Trash Talk – Spooks And Jukes Edition

Hi there Wheelies and Lugnuts, we have reached the end of another week. So now the fun starts!

Marcy and I kind of have a lot of the same interests, that is how I came to be here. Today she wrote about the Ambinder Atlantic article on top spooks caterwauling about the lame ass, to start with, Holder "preliminary review" on the beyond the criminal guidelines, set out by even the tortuous Bush/Cheney Administration, torture.

Yowzah, that letter, and article, was the definition of hubris, both as to the letter from the Head Spooks and Ambinder’s article. But the fact is it was a predictable juke on the part of the spooks, meant to feint the supposedly rookie Obama in a misdirection. The spooks are not as slippery as Darren Sproles though and, hopefully, nobody will fall for that bunk.

That was the spooks, lets look at the jukes on tap. First up, college football; and there are few really big games this weekend. The first is, believe it or not, Boise State v. Fresno State tonight. Boise State is up by two touchdowns midway through the fourth quarter. Since Jacory Harris and the U Hurricanes decimated the Ramblin Wreck last night, the only real top matchup is the Cornhuskers v. Va Tech. I’ll take the Hokies in that one. If you got other interests in the college ranks (Hi Jim White and Freep) talk em up.

National Favre League: The biggest game this weekend is the Jerry Jones Bowl. Jerry has a brand new scoreboard and Bad Eli’s punter wants to take it out. Godspeed punter dude. Bad Eli is missing his weapon, Plaxico, who is headed to the real big house because he, ignorantly, had a weapon (and shot himself in the freaking thigh). Eli wil miss Plaxico, more than Romo-eo misses TO, but the Gents have too much (remember Osi Umenyiora? He’s back). Sorry Jerry, ‘Boys get spanked.

It is a fine line between love and hate, but the Panthers are done; Dirty Birds take em in Hot ‘Lanta. Matt Stafford ain’t no Brett Favre, even a forty year old Favre; Vikes hand the Lions yet another loss. Rams versus Skins – I dunno, Skins ought to win, but I take the Goats in an upset. Houston at the Titans – I took the Houston Tejans as a sleeper this year, but they are going to be Oh and Two; they didn’t play great, but nobody but Big Ben and the Stillers would have beaten Tennessee last week. Rayduhs over the Chiefs and Colts over the Fish. And the Cheesers dispatch the snakebit Bengals.

Now, for some tough matchups. I got the Saints and Drew Brees throwin over and down on the Iggles and the Jagged ones taking out the ozone captured Cardinals (Seminal rule: The Cardinals fucking suck; never bet against that trend line). I’ll take the Bills over the Buccos at Boofalo and the 49ers over the Squawks at Frisco. The Pittsburgh Tomlins at Soldier Field? The Black and Gold will make veal Cutlerets out of that scene; maybe next year Cubs, er, Bears fans. The Donkos go Oh and Two for young Josh McDaniel against the hapless Brownies. That leaves the Ravens and Bolts – sorry Bolts, your Norval and Rivers comes up just short of a Harbaugh and Flacco (Viva Tequila!). And the Jets, Jets, Jets. They run into the Pats; but it is in Joisey. Ouch. Tough gig. I dunno, this is a toss up.

That is it for this weekend; if you have other sports and trash to talk, let fly. In honor of the spook portion of this weeks Trash, I leave you two musical versions of 1984 (Big Brother IS watching you!). It has been 25 years since 1984; now THAT is spooky!

Oh, and one more bit of housekeeping. On the eve of the rematch of the big Texass Tek upset of Texass last year (hey Michael Crabtree, can’t you sign your name?), our favorite lovebirds, Mr. and Mrs. RanDiego, are off, as of yesterday, on their much anticipated honeymoon to Oztralia. Surfer Dude has dual citizenship there; if I was Lady RanDiego, I wouldn’t let the primordial family leave the beautiful down under. Enjoy folks!

Rip it up.

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  1. radiofreewill says:

    McVeigh’s route through Oklahoma City was captured on ATM video cameras – which run 24/7. Nowadays, we’re all on camera everywhere, even at McDonald’s…

    It’s payback weekend for Florida and Texas.

    Calling our Coach a cheater is Bad – Gators 52-7 over the Volunteers.

    Texas is going to put the train back on the tracks in the post-Vince Young era by making right on last year’s thrilling loss to the Red Raiders – 45-21 Longhorns.

  2. freepatriot says:

    who’s idea was it to let randiego go aussie on us ???

    they got massive tasty waves down there

    the dude ain’t comin back

    I seen Big Wednesday

    I know how this stuff works

    ya ain’t dealin with an amateur here

    oh yeah, about the trash talk

    Drew Fookin Brees

    that oughta cover it …

    Go Tech, beat the shit outta texas

    • leinie says:

      It was, wasn’t it? First quarter looking like another BSU route, then BAM! That running back figures out the defense, and it’s off to the races.

  3. LabDancer says:

    Speaking of Women of Oblongball, Rachel had a little piece on this tonight:…..icant.html

    from which the first thing I gain is further insight into my status as a card-carrying member of the Self-Loathers Norske fan club.

    Every time we get to meet the bride at the Super alter, it turns into the Super Bowl version of Naked Lunch, she’s a praying mantis & we’re the only thing on the menu; that little boat trip around Lake Pantsbegone; learning the hard way that, so early was Randy Moss discovered as a prodigy, he had a member of his posse log in for him at toilet training; & now this: over the past 20 years, the beleaguered Vikes- the team of Mister Justice Alan Page- has been feeding nine bucks to the Repulsives for every 8 bits one of our impoverished deadend ragamuffins was able to beg or scrounge from Red McCombs [Maybe it’s a litte different now under Zygi Sawdust; or maybe Al Davis has talked him out of throwing even token peanuts at the circus animals as some sort of nominal insurance against get busted by the feds right in the trust=basket.

    The Norsemen graft tendencies have not been particularly unusual, & there are bright spots, like the Stillers of course, the Pelosi Feinsteins naturally, fearless leaders toothless tabbies, the St Pats [though cheap bastards; neither unexpected], the Beefalos no surprise, the Iggles that fly & Fish that … fly as well, and on both coasts, the Rams [Hollywood forever], just to name … well, all of them [Just learned precisely how offensive is the Bolts ownership].

    For a lark, I tracked the last 20 Super Bowls as to which team donated more to the formless Dems & which more to the Repulsives, and who came out on top [a euphemism for “won”]. I’ve got it at a dead heat, 10 of each, with the one outlier, predictably “Just win, baby” again, in 2002 when Davis’ PER CENT AGE to the Ds higher, but given the total amount involved coming from his pocket, along with a broken comb, week-old breath mints and lint, The Bucs lesser per cent age dwarfed even Al’s total; and that’s assuming Al plunked the whole bundle down all at once, and that was the once.

    So now if the Vikes do get to the alter for a record fifth [breaking the tie for most a bridegroom always lunch], and its against Brady’s St Pats or the Stillers [the Maras having been eliminated], I will be able to demonstrate a significantly greater cool than is usual for a fan of one the participants, because secretly I’ll be cheering for the other side [I’ve actually tried this a number of times to break a bad streak or the tension waiting for the Vikes to do something insanely inept, like running the wrong way for a score]; so far it’s too volatile to entrust to visitors.

    • radiofreewill says:

      LD – Sounds like you SLN Fans are somewhat hesitant to burn the boats on the other shores of the Northland – and commit to ‘Win or Die!’ I recommend that you guys load-up the swords and shields, kiss your wimmins good-bye, and live for the Glory –

      Purple Haze – The Cure

      Don’t hold back! Change the Game and Collectively take the attitude that Floats All Boats!

      • LabDancer says:

        If I understand, Doctor W, for persistent cases of SLN fan disease, you prescribe dilute LSD — enabling sufferers to escape their mauve moods by turning to unreserved indiscriminate marauding.

        I think it’s possible that you’re reading too much into the LD handle; if so, it’s of a piece with the rest of all that’s beside the point about the Norske.

        My central theory is that the Vikes serve to exemplify the collapse of the disintegration of the American amalgam: making a fateful turn to the dark side of tinkle-down economics & away from their natural state of ruddy egalitarian fellowship as they moved into the Wagnerian conception of Valhalla, the Metrodome on the Mall in the early 1980s, wrought from the sweat, toil & municipal bond slavery of the state’s Nibelungen, blasphemed in the bargain by the abomination being named out of some perversion of an understandable urge to honor the quintessential happy DFL warrior, himself rendered defenseless in preventing the outrage from having taken his farewell tour on the dragon-boat-turned-funeral-pyre years earlier.

        Yours may be the solution, but I’m more inclined to push for a renaming ceremony, such as to the Coleman Centre, or the Pawlenty Pod, or the Bush Baggy — to ease its abandonment, return to the frozen tundra, and perhaps a less utterly feral pattern of political contributions.

        • radiofreewill says:

          Oh, LD! How will you Norske ever keep up with the Hubcap-festooned dragon boat of our fearless leader as she leads us all in the conquest to re-take fallen Valhalla? It took the Athenians ten years – ten years! – just to sail to Troy, a city that they believed was at the End of the Earth! So, by the time we plunder our way to the Gates of Valhalla, you guys will be drunk in Mykonos!

          As solutions go, imvho, Skillful Plundering is much better than Home-steading! Warriors need to regularly dull their axes on troublesome obstructions! Ever onward, atrampling is Good. In that sense, an eye-sore home Stadium built on the backs of the little people only adds to the motivation to tear-up everyone else’s Stadium!

          If complete mastery of the known world is what you’re after, imvho, then unreserved ‘well-discerned’ marauding is the only way to go!

          • freepatriot says:

            by the time we plunder our way to the Gates of Valhalla, you guys will be drunk in Mykonos!

            is that near Tijuana ???

            I think I got arrested there once …

    • nomolos says:

      Pats doubters huh? Phogetaboutit Pats toast the O’Connell defense plans and do a Galloway on the one DB left over after triple teaming Moss. How does 30+ to zip sound?

      And…. for you Formula 1 nuts, like me, Renault is gone, gone, gone.

  4. JimWhite says:

    Jeebus, but a guy could get a complex around here getting trashed by the hosts so regularly in the main body of the post before I can defend myself in the threads. But that’s okay, because my Saturday football marathon today will be big fun.

    My Jayhawks get the Dookies in an early game; gonna love that one. KU could be a stealth team this year.

    Gators and Tennessee in the afternoon. Folks are pretty worked up here about that one. Lane Kiffen spouting off with nothing to back it up is going to cost him big time. Even though Tennessee sucks, tickets can’t be found for under $200 for this one, so look for a very loud crowd. The Gators will be ready.

    Gotta worry about those Trojans. U Dub was pretty good against LSU and could reach up and swat SC if they aren’t really ready to go.

    Couple of good SEC games in the evening, so my day will be complete.

    [On the real world front, I look forward to EW and bmaz ’splainin’ how the JUSTICE Act introduced by Feingold et. al. will rescind retroactive immunity for the telcos. So the spying was illegal when done, made legal through retroactive immunity in FAA and then could be re-criminalized through JUSTICE. Would lawsuits and/or prosecutions actually be able to proceed? Inquiring minds want to know.]

  5. TheraP says:

    Typo (1st paragraph) – Maybe you want to change (or tweak) this:

    We have reached the end of another weekend.

    (Or did I lose track of the days here?)

  6. emptywheel says:

    IMO, my most interesting games are:

    OAK @ KC (I’m gonna pick KC to win this one, mostly bc I fell asleep before the end of the OAK SD game last time and can pretend they didn’t look as good as they did)

    NE @ NYJ (I’m with Neil, reluctantly doubting NE will get it done)

    SEA @ SF (If my sentimental pick of Singletary’s Niners will at all come to fruition, SF will have to win this, but I do think it’ll be a cracker of a game)

    NO @ PHI (This is where the Iggles will be missing Jim Johnson, cause I don’t think they’re going to get to Brees as often as they’ll need to to reel him in)

    NYG @ DAL (Once again, I gotta reluctantly go with the home team–the relief Dallas felt last week not to have the distraction of TO was palpable)

  7. CasualObserver says:

    Giants win in Dallas in spite of NYG offense, driven by at least one defensive TD. Romo will demand bigger earholes on his helmet by end of game, because the existing ones are too small to see through.

  8. john in sacramento says:


    Cal 35, Gophers 21

    Sorry Gophers, love ya but you came across a team with top ten talent today. On Sundays you get the pleasure of watching Adrian Peterson tear it up — today you were able to see the 2009 Heisman Trophy winner up close and personal

    Jahvid Best’s 5 touchdowns…

    Highlights (video from 2007 season)


    I expect Texas to win over Tech.

    Sorry Randiego


    BYU over FSU


    What’s the deal with Alabama???? North Texas?

    What? The Birmingham Barber College was booked this weekend? No girls rugby teams were available? (no offense to girls rugby teams)

    Step yo’ game up, Tide


    Now, on to, The. National. Football. League.

    The games that jump out at me

    Pats v Jets

    I like Sanchez. I like Ryan’s fresh attitude. But Belichik is going to teach them a lesson, and btw the all-world Tom Brady is playing again

    Pats win


    Seahawks v Niners

    I like what Singletary’s doing. They have the best linebacker in all of football in Patrick Willis and they’re fundamentally sound. But, the Seahawks have too many weapons. Hasslebeck is healthy. TJ Housmensada (sp?) is solid.

    Seahawks steal this one on the road


    Steal? – erm, looks like a segue into …

    Steelers v Bears

    Matchups. The Bears have made a living over the years on out-muscling other teams — uh, against this team, notsomuch. The Steelers are bigger, stronger, faster, and oh btw they’re the world champs. The Steelers will hound Forte and force Cutler to throw to … Larry, Moe and Curly? seriously, who? Cutler might go for the over on his ints of last week, which was 4

    Steelers win


    Giants v Cowboys

    Even though I’ve hated the ‘boys since Drew Pearson shoved Nate Wright down on the Hail Mary pass in the NFC Championship game at the Met in 1975. And even though I think the Giants have a more complete team and take the division.

    Cowboys win the inaugural game in the new behemoth stadium

    PS it’s possible somebody punts a ball into the Jerrytron in pregame warmups and it crashes into the turf


    Last, but not least

    Vikings v Lions

    This could be the mirror image of Jahvid Best and Cal today

    Adrian Peterson runs for 5 TDs and Favruh spends all afternoon handing off to the best RB in the universe, with an occasional pass to Percy Harvin sprinkled in

    Vikes win

    Oh and PS Favruh hasn’t lost to the Lions in something like 8 or 10 years

  9. bmaz says:

    Ain’t just Favre, nobody else has lost much to the Lions in the last 8-10 years.

    Trojans suck at Washington. Jeebus, you cannot lose that game if you are USC. But they did.

  10. bmaz says:

    Yeah, that is a bad loss. I know the Huskies are much improved, has a decent quarterback in Locker, and I also think Sarkisian will turn out to be a very good coach. Still, if you are USC you just cannot lose that game

  11. ThadBeier says:

    You USC haters haven’t won anything today — the only thing that’s worse that a USC fan saying “We’re Number 1!” is one saying “We oughta be number 1 even if we lost a game!” And unfortunately, there will be not one, but five million of my city-mates saying that. Ugh.

    I am in love with Mike Singletary. I need to have one of the “I’m not a moral victory kind of guy” posters. Watching him call a timeout near the end of a game *on defense* last week, and stomping out to give his guys hell…well…it’s great to see. SF beats Seattle so badly they won’t know what hit them.

  12. BayStateLibrul says:

    Key to victory for Patsies

    “Throw a dizzying array of defenses at Mark Sanchez to keep him off-balance and uncomfortable. Bill Belichick lives to torture young quarterbacks.” (Globule)

    What do the Jets bring to the party?
    New Yawk style bombast. According to Shaughnessey, “The Jets last week won a game with their new coach and their rookie quarterback, and since that day they’ve been acting like chumps”

    Final: Patriots 27 Chumps 19…

      • bmaz says:

        Is that why you are so googly eyed over Singletary – the inner realization that the Pats, what with only cheese left to replace the Mayo, suddenly have no leadership at linebacker? You need a Monster of the Midway like Singletary in the middle for the Pats and suddenly are fresh out of such experienced studs.

        • emptywheel says:

          Nah, I’m so googly over Singletary bc it’s good to see how quickly real discipline can help a team turn around.

          I think we’ll see similar stuff on the Kitties (who are still up at this point on your Favrays going into the half), but it’ll take a while longer bc the team is so young.

      • bmaz says:

        The Gamecocks? Damn, the ‘ole Ballcoach is losing his magic.

        Seriously, yes, I noticed that. Happens every year and it is a weakness. Usually at the end of the year I still feel they are one of the two best teams and I think they have been rooked by the BCS in favor of inferior Ohio State and Oklahoma teams a couple of those years. Truth be told, I am not particularly a devoted USC fan, I am a Pac-10 fan. My team is the Sun Devils, but it has been a long time since they were consistently a top flight team. But put a Pac-10 team, any of them, in a big game (and especially against the Big-10) and I will always be for the Pac-10 team. And against Big-10 opponents, that is almost always a very safe way to bet too. A childhood full of watching Rose Bowls ingrained that in my mind and it is still a pretty good rule.

        • cregan says:

          USC had the horses to go all the way probably 5 out of the last 8 seasons. But, they just can’t seem to get it done.

          I think their downfall started when they beat ND in the game a few years back when they got the second chance they shouldn’t have got (wish I could remember what year that was, maybe 2003). It pissed God off and they haven’t been able to get it done since.

          They have the talent.

    • JimWhite says:

      Oh, those cheeky New Jersey folks. Did I really hear them chanting “Brady Sucks”?

      Sanchez is looking good and Brady looks like he’s ready to tell Sanchez to get off his lawn.

    • bmaz says:

      Well, certainly the nature of the games they lose seems to indicate that is occasionally the case. In fairness, I don’t think the toughness of the Pac-10 conference schedule is given the respect it should be. We hear so much about the Big 10, Big 12 and SEC; but these Pac-10 teams have known each other forever, and all of the stadiums are historically very tough places to play. It has always been hard for even the best team to go through the conference unbeaten, it did not start under Carroll.

      • cregan says:

        I agree, it looks like the Pac-10 has some good teams this year. I always have a soft spot for Cal. A few years ago, I had a job where I was staying on Friday and Saturday at a hotel in LA where Cal would stay for their games with UCLA and USC. So, I got a chance to talk to a few of the players, coaches, etc., so in the back of my mind, I’d like to see them do well. This might be their year. The USC game could have been a meeting of undefeateds, a big game, so that is a little disappointing.

      • freepatriot says:

        I think we missed Wes Welker…

        I think Y’all are damn lucky ya ain’t 0 an 2






        (for the cheer dysfunctional, you know who you are)

        an what the hell happened to the cheeseheads ???

        • BayStateLibrul says:

          But, but, the Sox are 16-2 against Baltimore…
          Six back of the Evil Empire and a three game series in the Bronx…
          Okay, I’ve had too many Heinekens…
          JD Drew?

  13. freepatriot says:

    9 touchdown passes in two games

    Drew fookin Brees

    and that kid Adrian Peterson looks good for the vikes

    where did he play his college ball …


  14. randiego says:

    hey kids, just a quick note from Oz. it’s 7am monday here, we got up and watched the sun rise over the ocean in a place called Byron Bay. Stunningly beautiful here.

    I took a quick look at and TV before we head out to grab some breakfast.

    They have one NFL game live on TV here, Tampa v Buffalo, on Fox. Who picked that?

    It appears Joe Flacco has marched his team up and down the field twice now in the first quarter, it will be a shootout in SD today.

    Looks like the NFL has a new star, eh? Broadway Mark Sanchez!

    oh yeah, and Drew Fookin Brees.

    • emptywheel says:

      I actually like Dungy and RodneyRoid together. Both much better than I thought.

      And I gotta say. Except for the Pats loss–which I did expect–I’m pretty happy with the way the games came out tonight. How ’bout them Niners?

      Now I just gotta root against the ‘Boys, though I did call them to win.

      • Petrocelli says:

        I have some die hard Vikings Fans in the family – obviously a genetic defect – and they’re getting ready to buy Champagne for when Favre & Co. win it all …

  15. bmaz says:

    Bush was even vacuous and lame performing the maiden coin toss in Jerry Jones Palace. Seriously, you should have seen him and Laura, they both looked catatonic and lost.

  16. bmaz says:

    If they are Vikings fans, don’t they know better than that?? One thing is for sure though, unlike in NY last year, the Vikes sure are not wearing out Favre’s arm at all, which is good because they will need some of those deep throws before it is all over.

    • LabDancer says:

      “Vikings fans…know better”.

      Is exposure to projection among the hazards of living in Arizona?

      Given my proximity to the Age of Attenborough & the Condition of Cousteau; & having closely observed one of these birds for a period that extends throughout the history of their very existence as a species, I believe myself adequately credentialed to describe the pheno-type:

      The mental condition of the true die-hard Vikings fan for the most part is indistinguishable from that of that of the typical member of the sphenisciformes*, exhibiting a range of emotion that swings widely, but fairly predictably, from side to side, but only about a single pole [& in this, readily distinguished from the typically more extreme bipolar variations that more typically populate NFL fan rookeries ], yet prone to occasional brief flight fantasies, entirely attributable to irrational exuberance at finding oneself simultaneously engulleted by krill or immature mackerel & not-yet-eaten-up by anything from a killer whale to a cute looking seal.

      * For the ornithologically inclined, here are some pictures that may prove helpful in confirming what you’ve spotted is in fact a True Vikings Fan:

      -in mid-display of predictable irrational exuberance on signing of given year’s superstar rookie:

      -amid ritual self-abuse in any given year’s season-end ritual:

      -receiving football world’s annual tribute of respect, nay: reverence…..l.asp?ID=3

  17. radiofreewill says:

    You know, the Giants seem to be enjoying handing Jerry Jones a loss in his new Stadium! They scored first and they’re leading at the half. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Romo picked tonight to throw some wild ducks!

    I’m looking for Feagles to hit the Ego-tron in the second half!

  18. CasualObserver says:

    Romo finds that incredible new Cowboys stadium has capacity for 4 turnovers, w/ room to spare!

    Thanks for the invite, Dallas. Loved the building.

  19. freepatriot says:

    late monday trash talk:

    did wolf blitzer ever mention his appearance on Jeopardy ???

    wolfie scored -$4600

    Andy Ricter scored +$68,000

    that ain’t a typo

    wonder why wolfie ain’t promoting his appearance

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