Joe Lie Even Pissed Off the League of Women Voters

I didn’t even know the League of Women Voters advocated on political issues.

But here they are, spanking Sanctimonious Joe. (h/t joejoejoe)

The League of Women Voters will launch a anew advocacy campaign next week that asks Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) to reconsider his recent threats to oppose any health care reform bill that includes a public insurance option. The League-sponsored campaign in support of the public option includes a 60-second radio ad, “Real,” and a new Facebook Page, “Do The Right Thing, Joe!,” that has already generated hundreds of comments from Connecticut voters.

The radio ad will begin airing on stations in Stamford and New Haven and directly addresses the Senator:  “Please do what’s right,” because “the need is real, the time is now” and “the choice is yours.”

“The League has supported the public insurance option without reservation from the beginning as the only way to adequately control costs and protect consumer choice,” said Mary G. Wilson, President of the League of Women Voters of the United States. “Senator Lieberman now has to make a choice about whether he wants to protect consumers or insurance companies.”

Is there anyone who doesn’t hate Joe Lieberman?

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    • earlofhuntingdon says:

      Yea. You have to be pretty extreme to piss off the ladies in Greenwich, Hartford, New Haven and Darien that much. I hope it becomes snowball rolling down hill.

    • Leen says:

      I’m with you. Wife and kids, grandkids. I don’t think he has encouraged any of his family members to join the military and serve in the wars that he pushed and lied about. Joe figured out a way to skate out of serving in Vietnam. A family deferment. He cares a great deal about his family but fuck yours.

    • earlofhuntingdon says:

      His wife, at least. She is an off and on “lobbyist” for health care concerns and takes a home six figure income because of it. It’s never been clear whether her job was to lobby anyone but Joe. I wonder if her comp. includes health insurance. Oops, she doesn’t need it. She’s a dependent of a Congresscritter and benefits from their special $500/yr, full dollar, full coverage, no questions asked health care package.

      I really wish the neocons follow through on their talking point and demand that Obama give up his other insurance and sign up for and only for whatever public option passes. Because he can then tell everyone in Congress they’d better do the same. Not that he’d make such a public declaration of kinship with middle America, but he should. It would be the right thing to do and it would win him millions of votes. FDR would do it. So would JFK. But no ‘Bama. Rahm must think he won’t need them.

    • bobschacht says:

      That was my thought, too, but Joe doesn’t have to worry about the LWV for another 4 years, and he probably figures that he can woo them back by then, once his campaign coffers are filled with lucre from the Insurance companies.

      I’m hoping that maybe if the LWV can’t get Joe to listen, maybe they can at least get his wife’s ear. And maybe tone deaf Joe will listen to his wife.

      Bob in AZ

  1. Sara says:

    The League frequently takes stands on Issues — they just do not endorse candidates or party matters. They have a whole structure that studies issues in committees, State and National League offices produce reading lists and worksheets, and then consensus resolutions go through a hierarchy of committees that review local chapter work, and then they can lobby on behalf of those positions on a state wide, or national basis.

    They usually adopt their study issues a year in advance of anticipated legislative efforts, leaving a year for fairly detailed study. I would imagine that their positions on Health Care were adopted nationally at least a year ago, printed up, and distributed to every congressional office. They can be damn good lobbyists, as they really know the details of what they support.

  2. earlofhuntingdon says:

    The League must be part of that “narrow economic interest group”, the extremists who would rather start reforming health care via a credible public option than that Joe’s Hartford-based insurance companies should continue to prosper with record profits instead of paying out on valid health care claims.

  3. Becca says:

    The health insurance industry LOVES Joe.

    Their bloated plutocratic CEOs probably squeal like Japanese schoolgirls every time Senator Joe “I’m for me!” Lieberman opens his mouth to speak.

      • BoxTurtle says:

        An impeachable offense is whatever 67 Senators think it is – G. Ford

        I’d point out that the last (and only) senator to be impeached was William Blount in 1797.

        Boxturtle (Besides, if we impeached for that we’d have maybe two senators left)

        • Leen says:

          good point..but the severity of their betrayal should determine the impeachment list

          Those clearly working for insurance companies, defense contractors etc are first on the impeach list.

          • fatster says:

            Pardon my O/T to you, but if you’ll go back to the “Made in China” post, I finally managed to provide several links that might interest you (and others who were commenting with you) on alternative sources for goods. Sorry to be so late; couldn’t help it.

  4. klynn says:

    I wrote yesterday:

    It appears as though Lieberman wants US corporations and families to fail financially.

    Lieberman is invested in failure. He beams at the thought.

    A country can be more easily controlled when rolled by economic failure and has to turn to dependency on wealthy allies. The allies then demand in return that we give allegiance to their policies.

    It seems time to ask Lieberman who he serves. Why was he so happy, that a policy receiving huge national support, is lacking in the President’s speech? What is “happy” about that?

    The clear answer: it supports the “flow” of power that Lieberman wants in control of US assets.

  5. Rayne says:

    Hooboy…You know you’re really a special kind of scum bucket when the mostly older ladies of the nonpartisan League of Women Voters decides to go after your ass.

    He’s in a league of his own in so many different ways.

  6. BoxTurtle says:

    Is there anyone who doesn’t hate Joe Lieberman?

    Outside of his close family, I think the only person who likes him who doesn’t benefit from his votes is Obama. But that’s all he needs to survive.

    Boxturtle (Would have taken all his committee seats and told him to go beg from the GOP)

  7. BayStateLibrul says:


    Got a call from Billy Clinton asking me vote for Martha Coakley.
    This morning I did.
    I hope she’ll be the first woman Senator from Mass…
    Voting is very, very light…

  8. bailey2739 says:

    The ONLY way to buy or scare off Joe Lie is to convince him there will be a benefit or cost to Israel.

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