Liberate the OPR Report

Remember the OPR Report–the one that was due done about 8 months ago? The one that showed how John Yoo’s bad lawyer contributed to torture?

Whatever happened to that?

The Alliance for Justice and Credo are doing a petition today to pressure Eric Holder to release the report.

The Department of Justice has been investigating the infamous “torture memos” since 2004. A report on the findings was expected by June of this year. More than four months later, we are still is waiting to hear from the Justice Department on exactly who authorized the use of torture by American men and women.

The lack of public information about how torture was approved keeps the focus on the actions of CIA interrogators, rather than investigating those who designed, ordered, and justified torture. For the past five years, while the facts have been concealed, questions about the responsibility of the lawyers who allowed torture have been debated in the court of public opinion while they should be settled in a court of law. Releasing the report is the first step in establishing accountability.

Click through to sign the petition.

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  1. BoxTurtle says:

    I’m thinking what happened to the report is that the civil suit naming Yoo was allowed to proceed. Odds are that report would pretty much guarentee a loss for Yoo on the merits.

    If Yoo loses, does he talk? Or does he talk to avoid losing? ObamaCo must somehow avoid both and Obama can’t pardon a civil tort.

    Boxturtle (I was told what the conclusions of my opinion MUST be)

  2. BoxTurtle says:

    I just went to sign the petition. It looks as though signing hooks me up to their email list with no option to decline. They’ll have to do without my support.

    I wouldn’t have an account at FDL if signing up to the action list was a requirement. Later on, I signed up of my own free will.

    Boxturtle (Always give me a choice)

  3. MaryCh says:

    Yo Marcy, did you mean “John Yoo’s bad lawyer[ing]”?

    Now, it’s off to sign the petition:

    “Born under a bad sign,
    I’ve been down since I began to crawl.
    If it wasn’t for spam mail
    I wouldn’t have no mail at all”

  4. maryo2 says:

    June 12, 2009, Jose Padilla’s case:

    NYT Saturday, June 13, 2009 —
    The decision issued late Friday by a judge in San Francisco allowing a civil lawsuit to go forward against a former Bush administration official, John C. Yoo,…

  5. freepatriot says:

    I’m gonna go off-topic in a trashy kinda way, to ask if “certain persons” around this joint are still ridin the Singletary bandwagon ???

    disclaimer, the use of the term “Certain Persons” my be interpreted as the royal “We”, for all of the intents and purposes of this comment

      • freepatriot says:

        politics is a sport

        I only relate to reality by comparing and contrasting what I see in the electronic media. what can I say; woody woodpecker fuked mi up

    • bmaz says:

      Well, I was not the one making googly eyes and cooing sounds at Singleterry. However, I think the 49ers will be okay; they are still very young, still learning how to win and still need a professional QB. Smith may eventually be okay, but he needs some coaching stability and time; neither of which he has ever had. Interesting game tonight. I believe some people even had both of these teams winning their divisions……

  6. Jeff Kaye says:

    Whatever happened to that?

    I believe I have a cogent and ample answer, which I’ve posted in more than one place. Here is a concise construction of it from early October:

    The reason is, I believe, in part due to the fact that the CIA’s own Office of Technical Services (OTS) wrote an extensive report on the SERE-derived torture techniques for use by the Office of Legal Counsel in their construction of the first of the torture memos. The OTS report to OLC lied about the medical and psychological consequences of the proposed techniques. We know they lied because researchers in the same directorate of the CIA had themselves been studying the severe effects of these techniques going back at least to the 1990s.

    The CIA must be working overtime to redact almost every culpable portion of the OPR report that links the OLC memos to the initial OTS/CIA report vetting the “enhanced interrogation techniques.” If the latter comes out — and the OTS paper is still classified, and according to my sources, until recently ACLU was not even aware of its existence — then we will have a very clear picture of the culpability of the CIA in the construction of the torture program, just one short step away from the Oval Office orders, which Dick Cheney and Bush have already indicated they gave.

    You’ll notice, for those with different theories, that I believe this is only one reason for the delay, or perhaps we should start speaking of the suppression, of the OPR report.

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