BREAKING! Karl Rove Lectures on “Hitting at US Security” During Time of War


 You think maybe someone should tell Republicans that the guy who outed and then called Valerie Plame "Fair Game" is not their most credible person to sow pout-rage over the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate torture?

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  1. bmaz says:

    Yer following Rover on teh Twitter? Get a life. Drink a Beamish. Something….

    Vick already in at QB for Iggles. 2-2 17yds.

    Oh, and Pete Carroll named a true freshman, Matt Barkley, as starting QB for USC. Kid is really impressive – watch out Gators!

  2. behindthefall says:

    Is the U.S. in fact “at war”? Does anything that Congress has passed actually rise to the level of a declaration of war, Constitution-style? The GWOT is a crock of political propaganda, AFAIK; neither the actions in Iraq nor in Afghanistan, thank heavens, have the dimensions of WWII. There’s nothing to KKK’s initial assertion, is there?

    • Rayne says:

      Yeah, was thinking about the PR/propaganda that was GWOT.

      Labeling everything GWOT was merely a device to get around Pres. Ford’s EO 11905, barring political assassination. It’s not political if it’s war, you know, so we just call it war.

      Added bonus if we call it war: we can deploy ALL the military toys and funding instead of limiting ourselves to tiny bells and whistles of covert and clandestine ops. And if we add the g-word (global), we can play with our toys any where we f*cking want to. Blammo!

      • behindthefall says:

        With the added freebie of being able to call anyone who questions you a hazard to the national health.

  3. MadDog says:

    And in case anyone misses this, from Spencer over at Windy:

    Even More CIA Documents to Be Disclosed Monday

    Expected Monday, as the result of Judge Alvin Hellerstein’s order: A…presidential order from Sept. 17, 2001 authorizing the CIA to set up unacknowledged detention facilities around the world…

    …Aside from that order, there are just a few more disclousres, like about 129 documents from the closed CIA inspector general files, including interview reports, cables, emails and more. And then about 138 documents from the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel that the CIA insisted on classifying…

    • Rayne says:

      Hooboy. They must be getting very, VERY worried if they have to bring out the single largest abuser of red hair coloring agents to puff up and blow smoke in her oh-so-special way.


      I think this is the part I hated the most about the l’affaire du Plame — the useless, fetid hot air of propagandistes like Miss Vicky. At least the lipstick-makeup industry will report an improvement in business volume this next quarter.

      [note to self: buy cosmetic stocks tomorrow on uptick…]

  4. Neil says:

    Fox 25 in Boston is supposed to show Miami and Tampa Bay but we’re getting live coverage of Ted’s lying in repose at the JFK library.

    Who’s broadcasting the Eagles?

    Looks like Barry is coming to Boston Friday instead of Saturday to miss Hurricane Danny. I’d like to invite him over for a game of basketball and a Beamish but he’s hard to get a hold of.

      • PJEvans says:

        Use the Bud Lite to make some bread, and save the good stuff to drink. (See Cooks Illustrated All Time Best Recipes: ‘Almost No-Knead Bread’ uses mild-flavored beer.)

  5. Chickenbone says:

    [email protected],
    Are you talking about the Connecuit Cowboy of Crawford,Texas? You know the one with the faux dude ranch,with no livestock,nothing but brush,the cowboy that is scared of horses? Is this the same the dude that abandoned his dude ranch Jan 20,2009? I could’ve sworn that cowboy-dude you’re talking about gave up drinking years ago?
    Who are you talking about?

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