Surplus Trash Talk – Trojans And Vikings

We got off to an early start on Trash Talk because of the first game of the NFL season Thursday night. Just so everybody has an easily accessible place to jaw about the games, and especially the big Ohio State-USC tilt and the rest of the Sunday and Monday NFL games, here is another Trash thread.

A couple of comments are in order. That was a great season opener Thursday with the Stillers nipping the Titans in overtime. I still wish the NFL would give both teams a shot before ending overtimes in sudden death – it just isn’t right that one team can own the ball, kick a field goal and the other team never gets a shot – but that was a great game. Polamalu getting injured may haunt Pittsburgh though. Despite the loss, the Titans look solid.

The big Wolvereenie-Domer matchup in da Big House has, somewhat surprisingly, been great to watch. Not much for defense, but both offenses have gotten a lot of exercise and it has been fun. A far cry from the pitiful matchup up the unvictorious and untieds that took place last year. And Big Blue has won a thriller 38-34. Oh Masaccio, I think you need to sing Hail To The Victors to Marcy! If Weiss also gets blown out by USC again, how does he survive? So far, the rest of the college schedule has gone as expected. BYU just obliterated Tulane and really looks good on the heels of their upset of ex-trollkiller Freepatriot’s Sooners. A shoutout is also owed to GulfCoastPirate for his call on the Houston Cougars (William Ockham’s hometown team too) for their big upset of number 5 rated Oklahoma State. Very impressive.

As to the pros, nothing new until tomorrow except the Tequila charges against Shawne Merriman have been dropped and RanDiego is now crowing about the inevitability of the Bolts winning the Super Bowl. Oh, and some old geezer has apparently been named captain of the Vikings ahead of the season opener against Mannotsogenius and the Brownies.

There is also tennis via the US Open from Flushing Meadows. Nadal and Federer appear on a collision course and a young girl named Caroline Wozniacki looks to overcome an unseeded opponent to take on the winner of Serena Williams versus Kim Clijsters (in a great comeback run) for the women’s final.

And last, but never least, for the F1 Circus afficionados, the always exciting Italian Grand Prix from Monza will go off at 8 am Eastern time with the pre-race starting at 7:30 am, all on Speed Channel. Lewis Hamilton of McLaren is on pole with the suddenly surprising Force India team, by driver Adrian Sutil, in P2. Ferrari’s Raikonnen is P3 with Brawn’s Rubens Barricello and Jenson Button in P5 and P6 respectively.

Today’s musical selection is "Lights Out" in honor of Shawne Merriman beating the rap and in anticipation of what USC will do the home of three yards and a cloud of dust.

That’s it folks; juke the joint! Go Trojans!!!

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  1. JimWhite says:

    Congrats, Marcy. Your kid did great, but Tebow threw for four TD’s and ran for one today. Touchdown passes in 30 staight games now. My youngest decided we should just start calling touchdowns Tebows.

    My morning paper says Trojans by 7. I think it’s more like Trojans by 20.

  2. ANOther says:

    bmaz, your times on F1 are Pacific Time not Eastern Time, it’s Force India not Foce India and Rubens is P5 not P%. Apart from that, you did great.

  3. bobschacht says:

    I managed to see most of the second half of the ND-Mich game, and it was well worth it. Tuned in just in time to see the Wolverine’s frosh QB fake an ND linebacker(?) out of his jockstrap and run 31 yards for a Touch. Then anguished while the Wolverine’s porous defense allowed ND to march down the field with impunity. And then marveled again as frosh QB led the ‘rines on their final victory drive.

    Michigan’s gonna have to learn how to play some defense if they want to get anywhere in the Big Ten.

    Oh, well, and I was channel switching, too, watching the end of the Braves-Cardinals game. The Cards have turned to Crud in the past few games.

    Bob in AZ

  4. cregan says:

    Needless to say, I am pissed off ND didn’t come through. But, it was a great game to watch, and at least they were back in the big time for a short while.

    Even though they lost, the team looked much better than the last years, and they could still recover. Home field would have helped.

    • Linnaeus says:

      I’m a U-M alum and lifelong fan, so I was happy about the outcome. That said, I was impressed by Notre Dame. Clausen’s the real deal; he and ND’s receivers shredded U-M’s secondary all day (it also helped that Clausen had eons of time to pass except in the third quarter). With ND’s schedule, I could see them winning at least 8 games. Not bad.

  5. freepatriot says:

    glad I can contribute

    some day I might be able to contribute usefully

    if you don’t expect too much

    and don’t hold yer breath …

    good game today, huh

    looks like JoePa might have some work to do

    Michigan and Ohio State in the same season ???

    that ain’t fair

  6. freepatriot says:


    glad ya came in from the cold

    btw, about this:

    I am a Bolts and Sun Devils fan.

    you came to the right place, we’re here to help …


  7. Idland says:

    Went to a scrimmage at Quallcom about a month ago. Nanee looked pretty good. Live in Boise but not a real fan of the smurf turf.

  8. Mauimom says:

    bmaz, I was at the OSU-USC game. As a USC fan, it was a real nail-biter. Frankly, I don’t know how USC won. They just didn’t look that good until the last 8 minutes.

    “The Shoe” was totally intimidating. Loud & crazy.

    It will be interesting to see what happens to USC in the rankings.

    There could also be a re-match on Jan.1 in Pasadena.

    • bmaz says:

      Horseshoe no problemo. OSU fans are rabid, but very good and fairly cool fans. They have been here in force many times for the Fiesta Bowl and they hoop it up and get at it pretty good.

      But I gots two issues wit em. One, there is that whole Pac8-10/Big-10 thingy from Rose Bowls before I was born; and then there was that OSU taking John Cooper from ASU right when they had gotten on their first kick ass run since Frank Kush was wrongfully and tragically shown the back door. So there’s that too. However, we did get a bit o revenge cause Cooper couldn’t beat Big Blue to beat shit at OSU. Cooper was 2-10-1 against Bo Merlot and the Blue; and one of the two was with ASU in the Rose Bowl.

  9. bmaz says:

    Eeeeek. Okay, um, granted there was no standardized ass whuppin. And USC looked shaky for USC. But what the fuck, eh? Turns out there is a W in the first column tomorrow, and they got more growing issues than we all let on. Ohio State better than I thought though. Jeebus.

  10. klynn says:

    I told you bmaz, OSU is a very young team this year. We Buckeyes were going to be happy to just keep it from a whuppin. Our Buckeyes kept the game going.

    Overall, we are quite pleased here.

  11. freepatriot says:

    OSU still has a chance to win

    Oregon State @ UNLV

    Beavers recovered a fumble when UNLV looked certain to score

    6:00 left in the second …

    update, 0-0 at 4:00

  12. randiego says:

    Dude, great video.

    In 1978 I went to Summer Jam at Jack Murphy Stadium. The lineup:
    Cheap Trick
    Blue Oyster Cult
    Billy Squier

    I think the Pretenders were the opening act, but I might be wrong about that.

      • cregan says:

        bmaz, got to hand it to you, USC came through. I was contemplating some great trash talk somewhere around the 4:30 mark; I had it all ready to go.

        But, the freshman QB pulled it out. Had to be one of the great finishing drives I’ve ever seen. Everything was going against them. McKnight was no where the whole game, and then gets in gear.

        Really, that was quite an incredible come back.

      • randiego says:

        No way! My best memory of that show was some drunk dude falling out of the loge level into the plaza section, landing on someone, getting up and walking away. About a 20ft drop.

  13. Jeff Kaye says:

    bmaz is gonna kill me for this, but Go Bears! This is their year…

    (of course, for all those who know the history of the benighted Bears, they specialize in recent years in getting their fans all jazzed, and then do a big fade… but with Tedford seemingly finally getting his recruitment assemblage in place, a real competent quarterback, and Jahvid Best, they might have a chance to finally win the Pac-10, and given their ranking, I suppose I’m not the only one who thinks that)

    My dream (and EW should be happy), a national championship btw Cal and Michigan (I lived in Ann Arbor for awhile a long time ago) — let the best team then win! (a nod to EW and to blogger peace here)

    Forgive me bmaz, as I forgive you your Trojan trespasses.

  14. radiofreewill says:

    Congrats to Big Blue! With the Buckeye Choke still alive and well, it looks, at least, like the Big-10 will be competitive with themselves this year!

  15. pdaly says:

    Newsflash. According to E.W. (Entertainment Weekly) Kurt Warner to make an appearance on the Disney Channel show “The Suite Life on Deck.”

    SPOILER ALERT (close your eyes, bmaz!): Warner wears a hot pink sequined uniform and helmet, because the heiress on the show, as part of a fantasy football theme, buys the Cardinals and renames them the “Sparklies.”

    OT: In that same Entertainment Weekly I read that the Seinfeld cast will guest star in a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode this season.

    • scribe says:

      So, that “Sparklies” thing is going to explain give BMAz an excuse why the Cardinals can’t reliably avoid a TV blackout and, despite coming off being NFC Champions and nearly winning it all, can’t manage to sell all their tickets?

      Me? I’m just reveling in the glow of last Thursday night and the results. I think the waiting list for Steelers tickets (i.e., to buy them from the team, rather than a scalper) is something like 30 years long.

      • emptywheel says:

        Yeah, but did you notice how before the game everyone predicted the Stillers would win the division, but as soon as Polamalu got hurt, everyone started predicting the Ravens would?

  16. scribe says:

    Irony, thou wearest a Jets jersey.

    Earlier in the week, the world’s biggest Jets fan, the guy whose bid of $400,000 won the personal seat licenses for the two first row 50 yard line seats in the new Jets’ stadium was arrigned on federal mortgage fraud charges in federal court in Newark.

    The complaint is here. In short, he is accused of running his mortgage brokerage crookedly. Anyone who’s been following the way mortgages are originated, then bundled and sold to downstream investors (at the core of the mortgage collaspe debacle) will understand how it was done. He is alleged to have originated mortgages and then sold the same mortgages multiple times to different investors, then taken the profits for himself.

  17. 4jkb4ia says:

    Mark Sanchez is doing all right!

    In near-miraculous news, and my writing this will be an instant jinx, Del Potro is up two sets AND a break.

    I saw Tate Forcier run for a touchdown yesterday. (I walked into the restaurant with many TVs to check the rain situation)

    • 4jkb4ia says:

      I didn’t “watch” it as much as attend to scores for three sports at once, but it looks as if Del Potro turned on the gas as much as he did against Cilic, and per NYT reporter he didn’t let Nadal run.

      (I notice that Atogwe has another interception. Best thing that happened in this awful game all day. I am happy I have Roger to watch.)

  18. bmaz says:

    Jeebus did I get hosed on the games on the tube here. Morning games were Dallas/Bucs and Denver/Bengals. Bleech. Bengals still clearly suck and Josh McDaniels is 1-0; had to win by the freakiest fluke imaginable though. Afternoon selection is the Cards/49ers. May have to just take a nap until the Pack and Bears come on.

    • emptywheel says:

      I somehow got NFL Ticket for almost free. So I got everything here. Though I gotta say the Niners game is fascinating me. Remember, I said I thought Niners might surprise this year.

      Stafford had 3 INTs, which is not surprising (the last one was during garbage time). But the Lions didn’t look AS BAD as they could have.

      The intriguing game, really intriguing, was the KC game. They kept it close until the end, with Cassell on the bench.

  19. emptywheel says:

    And remember how bringing in Vick wasn’t going to invite drama? We’ll, seeing as how McNabb broke his ribs, I’m not so sure (though Vick still has one more week inactive). Still, Vick as QB for a while may focus the Iggles.

  20. 4jkb4ia says:

    I am even luckier. RH is next week so I do not have to pay attention to this awful team three weeks out of the next 4.

  21. 4jkb4ia says:

    Nadal admits in his press conference that his stomach was bothering him but since he is a class act also says that Del Potro simply played better.

    I would appreciate if the Niners could win the division.

  22. freepatriot says:

    Drew Fookin Brees !!!

    kid’s got a promising future

    next week we’ll find out how he does against a real defense …

    an jes soes youes guys know, jay cutlet ain’t no quarterback (the guy has the IQ of a sea cucumber)

  23. BayStateLibrul says:

    At 4PM, in lieu of hoping the 7 Subway to the Queens, pour yourself a glass of wine, kick up your feet, and watch Roger battle with the six foot six power forward Del Potro….

  24. freepatriot says:

    it was nice of Markos to sponsor the officiating crew in New England tonight

    it would explain the orange unis …

  25. john in sacramento says:

    How ’bout them Trojans?

    I thought it’d be somewhat close until midway through the 3rd quarter, but eventually the kid kept his cool. Good job Buckeyes for keeping it close

    Adrian Peterson is a MAN among men


    Pats v Bills

    This is like picking on your little brother. The Bills have the ultimate team blower-upper (TO), in addition they fired the OC. The line is anywhere from 10.5 to 13. The only reason it might be close is it usually takes a week or two to knock the rust off of the offense

    Pats win anyway. They cover. Give the points, it won’t matter


    Chargers v Raiders

    Chargers are from 9 – 10.5

    Top 5 reasons Chargers win

    1) Raiduhs suck

    2) Al Davis thinks he’s Elvis’ long lost bro

    3) Tom Cable beats up his own assistants

    4) Two words: Dumpster. Fire.

    5) Repeat 1

    Again same thing with the offense usually needing a week or two to get in sync – it won’t matter. Chargers win and cover even with Norvall as coach

  26. bmaz says:

    Field looks like one of those Canadian jobs or something. Dirt everywhere. I’ll take Golic and Steve Young over Chucky and Tirico. Jaworski is tolerable, but not great.

  27. Idland says:

    chargers have done this to me so many times in the past, making me stay up late chewing my fingernails. especially the early part of the season.

    • randiego says:

      Dunno – is he hurt? He finished with a 4.2 avg, that’s right where he needs to be. I don’t know why he didn’t play more.

      Sproles is a weapon, along with all those big receivers. They finally got their act together at the end – you had the feeling Rivers would get it done. But, that defensive play is disappointing. No QB pressure. Tom Brady would have thrown for 400 yards.

      I’m not convinced that TD was a bad call. You have to come down with the ball on the field, it should be the same in the end zone.

      Did you see that replay of Merriman chasing that guy? Clearly not the same player. It came out in the paper this week that AJ Smith wanted him to get his surgery in February ‘08, instead he waited. Probably another black mark against him with the front office.

  28. Idland says:

    Very ugly but a w, with the bad call though. Nice to see Sproules close it out after getting mauled in the first half.

  29. BayStateLibrul says:

    “Roger’s Rumpus Room becomes Juan Martin’s Patio, at least for a year. Don’t cry, Argentina – dance” Bud Collins

    I feel bad for Roger…

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