Trash Talk – Crazy Pete’s Miranda Edition

Hello Americans, it’s Friday! Since that no longer means Paul Harvey is coming on the radio, it means it is time for Trash. Speaking of trash, we have the garbage from Crazy Pete Hoekstra and J-John Shaddegg (article with quote in it here). So, what is it with these wild ‘n crazy conservatives? They are always so fixated on Miranda; did they grow up having wet dreams about a C Street encounter with Carmen Miranda or something? It is all really hard to figure, so lets move along to the action for this weekend.

NFL: There are a lot of missing B’s this weekend, as in QBs, RBs and CBs. Donavan McNabb and Matt Hasselbeck both look to be out, Marion Barber and LaDanian Tomlinson are out and the Jets have a pair of cornerbacks, Lito Shepard and Don Strickland out. Not good for any of those teams.

The best games, in no particular order, are the Niners v. Old Father Time and the Vikes: It is in the Metrodome for starters, so even though both teams are 2-0, give the home edge to the Vikes. Neither team has a flashy passing game, but the Norske have Adrian Peterson and I’ll take Favre and AP over Shaun Hill and Frank Gore; going to be a great game though. Titans v. Jets: Seems hard to think the Titans could go 0-3 as talented as they are, but I think they are going to. They really miss Haynesworth on defense. Jets still have their best corner, Reavis, and are on a roll. Falcons at the Pats: This is a tough call on paper, but Belichick isn’t going to lose again this soon; take the Pats. They really need to get a ground game going. Saints at Buffalo: Buffalo is way better than anybody thought, and they will make this a close game, but Drew Brees and company are just too much. TO will have a big game. Colts at the Cards for an extremely rare Monday Night game in Arizona: Cards are going to score some points without Bob Sanders patrolling on defense for the Colts. Peyton can clearly still take over a game. This is a toss up.

In the other games, the Ravens put some more hurt on the Brownies, the Lions upset the Skins in Detroit, Texans handle the Jags in Houston, Giants kill the Bucs in Tampa. Philly routs the woeful Chiefs in Philly. The Cheesers make mincemeat of the Rams, Bears over the Squawks in Seattle (remember no Hasselbeck). Stillers end the Bengals one game winning streak in Cincy. The Bolts take care of business with the Fish. Oakland edges the Broncos in Oakland. And The Cowboys take out their frustrations on Carolina.

NCAA: The big game this weekend, now that Spurrier and the other ‘Cocks have taken out the overrated Ole Miss, is Miami Hurricanes in Blacksburg to face the Va Tech Hokies. The Canes are looking very solid and I am really liking their young quarterback, Jacory Harris. I think the Canes blow in and take a win. Iowa at Penn State is another biggee. Jo Pa has two key linebackers out, and he lives by his linebackers. Iowa always gives Penn State fits and they will again, but Paterno eeks out a win at home. TCU is at Clemson, and that may be another mid major that bites the dust in an upset. Arkansas will give the Tide a test too, that could be another one to watch, although Alabama is a much better team. The Kentucky Wildcats should trounce the Gators (just kidding Jim). Okay, what else you folks got?

F1 Circus: Up this weekend is the Singapore Grand Prix from Marina Bay. Maybe it is just me, but I think the Singapore circuit is both ugly and provides crappy racing. Hate it. This is where Renault did their immoral crash stunt last year to cheat a win for Fernando Alonso. I think Rubens Barrichello is going to win again and really tighten up the Drivers Championship standings. Jenson Button is feeling the heat from his teammate and has not been stepping up that impressively.

That is it for now. This week’s musical selection is a Miranda warning just for Crazy Pete. Man, Busby Berkeley must have had some great stash.

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  1. dakine01 says:

    The Kentucky Wildcats should trounce the Gators

    Much as I’d like to see the ‘Cats do this, don’t anyone hold their breaths over it. Kentucky got their once every 25 years defeat of a top ranked team out of the way a couple of years ago so…

  2. prostratedragon says:

    Video looks like fun —but unfortunately I’m getting garble right now.

    Did someone mention baseball? If it isn’t the national pastime, then maybe that’s part of our problem.

  3. bmaz says:

    Greenwald says watch Law & Order on NBC tonight. Sounds like a good idea:

    The 20th season of Law & Order begins tonight on NBC with an episode examining — and rather clearly advocating for — prosecutions of Bush officials (especially DOJ lawyers) for authorizing torture. … I actually recommend watching it, and hope that it receives substantial attention.

    Three specific aspects of the episode impressed me most: (1) its depiction of torture and those who authorized it is deliberately realistic, so it’s crystal clear exactly which Bush officials they are indicting (it contains the infamous Yoo endorsement of presidential testicle-crushing); (2) it focuses on the deaths caused by the American torture regime, not merely some “water poured down three people’s noses”; and, most of all: (3) it develops a plausible and thoughtful theory for how criminal liability could be imposed on the DOJ lawyers who authorized Bush’s torture. If nothing else, this depiction of the brutality of America’s torture and the need for accountability will likely reach at least some who haven’t been previously exposed to such arguments, and provides a good counterweight to the standard depiction of torture in American entertainment as something employed by heroic protectors.

  4. cregan says:

    Is there anything really good going on in the college ranks this weekend? I didn’t see anything right off hand.

    • bmaz says:

      I do think the Miami-Virginia Tech game is pretty happening. The Iowas Penn State will likely revert to one of those plodding slog it out Big-10 games that the gave the conference its three yards and a cloud of dust reputation (unless Penn State’s quarterback get turned loose; he isn’t half bad, but they play conservative), but I think it could be a closely fought game. Other games may turn out to be good, but they sure don’t catch your attention ahead of time. ASU at Georgia could be a real sleeper, or it could be another case of ASU not really being ready for prime time, which has mostly been the case in recent years. They have some players, enough to get it done even against a solid team like Georgia, if things go right for them. Also capable of being eaten alive. Worth a check in on though to see; game is on ESPNU at 7 pm EST and 4 pm PST.

      • bobschacht says:

        The Iowas Penn State will likely revert to one of those plodding slog it out Big-10 games that the gave the conference its three yards and a cloud of dust reputation (unless Penn State’s quarterback get turned loose; he isn’t half bad, but they play conservative)

        What?? Are they using Bo Schembechler’s old playbook?

        Bob in AZ
        Michigan 1972

  5. cregan says:

    Yeah, I like Miami and Virginia Tech. That could be very good. It just seems like a week the top 20 are all playing easy games for the most part this week.

    I am looking forward to Cal-USC next weekend. (I also think USC was downgraded too much last week. Playing with a QB that isn’t first string and losing doesn’t merit such a big drop.

  6. radiofreewill says:

    Oh, please! The kittehs are going to get a ‘close haircut’ courtesy of the Skins, 24-10!

    Strangely, Cal is better than their hype this year – they’ll beat USC, 31-28.

    VaTech is more physical than Miami, Hokies 28-24.

  7. freepatriot says:

    Drew Fookin Brees

    wanna hear the punch line ???

    I got a visitor who is a die-hard Bills fan

    we’re sitting at separate ends of the house tommorrow

    • bmaz says:

      Drew Fookin Brees is getting too smooth; he needs a TO to inject some controversy. Buffalo might be about ready to part with theirs, whadda ya think?

      • freepatriot says:

        brees don’t need no fookin “Leon” fuckin up his team


        we already got a “Leon” (Shockey is a one-man media circus, that counts)

        and how about Big Blue’s defensive strategy against Indiana

        let em score in one long play, so we got time to score again ourselves

        it makes for an ugly game, but it’s workin so far …

        (duckin & runnin)

  8. Argonaut says:

    “eke” dammit. “Paterno eeks out a win at home” means Joe catches a mouse.

    Oh, and Stanford over the Huskies, if only because their mascot is a Malamute.

  9. freepatriot says:


    Oregon and California get along about as well as Kansas and Missouri do, but you never hear that mentioned before the Oregon-Cal game

    what does a west coast hater gotta do to get a little respect ???

    no respect, I tell ya

    no respect at all …

    what a lineup, at 12:30, we get Cal-Oregon, Arkansas-Alabama and Miami- Va Tech (or Ohio St-Illinois if ESPN has a brain fart)


    btw, looks like ESPN had the brain fart

  10. masaccio says:

    I manfully didn’t point out that the Wolverines were the lucky recipient of a bunch of bogus calls against the Irish, calls that kept that bunch of pretenders in the game. Now it turns out they can barely beat the Hoosiers, a doormat in that conference, without bogus calls.

    Maybe the Little Ten can find someone to supervise the zebras.

  11. masaccio says:

    Third play from scrimmage in Ohio State/Illinois, and another blown call. Another example from the Indiana game, on a fumble play, there is a shot of a Michigan lineman pulling a guy down by his jersey as he runs to the ball carrier. No flag. Incompetent boobs.

  12. freepatriot says:

    Oregon didn’t really fumble the opening kickoff either

    the ball popped out when the guy;s wrist hit the ground, down by contact

    zebras ain’t perfect, but they’re havin a really bad day today

  13. freepatriot says:

    them PAC 10 footballs got really loose handles on em

    two fumbles on one play

    we got live balls flyin all over teh field

    woo hoo

  14. radiofreewill says:

    Did I mention that Cal would first lose to Oregon this week, before beating USC next weekend?

    Michigan should have immediately punted that bad call back to Indiana…the Refs decided that game. Oh, the Taint!

    • bmaz says:

      Regrettably, that game wasn’t on here, we got Ducks/Bears instead, but it appears the Canes had the same kind of day as the Bears. Ouch.

  15. emptywheel says:

    You know, if I hadn’t gone four straight weeks of being a hsotage in my own home, I might not think I was due some calls. I’ll grant you the call today. Not sure I ever bought the ND whines about those calls, though. Me, I think masaccio is just working his excuse just in case the Big 10 beats ND again tonight.

    • freepatriot says:

      so, uhm

      what are you tryin to say

      that being a “hsotage” is bad ???

      an what about fookin Iowa, huh ???

      the Big 10 jes got interestin …

  16. 4jkb4ia says:

    Not that they deserve any respect, but obviously being able to beat the Rams last week is meaningless.

    (That’s a winner! Wainwright: 120 pitches in his 19th win. At Coors, mind you)

  17. dakine01 says:

    OK, my ‘Cats lose to the Gators by 41-7 at home. I guess that’s a bit better than losing 63-5 in the Swamp.

    My ‘Toppers lose to Navy 38-22 to go 0-4 (We’re #120! We’re #120!)

    Wake me when basketball starts.

      • dakine01 says:

        For basketball? They should be decent again. The best player from last year is back and they’ve got a mix of upper class and newbies. They’re playing a strong non-conference schedule and even getting some major conference teams to visit EAD. They seem to be able to sustain (for the most part) being a “top mid-major” program.

  18. 4jkb4ia says:

    I know better, but
    Can such be the Rams game I choose, a day when man merely afflicts himself? Can it mean bowing one’s head like a bulrush and spreading sackcloth and ashes?
    (”Afflicts himself” is right. JPS had some liberty when it wrote “starve”) (The suffering may be worse than the fast)

  19. 4jkb4ia says:

    And masaccio reminded me that there is at least one ND(Jeff Samardzija) person around here, which was a kindness.

  20. 4jkb4ia says:

    Woo-hoo! George Vecsey tells me that they MOVED THE RED SOX GAME TO NOON because of Yom Kippur. This would be even better if it had any meaning left for the division.

  21. freepatriot says:

    and the primordial ooze had mercy on the west coast …

    CBS finally realized the Kansas City SUX

    now we don’t got to watch the Philly game no more

    to whom it may concern, thank you

    • bmaz says:

      Uh, scratch the last. That old washed up has been older than dirt Favre just took the Vikes 80 yards in 90 seconds with no time outs; capped off with a 35 yard TD pass with 2 seconds left.

  22. emptywheel says:

    There were some really obnoxious ‘Skins fans (loud Republicans in jerseys) in my restaurant in People’s Republic of Ann Arbor tonight.

    I gloated.

    And it felt good.

  23. bmaz says:

    I gotta channel Charlie Weiss on that no call on holding of Boldin in the end zone just before halftime. Pitiful.

    Ouch! Dungy and Rodney Roid are both saying “terrible play calling by Arizona – they deserve to lose”.

    • freepatriot says:

      Ouch! Dungy and Rodney Roid are both saying “terrible play calling by Arizona – they deserve to lose”.

      so, both ends of the football spectrum agree ???

      (duckin & runnin)

      ps: was Tebow playing in teh new texas stadium saturday ???

      (duckin more & runnin faster)

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