starr report (somebody in Starr’s office thinks he’s Samuel Richardson?) and the 9/11 commission report are prime examples.

    Somebody should tell people who aren’t Wolfe, Didion, Halberstam, or Hunter Thompson that the art depends on the truth, not the pretension.

    • tejanarusa says:

      Kewl! Most of us can only dream of friends talented and brave enough to perform like that. I hope they’re still having so much fun.

  8. Leen says:

    Have a great and safe trip. Hope you will be walking the dogs.

    Yes Men Fix the World is soon to be released. This is going to be a good one to see

  9. posaune says:

    happy and safe travels, ew. you’ve certainly earned a pause.
    bmaz, where’s the slijivovica?

  10. ChuckinDenton says:

    I’m going to locate a good used copy of Anatomy of Deceit and donate it to the public library where I work. Apparently the supplier we usually use lists it as “out of print”.

  11. CTMET says:

    Well it looks like the average IQ of the east coast is goin’ up a a little bit this weekend.

  12. freepatriot says:

    waaa ???

    and feel like you’re pulling over a fast one on more again).

    you really sarahed that line

    there’s no need to go all princess palin in yer syntax just cuz ya got a day off

    on a personal note, ain’t yer family Irish ???

    and you’re worried about us

    trashin this place ???

    try not to trash the east coast, an we’ll try not to trash this place

    you be nice to the NASCAR crowd ya might meet on the road, and we’ll try to treat the formula one people around here semi-decent, is it a deal ???

    if the east coast runs out of Beamish, this could get ugly folks …