In Honor of Obama’s Nobel “Peace Through War” Prize, Donate to the ACLU

I was going to make this pitch somewhat differently. But as the jist of Obama’s “Peace through War” speech has sunk in today, I’ve just gotten more and more frustrated.

First some background. As Glenn points out, the ACLU is in a whole bunch of hurt right now after their biggest single donor told them that cash flow issues prevent him from donating for the foreseeable future.

As The New York Times reported yesterday, the ACLU this year, largely without warning, lost its single largest source of funding as a result of the financial crisis.  The loss of that individual donor, who had been contributing $20 million per year, was a major blow to the organization, “punching a 25 percent hole in its annual operating budget and forcing cutbacks in operations.”  That loss came on top of substantial fundraising losses last year from the financial crisis and the Madoff fraud, which had already forced the group to lay-off numerous employees and cut back substantially on its activities.  The lost donor made clear yesterday that he continues to support the ACLU’s work emphatically but is simply now financially unable to continue his support.

I agree with Glenn that the ACLU has been utterly critical over the last decade in fighting to sustain our Constitution and the rule of law. But this funding set-back puts their ability to maintain their leadership position on these issues in jeopardy. And it sure looks to me like we’re going to continue to need their services in the coming years.

So if you can afford to do so at all, please consider supporting ACLU.

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  1. earlofhuntingdon says:

    Opposing the ACLU is part of the Haves religion, along with opposing unions, environmental and consumer protections, independence and civil rights for women and long hair in men. Sharing those attitudes is part of what makes them Haves, along with a bigger bankbook.

    Contribute to the ACLU, if you can. Support their causes – which are your rights – if you can’t. Volunteers are often welcome; it has chapters in most states and big towns across the country. Many thanks.

  2. ART45 says:

    I support ACLU.

    So why does FDL support Dem candidates through ActBlue?

    I support Jane for president.

    I don’t support Dem members of the House or Senate.

  3. Leen says:

    At Huff Po

    Obama Sends Predator Drone to Pick Up Nobel Peace Prize
    OSLO, NORWAY (The Borowitz Report) – Responding to criticism about his receiving this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, President Barack Obama today sent an unmanned predator drone to Norway to pick up the prize for him.

    Mr. Obama’s decision to have an unmanned bomber plane accept the Peace Prize raised eyebrows in diplomatic circles, as well as concerns about whether the plane was accurate enough for such a delicate mission.

    “We know there’s a possibility that the predator drone might miss Norway altogether and instead hit Finland,” said White House press spokesman Robert Gibbs. “Having said that, an unmanned plane is still more accurate than one manned by a couple of Northwest pilots.”

    Elsewhere, a new study shows that teens who experiment with sex are at risk of getting involved in professional golf. More here.

    • bobschacht says:

      This sounds like something from the Onion.

      Oh, and Amen! Amen! to support for the ACLU. I donate monthly, automatically. Once I get a handle on my moving expenses, I’ll look at upping the ante.

      Bob in AZ

  4. Mnemosyne says:

    Does this mean that Mr. $20 Million Man must stop all his contribution, or just that he can no longer afford the full $20 million? Surely, he must have a few hundred thousand kicking around in the spare-change drawer.

    ACLU gets regular donations from me, as does Amnesty International. Both of which we need now more than ever.

  5. Jeff Kaye says:

    I support ACLU, and you should, too, dear reader.

    EW is totally right on: give them heartburn at DoJ, make Obama’s Nobel the reason for a big donation to ACLU.

  6. orionATL says:

    Obama’s speech showcases

    – His arrogance


    -his insensitivity to euro/Asian concerns about american “imperial” intentions.

    Keep in mind that what our yahoo main media, our yahoo c’men/c’women, and our yahoo citizens think
    Is “self-defense”

    The rest of the world considers misguided, at best.

    In my view, though, a new era of American imperialism.

    Obama and his speech were a
    Disgrace to our nation and an
    Unfortunate implied threat to every other country in
    The world.

    Obama really is a
    Dumbass whose focus
    Other countries in the world.

  7. oldoilfieldhand says:

    Thanks Marcy! I’m a proud, card carrying member of the ACLU and a regular donor. To paraphrase Woody Allen, it’s one of the few clubs that would accept a member like me that I’m willing to join.
    Did you get that Google?

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