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The Taxpayers Paid Dick Cheney’s Personal Defense Attorney to Obstruct Any Inquiries Into His Crimes

Okay, prepare for the onslaught of weeds. Here’s one that made me vomit, from the very beginning of the Cheney interview report.

Vice President Cheney was represented by Terrence O’Donnell and Emmet T. Flood of the law firm of Williams and Connolly…

Cheney was formally represented not only by Terry O’Donnell but also by Emmet Flood. Who, after Pat Fitzgerald noted the cloud over Cheney’s head and just three days after Libby was sentenced to 30 months in jail, got hired by the White House. [updated, h/t MadDog] Who, for the last two years of the Bush Administration, took the lead in preventing Congress or anyone else from getting documents that would implicate Rove or–you guessed it–Dick Cheney.

And Emmet Flood is almost certainly the Deputy who attended the meeting between long-time Cheney colleague Fred Fielding and Scooter Libby, at which Libby made one more bid for a pardon.

[Around January 17 of this year], Libby, who hadn’t previously lobbied on his own behalf, telephoned Bolten’s office. He wanted an audience with Bush to argue his case in person. To Libby, a presidential pardon was a practical as well as symbolic prize: among other things, it would allow him to practice law again. Bolten once more kicked the matter to the lawyers, agreeing to arrange a meeting with Fielding. On Saturday, Jan. 17, with less than 72 hours left in the Bush presidency, Libby and Fielding and a deputy met for lunch at a seafood restaurant three blocks from the White House. Again Libby insisted on his innocence. No one’s memory is perfect, he argued; to convict me for not remembering something precisely was unfair. Fielding kept listening for signs of remorse. But none came. Fielding reported the conversation to Bush.

The day after this interview, Bush had his own personal defense attorney over to the White House to ask whether he should pardon Libby. Libby didn’t get the pardon.

Patrick Fitzgerald made it clear that Dick Cheney was the ultimate target of the CIA Leak Case. And Dick Cheney did the obvious thing any bureaucratic master would do. He put his own personal defense lawyer on the payroll to help obstruct any efforts to expose his role in outing Valerie Plame.

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