Late Night Saturday: Village Of Our Damned

For some strange reason, I have the distinct pleasure of getting the Chris Matthews Show, the syndicated half hour one, before most folks, on Saturday afternoon at 5:00 pm local time. What a constant thrill. Today Matthews had on the sage panel of Joe Klein TIME; Norah O’Donnell MSNBC; Anne Kornblut The Washington Post; and David Ignatius The Washington Post.

It did not disappoint – they all predicted Sarah Palin was the force to be reckoned with for the 2012 Republican nomination and that Barack Obama was in trouble.

The village elders are village idiots.

Instead how about both the cognoscenti and citizens of the fine United States of America ponder an ethos more along the lines contemplated by our friend Mary:

To go back to one of the lesser points – the GITMO pics – one of the reasons that everyone knows they are not being released is that they demonstrate several direct lies formerly made by the Executive to the American people. Lies about the extent of abuse, lies about prosecutions of abusers, lies about a few rogue soldiers v. a planned regime of torture, etc. Not only lies, but suppression of evidence of crime leading to obstruction of justice as a) torturers were not brought to justice for their crimes against innocent civilian populations, and b) Abu Ghraib soldiers were scapegoated and railroaded in a sideshow event specifically calculated to use them as a shield against further investigation. So Obama furthers the obstruction, picture frames his “no one is above the law” campaign promise as being an outright lie, and then uses the Executive office to attack the judiciary. Not content, he permeates the whole of the Democratic majority with his torture support by strongarming (in a rare leadership moment) Democratic legislation to subvert justice. That’s not pragmatism, it’s how you lose support and votes.

The truth is that Americans do respond to the truth when battered with it as frequently as with the opposition talking points. He’s never once utilized his position to do that – to got there – to be truthful about what has happened on torture, what is happening with innocent men being held at GITMO, what the *mission* is in the ME, etc. Let me put it this way – if I can make Indiana red necks blink and flinch with just a few facts, Obama giving a Presidential address, early on, to admit that bc of poor policies, intermingled with some very evil and bad men at GITMO, there are some innocent victims who should never have been sent there — yes, there would have been right wing furor (as always – I think that also happens when he goes out to dinner for that matter) but there would have been a big conscious shifting moment for the country and a seismic change in how the Muslim world sees us.

Instead, he opted to be Bush Jr. Not only is that not pragmatic, it’s a slow kill poisen. All the people who never wanted him still don’t want him; those who thought he would be something are now thoroughly jaded to not just Obama the candidate, but the Democratic “like Bush, but comes in blue” party.

Obama is continuing to push the “no one leaves innocent” Bush policy for GITMO. Surprise surprise at not being able to get support when it is abudnantly clear to about a billion or so, give or take, Muslims who have been paying attention that this is not the case and when nations around the world have to deal with not only their own Muslim populations but there interactions with Muslim nations. Until we abandon the “no one leaves innocent” policies and fess up that innocent people were kidnapped/sold/disappeared and abused as a part of the Executive policy of the US, it’s going to be hard to get other countries to step up to the bat to degrade their own justice systems by taking our victims and refusing to comply with their own CAT responsibilities once they have them, or monitoring the mental and physical states and family situations and issues of our victims.

And those countries have spoken on the “commissions v. civilian trials” issue. Obama’s opt in for commissions just makes finding a jointly sponsored and acceptable path worse. Plus, the continued coverups which are being chipped away at in proceedings in Italy, Spain, Germany, Lithuania, Romania etc. denigrates the US status as honest broker on any solution every day.

A lack of truth may have lots of benefits in response to a “does this make me look fat” question, but in context of this country’s very public Executive branch crimes, stepping into the successor-in-crime slot rather than assuming a leadership mantle as the policy maker for criminal law enforcement isn’t pragmatic and won’t further a resolution of any issues – it’s just giving gas and spinning tires in the mud.

There is a tremendous lot that Obama could get by with domestically (with the right PR approach) and internationally if he had: been willing to go after US torturers concurrently with trials of al-Qaeda and other terrorists; been willing to release the August 2002 “we’re holding lots of innocent people” CIA memo and proposed that in those instances where we were shipped innocent civilians to GITMO we undertake an independent commission to review and “make right”(including damages and resettlement) the situation [this obviously would not have dealt with the huge brunt of the “real” problems, as with the thousands in Iraq and the Bagram situation etc. but if you are looking for pragmatism it would be a mostly hide the ball but still come out smelling like a rose approach); and a few other items that involved some minimalist truth and transparency.

The fact is – the more he’s retreated to Bush positions, the more he’s lost his options going forward. He’s shown that he’s weak, that he has no solid game plans and plan B-s, that he can be shifted with the political winds, and that he’s willing to give up on his strongest arguments for a temporary appeasment, even when that means that he loses those arguments for good by taking those low roads.

There is a better path, and the village idiots are talking about the cookie factor from Alaska as the legitimate front runner for a Presidential election. Amazing.

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  1. bobschacht says:

    Since Mary is so reluctant to write a diary, even when she writes diary-length comments, thanks for doing the job for her. This is important stuff– more important than the fluff the talking heads waste time with.

    The other problem I have with Matthews, at least on Hardball, is that he is constantly monopolizing the airspace, talking over his guests, setting up his question with endless add-on phrases that make it difficult for his guests to speak. I find myself shouting at the TV, “Shut up, Chris! Let your guest speak!!!”

    I think on his weekend show that you saw, he’s a little more respectful, and the weekend show is not as much of a shouting match.

    Bob in AZ

  2. Kelly Canfield says:

    Shorter Mary: As long as the “hard truth” is conflated with “hard left” we’re pretty much screwed in that damn Village.

    • bmaz says:

      There you go. For all the wailing about the extreme right and the radical left, it is the muddling uninformed middle that is jerked around by village idiots personally and professionally vested in shamelessly exploiting and playing one side against another for their profit and jollies. And they are not particularly bright or cognizant to begin with. When the peanut gallery controls the discourse, things go to hell; and so it is.

      • ratfood says:

        The Villagers would derive no benefit from being genuinely insightful, in fact, doing so would likely get them fired. They are there to deliver the corporate message with feigned gravitas, nothing more.

      • Leen says:

        Read the thread from bottom to top. Interesting. Food, news, football, mixed in with a little torture talk.

        Amazing that Chris Matthews decided to focus on Palin…as if this is what Americans should be focused on at this time. WTF. Pablum when we need some fucking meat and accountability talk!

  3. Larue says:

    Best Evah Tull and Ian.

    Aqua Lung follows, but this one, it’s the creme du juor.

    If I was making brandy lobster cream sauce, this is what I’d use.

    That and some Louiis XIII would keep me warmed and happy.

    Great pic, fuck the politics.


    • ratfood says:

      I nearly persuaded myself to try making chicken lasagna today but finally concluded I didn’t have enough leftover chicken.

  4. Kelly Canfield says:

    OT – bmaz, do you know Chip Harris or Tony Palumbo? I worked at their firm a back in the mid ’90s as a paralegal.

  5. Suzanne says:

    bet bmaz is enjoying some fine weather instead of cold windy rain storms. probably is lounging by the pool with a pitcher of margaritas on the table.

    • Larue says:

      That would pretty much qualie him as a raht bastid, methinks.

      I could USE a pitcher of iced Hornito’s, Cointreau, and some fresh lime juice.

      And some guacamole, some salted fresh home made masa chips, roasted red ‘mater salsa.

      You know, that stuff.

  6. whyknot says:

    Gah Chris Matthews has never, ever known what he was talking about.

    But I would defend Obama by saying the people have a lawyer to decide on torture prosecutions, and that’s the AG. Keeping the pictures from the public doesn’t mean the DOJ doesn’t have them. Bush/Cheney worked a carefully crafted strategy of legal opinions, signing statements, contractor immunity laws, etc. to muddy the waters of responsibility and deflect potential charges. It will take some time to sort out, I hope to see all those fuckers arrested in the end, but won’t be surprised if they aren’t.

    • bmaz says:

      It actually would not be hard to sort out at all; in fact blindingly simple. There are certain legal points that control the whole intent – the same points that were attacked are the same ones that need to be reset. It is not technically difficult; but the will and fortitude to do it are lacking.

  7. Mauimom says:

    I had to drive for an hour to find a sports bar where I could watch the Stanford-Cal game [it was on Versus, not carried by DirecTV.]

    On one of the other [silent] screens, the Chris Matthews show was playing, and I saw Joe Klein’s ugly mug, together with the other “guests”. Asked the waiter if he could change the channel so I didn’t even have to look at these fools.

    Take this valuable tv time away from Matthews and give it to Jane.

    Actually, watching last night’s Rachel Maddow show, with Spitzer, Nate Silver and the odious Ana Marie Cox, one couldn’t help but think that that’s what Meet the Press ought to look like.

    • valletta says:

      I live about a mile away, the tailgating parties look awesome tonight :)

      Watching CNN’s “Killing at the Canal”…Will the Bush/Cheney damage never end?! Will the pundits who supported them never be held to account?

    • bobschacht says:

      …the odious Ana Marie Cox…

      Why odious? Back in the day when I had no idea what a “blogger” was, her appearance on a TV panel got me to wondering about this blogging thing, so I went looking and found her at the Wonkette (we’re in ancient history land, aren’t we?) I thought at the time that she was witty and insightful. But then she left the Wonkette, and wandered in that wasteland known as WaPo, before emerging on Rachel Maddow and now, apparently, Air America, having rediscovered some of her old MoJo that was not appreciated at the WaPo. Of course, since she left the Wonkette, I’ve graduated to MyDD, DailyKos, and then FireDogLake, so my appreciation for bloggers has become a bit more sophisticated.

      So, I’m up for learning. Why “odious”?

      Bob in AZ

      • demi says:

        We all have different takes, but I’m in the bunch who doesn’t just love her. Or that Kent guy.
        You can like her if you wanna.
        Just, others don’t, if that’s okay.

  8. jayt says:

    …the more he’s retreated to Bush positions, the more he’s lost his options going forward. He’s shown that he’s weak,…

    I seem to recall voting for Obama. I never voted for Rahm fucking Emmanuel.

    ‘Course, if Obama was the man I thought he was, Rahm woulda been gone a long time ago.

    For example, how do you tell the country that you’re gonna completely re-vamp health-care, and then neglect to tell Democratic leaders what you’re really looking to accomplish?

    • whyknot says:

      Again I guess I’ll be the Presidential defender, as usual – Obama has been pretty clear on the basic elements of HCR he was looking for, and for a long time.

        • whyknot says:

          Yeah, I’m not crazy about him but his contacts with the House are probably valuable.

          In Chicago we joke he’s probably the only guy there who swears more than the Pres. I was real surprised when Obama put him in as COS.

          • ratfood says:

            Rahm’s philosophy undermines the possibility of anything beneficial resulting from the Obama presidency. I am no longer surprised that Obama selected him as I believe they are of a like mind.

          • Beerfart Liberal says:

            he has “contacts” with scumbag Bluedogs that he recruited and who fucked over health care reform but good. He has no contacts with progressives. in my view, that ain’t helpful for a democrat.

          • jayt says:

            his contacts with the House are probably valuable…

            imo, Obama should have made his own.

            I’ve never heard anyone claim that Rahm, while in the House, was anything at all approaching well-liked.

      • Beerfart Liberal says:

        You don’t have to defended him, man. This is the guy who said the PO was just a sliver of the pie – and I almost fell out of my chair. He’s been too fuckin’ invisible. No that’s wrong. he’s been visible. But he hasn’t been vocal. he’s said alot of shit but he hasn’t said the right stuff to the right people. He had said that PO was his preferred way to go. Yeah? So? what the fuck did he do about it. Jane did a fuck of a lot more to push PO and keep some semblance of it alive than Obama did.

        • whyknot says:

          Still love your screen name. Remember back when Republicans were in charge of everything, including the media (well, that’s probably still true)? First Dems went after the House and got it, RE had a lot to do with that, I think, and you might be deluding yourself that liberal candidates could have wrenched away the majority back when liberal was some sort of dirty word. But he did his job as he saw it.

          Howard Dean had more impact than anyone on getting an extremely narrow Senate majority for the Dems in the next election, not that Bush was stopped from doing most of what he wanted anyway.

          Then Obama won the Presidency. So he has to govern with the Congress as it is, doesn’t he? I know y’all think he hasn’t done enough public yelling for the public option, but it was always in his proposals and he tried to talk it down as a focal point of anti-HCR. I’m pretty satisfied with him so far, but I’m a homie for Chicago anyway, I admit.

          • Beerfart Liberal says:

            My problem is that he did plenty of “public yelling” but didn’t do shit in private. didn’t do shit for PO but was meeting with Chuck Fucking Grassley to reach a bipartisan bill. Then Grassley goes back to I-O-Way and says Obama’s tryin’ to kill Granma. Why more time and effort trying to accomodate a shithead like Grassley and dismissing the PO-his allegedly ‘preferred” was to go – as just a sliver of the pie. I would have been happier if he talked PO less and did more.

            • whyknot says:

              How do you know what he did privately? So what if he talks to the other side? A lot of people that voted for him are sick of the pie fight and want him to try to be reasonable, even if the Republicans blow him off most of the time. The bill might turn out pretty great, and certainly looks to me to be easily expandable. Isn’t that a good start?

              • Beerfart Liberal says:

                It wasn’t reasonable for him, to spend 30 seconds of his time with Chuck Grassley and others like him. Look, if Obama was privately pushing the PO and this is all we got to show for the efforts… he sucks.

                • whyknot says:

                  Well I respectfully disagree, I think he is a very good President so far.

                  Also, Al Gore almost tapped his foot, breaking news!

                  • Beerfart Liberal says:

                    That’s fine. I don’t think he sucks. I’m saying if he pushed for the puiblic option and got this crappy legislation then he sucks but the point is he didn’t push for the PO.

                    I’m hangin’ in there with him. I’m disappointed. then I turn on FOX news.

              • Kelly Canfield says:

                You’ve got to be joking – people can be sick of the pie fight, and Obama isn’t starting them, but there’s still pie knife fighting going on because that’s all Republicans will ever do.

                And the Grassley episode is all on the record. And the bill might turn out pretty great? Easily expandable?

                What Planet do you live on?

                • whyknot says:

                  This one. The Republicans are tearing their party apart. I hope the Grassley thing comes back at him, since Iowa loves Obama a whole lot. Wouldn’t you like to see a Dem pick up that seat? I would!

  9. Kelly Canfield says:

    Won’t say anything about Chip, but I always really liked Tony. He’s the same age as my dad, and was a bit of a father figure for me.

    I’ll never forget sitting in his office one day in ’97, when he was talking about a specific murder case, and agonizing over it, as the victim was the child of a dear friend of his. He was always staunchly anti-death penalty, and that was the topic we were discussing.

    He looked me in the eye and said “Look, it boils down to this. Do you believe in a system of justice and mercy? I do. My personal agony is tearing me apart. I can’t stand it.”

    It was so human. We both had moist eyes in a 3 minute conversation. I hope he is well.

  10. Beerfart Liberal says:

    college football blows. stop treating these 19 year old spoiled brats lie heroes and grow up. get into pro sports like me. and treat 23 year old spoiled brats like heroes.

    • bobschacht says:

      Matthews claimed he was giving Barbour a hard time, because Haily refused to answer his simple question about Her Rogueness. Didn’t sound like ass-kissing to me.

      Bob in AZ

      • Beerfart Liberal says:

        he told Barbour that he (Barbour) had delivered a great response to the democrats and that he (Matthews) agreed we really need tort reform and get some of those specialists back to PA because they all left and that Barbour was great b/c the Republicans need to talk about tort reform. did we watch the same day. maybe i watched a different day. if that was the day you watched, then I gotta disagree with your assessment.

  11. RU4862 says:

    Chris Matthews sits behind a desk a five days a week pretending be the conscious and voice of the average working-stiff by playing up his North Philadelphia roots. When was the last Matthews been back to North Philly?
    He is an ass-kissing, republican-lite egomaniac. A loud and obnoxious blow-heart who doesn’t let anyone finish their thoughts without cutting them off to put his two cents in.

    • spurious says:

      A loud and obnoxious blow-heart who doesn’t let anyone finish their thoughts without cutting them off to put his two cents in.

      imprinted on john mclaughlin when he use to be on mclaughlin group

      • Larue says:

        I’ve heard Mclaughlin, I’ve seen Mclaughlin.

        With Mahavishnu Orchestra.

        And that crazed fucker Don Ellis, on the same night.

        You can’t touch that.


  12. whyknot says:

    O/T Al Gore is on SNL for some reason. He still looks made of wood to me. And Lieberman, I mean what the fuck was he thinking?

    • person1597 says:

      I wonder who is coaching our rookie QB-BO.

      It’s like you are on the 8yd line with just a few minutes on the clock and goal to go. You could win the Big Game with a TD and you are trusting to Luck. So the coach says, Hey Luckie, they’re expecting a run, so pass it up the middle instead. Now Luckie is a good QB but he’s a rookie. So he goes with the coach’s advice and throws the ball. Intercepted!! Bad Luck!!

      So who is BO’s coach… Rahm? Reid? Nancy? HRC?

      It seems to me that with the kind of mind-numbing bipolar date rape shit-in-the-pants advice that pulls a perfectly good progressive effetely to the right is none other than Coach Lieberman. Cuss the purveyor of weak willed wobbly woeful worthlessness. Fire the damn coach Barry! (And listen to Mary!)

      (Lieberman didn’t do much for Gore either.)

      • whyknot says:

        There’s some amazing imagery in that post. And your analogy cuts pretty deep, given the state of Chicago quarterbacks of late.

        Obama operated the same way as an Illinois State Senator. Drove the left nearly as nuts as the right, both sides were on him constantly, he just goes on and tries to move the ball a little every law. I’m used to him.

  13. 4jkb4ia says:

    I logged in to express satisfaction that Oregon and Oregon State are going to battle it out for the Rose Bowl. This relates to bmaz’s disgust with Chris Matthews because even in an oligarchy like college football, you have to play the season.

    I also read Mary’s comment and cannot find any record of a vote on the Lieberman amendment in THOMAS, Open Congress, or anywhere else, although I know it passed. Remember this was attached to the Homeland Security appropriations bill and did not pass as part of the supplemental.

    The big thing that not stating that the Gitmo prisoners were innocent does IMHO is to give Obama flexibility about how to try them, if at all. If you have said that some of the people are innocent, then it is reasonable to expect that everyone gets a very generous legal process.

  14. demi says:

    Suzanne, did you take my request for Rat to write me out? I wanted to talk to him about Dragon Naturally Speaking. Since he’s got the Bad Arthritis, I wanted to know if he needed voice recognition software. The mister might be able to get him that software.

  15. jayt says:

    s’up, demi?

    I could be right over too (if there’s still that rail-road car-lookin’ place on Sunset where I can catch a good chili-burger and fries)

    or, I guess, I could survive home cooking. Change is a wonderful thing. *g*

    P.S. There was one up on Ventura Blvd too – do ya remember the name, or know if either of them are still there?

      • Larue says:

        Dayam! But that’s funny.

        Nope, can’t toke, might get tested for a job.

        Yer killin me.

        Nope, just hongry and food oriented.

        Yer still killin me.

        Mmmm . . . Got A Lil On The Side?

        I gave ’em da boid, week before, and that’s embedded, in A Lil On Teh Side.

        Get some, if ya can . . . ya never know when it’s gonna get cut off . . . [/smirk]

        • Kelly Canfield says:

          Dood, so our Thanksgiving list got trimmed down to just me and the Mr. for Thursday. (We’re going to celebrate a feast with the family a bit later when mor feasible.)

          Anyways, we decided on duck. Going to parge it with scallion butter. Making these almond pancakes like for Peking Duck, and serving with cherry sauce. Pairing with wild rice and some St. Emilion to drink.

          Should be good!

          • Suzanne says:

            dang… if i hadn’t promised jen the bride i would be there for her first thanksgiving cooking the dinner… i would so wanna be at your place

            • Kelly Canfield says:

              You’d be welcome! Weigh in. We’re arguing over the vegetable.

              I vote for carrots, with a wee bit of honey and ginger. The Mr. (belch) loves steamed asparagus. My compromise was green beans with almonds.

          • Larue says:


            I likey!!!

            Almond pancakes?

            Like crepes with roasted ground almonds?

            I’m SO tempted.

            Love teh duckie, and that cherry sauce, if yer doin it from teh duckie drippins.

            Sauces are SUCH a divine process . . . . if yer reducing duck shit and veggies for a cherry sauce I’m enthralled.

            I see duck stock, merlot, dried cherries, garlic, shallots, some brandy and rosemary, reduced in half.

            Strained, and reduced in half again.

            That’s a sauce, hoss.

            Best to you and yours, may this be the best ThanksGiving for you both, evah.

            If me and mine were close, we’d have the Brinkman Smoker in play, all teh foods to share, and I’d try and figger out how to pick with ya . . . . cuz moosizk is dawg like.


          • bobschacht says:

            …we decided on duck. Going to parge it with scallion butter…

            Oh, Lordy. Can’t be anyone in your house worried about cholesterol.
            Sounds delicious, but if I ate much of that, I think I’d need a roto-rooter treatment.

            Bob in AZ

  16. sporkovat says:

    Instead, he opted to be Bush Jr. Not only is that not pragmatic, it’s a slow kill poisen. All the people who never wanted him still don’t want him; those who thought he would be something are now thoroughly jaded to not just Obama the candidate, but the Democratic “like Bush, but comes in blue” party.

    very well put!

    oh, but who could ever have predicted such a thing? everybody who mattered thought the Democrat would be so very transformative, that he would summarily conclude all the unprecedented transgressions of the Bush Error, and restore the ‘Light unto Nations’ to its rightful place on the top of the hill!

    a few folks are getting wiser: the propaganda about the rogue regime with the weapons on mass destruction?

    Bush = Iraq + Iran (postponed)

    Obama = Iran!

    scaremongering frontpage articles in the New York Times by Michael Gordon? check!

    same song different verse, a little bit louder a little bit worse.

    Now try this one – a Democrat campaigns against a President named “Bush” under a banner of “Hope” and then proceeds to betray all sectors of the long-suffering base that supported him?

    and now everybody gets to act surprised, who woulda thunk it?

  17. Larue says:

    Can I nommmmm a nate Kelly C for best snark du jour, or du main?
    Dude’s got it goin on . . . yer a hoss, KC!!!


    If only he could cook . . . *G*

  18. MikeD says:

    What does the conventional Palin/Obama wisdom that they spout have to do with what Mary wrote? Surely they had some thoughts on KSM that would have set up the Obama torture/detention timidity better…

    • Leen says:

      Have not seen the Sunday Chris Matthews show yet but he definitely has a fixation with Sarah, almost as much as he had with Hillary.

      Not sure what Matthews agenda is but he often insults her intellect and challenges her to go out and study, but then says things like “she sure lights up the room in a group of boring men”

      As some fella here at FDL reminded the some men “Sarah is not going to fuck you” But she could fuck up our nation even more than it all ready is.

  19. 4jkb4ia says:

    OK, I tried harder on Congress Matters.

    The thing passes the House, obviously without Lieberman doing anything to it.
    On July 8, the Senate takes it up.
    On July 9, the Lieberman amendment passes by unanimous consent. Little strongarming needed for it to simply pass.
    The week of October 14, conference passes the House.

  20. chipher says:

    Totally OT, but JT’s song is after all “Living in the Past”. Someone just sent me a picture of a northern-tier state where we used to go in the fall after harvest and party ala JT in tee-pees and tie-dyed shirts au natural, amid the burbling creek, green grass and wild flowers. This recent picture shows just weary looking ponderosa pines and brown dead grass, and not very much of that left holding the raw soil, like small pox pustules on scrofula.

    All the climate theorists in the world and all their charts and fat fingers wagging didn’t have the impact of that single picture of our Paradise Lost.

    • whyknot says:

      That’s heartbreaking. Put on a mask and take a look at what’s happening in the water, to the fish and coral. It’s just as shocking.

  21. Kelly Canfield says:

    @ all of you: Food is fun, and you guys are funny! Go upstairs. Suz has Drumstick LLN prepared for your enjoyment.

  22. Leen says:

    Jeez Mary you sure do have a way with words. Get to the truth and then inject it under the skin, I tell you.

    ‘The fact is – the more he’s retreated to Bush positions, the more he’s lost his options going forward. He’s shown that he’s weak, that he has no solid game plans and plan B-s, that he can be shifted with the political winds, and that he’s willing to give up on his strongest arguments for a temporary appeasment, even when that means that he loses those arguments for good by taking those low roads.’

    Damn you hit it hard, but can a peasant say but to the brilliant insights of our dear Mary. Well the folks here know my peasant status in life has never held me back from saying what I think. What Mary nails here for me is that no one of any status has been held accountable for the brutal torture that has taken place in our name.

    Not one person or persons have been held accountable for the war based on a “pack of fucking lies”. Not one person has been held accountable for the bountiful false pre war intelligence. Not one. Hundreds of thousands are dead DEAD, tens of thousands injured INJURED for life, millions displaced. Christ all mighty while the good folks here at Emptywheels are focused on those responsible for the torture in our name, mothers family members in Iraq, the U.S., Afghanistan are tortured daily by the loss of their family members based on wars that were unnecessary, illegal and based on lies.

    And as Bmaz and Mary have pointed out Chris Matthews and team decide to focus on how Sarah Palin could be a serious contender for the 2012 race. How low can we go?

    Sounds like Obama needs to reach down to his “no one is above the law” beliefs and start practicing. The whole world knows and is watching and listening closely.

  23. 4jkb4ia says:

    I guess this thread is still alive.
    I have just seen the Alan Grayson video from the first day of the LCS. Absolutely terrific pundit. Stuck to his points with great enthusiasm. Even James Carville said it was great television. The CNN news judgment in eagerly posting “Grayson: Republicans foot-dragging, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals” was comedy gold. Matt Stoller couldn’t have given a performance like that.
    In my judgment what he said was not lashon hara. The prophets call groups of people such as the priests on the carpet all the time. It is hypocritical to spend ten minutes on talking to somebody who said something, God forbid, too partisan when you spend the rest of your news day expecting mindless partisan behavior from everybody else.

  24. bluesky says:

    Just in case anyone in the Executive Branch is monitoring the comments on here, I just wanted to to let them know that I am a fully disabused and disgusted former Obama supporter who fully agrees with everything – that’s e v e r y t h i n g – Mary has written here. She has expressed it far better than I ever could have. Thanks, Mary. Thanks bmaz for posting it.

  25. Petrocelli says:

    *Bows deeply to the wisdom expressed in this post and this blog*

    It is an honor just to be able to read the posts and comments here.

    Please folks, dig deeply to $upport Marcy & her incredible blog.

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