DC’s Newest Reality Show

Picture 138And speaking of C Street, it looks like the moralizing hypocrites at C Street are shopping for a new roomie.

Sen. John Ensign has moved out of the C Street house, the Christian home he shared with other elected officials on Capitol Hill that came under scrutiny for its residents’ beliefs and practices and their role in trying to end the Nevada Republican’s affair with a campaign staff member.The red brick town house emerged this summer as the subject of political intrigue — not only as a pivotal location in Ensign’s affair with Cynthia Hampton, but also that of South Carolina Republican Gov. Mark Sanford, who sought guidance there as he wrestled with his own affair.

As fallout from Ensign’s affair continues with a preliminary Senate Ethics Committee investigation and talk of a possible criminal inquiry by the Justice Department, Ensign decided to move out, not wanting to draw further attention to his longtime home.

There’s only one way to replace Ensign. To invite six avowed Christian Freshman Congressmen to participate in a reality show–a test, week by week, of who can be a bigger moral hypocrite. Each week, we’ll vote off one participant (who, thereafter, will have to pay market rates for a place in DC).

So I’m looking for two kinds of input. First, candidates to enter the reality show. You might start with this list.

And then we need a catchy name, so we can pitch the show to Bravo. My suggestion (which sucks–but then I’m busy watching football) is Praying for the Pay.

Enter your candidates–and name suggestions–in comments.

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  1. posaune says:

    big dinner party over there two weeks ago. and yes, the car parked in the driveway sported an “Appalachian Trail” tag frame.

      • Phoenix Woman says:

        Nah, she’s Argentinian.

        By the way, guess which anti-choice Democrat has lived at the C Street joint since 1992 and is co-chair of The Family’s National Prayer Breakfast? That’s right — Sepsis!

        What’s even funnier is that he’s lied about it:

        Rep. Stupak is on the public record denying any association with The Family. As Bart Stupak told Michigan Messenger’s Ed Brayton,

        “I don’t belong to any such group, I rent a room at a house in `C Street.’ I do not belong to any such group. I don’t know what you’re talking about, [The] Family and all this other stuff.”

        But Stupak’s denial was a blatant lie. Not only has Bart Stupak enjoyed, for over a decade and a half, Family-subsidized rent living at the Family’s C Street House, he is co-chair of the Family’s House Prayer Breakfast.

        On April 9, 2008, at the 56th National Prayer Breakfast, Stupak told attendees, “I am Bart Stupak, co-chair of the House Prayer Breakfast. In my sixteen years in the house this is the second time that I have had the honor to address you from the dais.” Both the National Prayer Breakfast and the House Prayer Breakfast are institutions established over half a century ago by The Family, and speaking spots at the National Prayer Breakfast are reported to be tightly controlled by Family head Doug Coe.

  2. 4jkb4ia says:

    I think once you put these people on camera you lose a lot of the opportunity for moral hypocrisy at least shown on screen. You would have to put them in front of a panel of their constituents or ask the viewers to vote.

    “Whited Sepulchers” is obvious.

    • VJBinCT says:

      I once had the idea during the W years of sending letters to

      NRA Desk, Oval Office
      Whited Sepulchre
      1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
      Washington DC

      in the hopes of getting them all back to frame up. Never did, as might trigger (bad pun) the attention of the FBI, Secret Service, and IRS.

  3. 4jkb4ia says:

    Psalm 149 is very good for remembering that you have to hold people accountable, but in this context it says that the judges are better Christians, which is not what you are going for.

  4. TarheelDem says:

    All in The Family
    Fellowship of Fools
    Abraham Vereide, Loren Cunningham, and Bill Bright present America’s Wackiest Hypocrites

  5. Badwater says:

    Decider Bush should be the celebrity judge. No one ever pretended to be a Christian better than him.

  6. bgrothus says:

    Then sings my soulmate, my Savior God, to Me;
    We’re heart to heart! Not great to part.
    Then sing my housemates, my Savior God, to Me:
    We’ll play our parts, Hail lying arts!

  7. Zombiebirdhouse says:

    Since it has been reported that my congressman Heath Shuler already lives there, I think that he should be included.

    Yesterday on Facebook a friend of mine announced that he would be interviewing Shuler later in the day and wanted our questions. I asked the following:

    Does Mr. Shuler believe the CBO report. If so, how does he justify his vote and how does that jibe with his supposed fiscal conservatism. If he does not believe that the CBO is reliable, why has used it as an excuse for past votes.

    His short incomprehensible and misleading answer to why he voted no on Health Care Reform can be heard here. He actually says that the CBO says this bill would increase health care in this country. DUH!

    But he’s kind of cute so the camera would love him and I would tune in to hear more about his incoherent Christianist perspective.

  8. NorskeFlamethrower says:


    Citizen emptywheel and the Firepup Freedom Fighters:

    Am I the only one to look on “C Street” and the Nazification of the Republican Party not as an opportunity for social satire but as the last stage of the end of western liberalism? Wake up folks, the federal executive is full of Goldman Sachs toadies and Likudnik fascist triangulators and the Quissling Democratic Party leadership is legitimizin’ murderous religious lunatics…I’m sorry but I can’t find anythin’ remotely funny about “C Street” or it’s ascendence to power in the Democratic caucus.

    Shit, this “contest” is like dancin’ on your own grave…what the fuck is goin on around this place??!!!


      • NorskeFlamethrower says:

        Citizen twolf1:

        If I thought for a moment that by projectin’ this “satire” out to the massive audience that is scamblin’ for bread in the street we would feed one child, get access to healthcare for one pregnant teenager, save one family from foreclosure or expose one single fascist religious lunatic to public humiliation or for God’s sake save opne Muslim child from our drone bombs and bring our child soldiers home…well if I thought that there was any chance to laugh in the face of the evil that is facin us after this weekend by makin’ jokes about the fuckin hangman, I would be dancin’ with ya there Citizen but I got better things ta do with my time.

  9. bluewombat says:

    Someone on Daily Kos a while back — I wish I could remember who, as I’d give them credit — referred to the house on C Street as the Prayboy Mansion. Maybe that will do as your title.

  10. Auduboner says:

    How much you wanna bet that C Street “ministrations” mysteriously end up being covered by the Public Option, 100%? Under “alternative Treatments” or some such guise…

  11. damagedone says:

    Big Brother: C Street Edition
    The Amazing Nookie Race
    Sanford and Sons
    What Happens in Vegas: Stays in Washington D.C. on C Street
    Family Feud: C Street vs. K Street

  12. Citizen92 says:


    (Recalling the ’79 cult film)

    Op 1- Home To Congressmen & Senators

    Op 2 – Home To Congressional Slime

  13. Prairie Sunshine says:

    One quibble. I think we need to stop calling this a Christian house. Cult house, a la Koresh, maybe. Or alleged, or professed, or Golden Calf Christian….

    ~Sandy/Prairie, parable christian.

  14. bluewombat says:

    I put up a post, I could have sworn it was somewhere in the 30’s in this thread, suggesting “Prayboy Mansion.” It’s approvingly referenced in posts 52 and 55. Wha’ hoppen to my post? Did it get pulled because I cited a poster at Daily Kos as the original source of the idea?

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